Friday, October 30, 2015

Simplicity at its best.

Hazy hot days call for a simple summery bohemian top and a denim shorts. This top is super airy , doesn't trap heat and I don't really sweat with it even if I walk from dhoby ghaut to marina bay sands ? Indeed, I love to walk around places instead of taking the transport because it's more fun to see the infrastructure around Singapore + talk with friends when walking and this actually make my leg more lean and slender. 

On some days, it'll just be too hot to walk around so I'll just stay in shopping center to walk around and explore the places. Hoping that I can find some interesting and nice café to chill in, few of my favorite cafés : Starbucks, The Swiss Bake. 

I usually go to both of the café a lot as compared to the rest, I'll love to visit the anti.dote for high tea for their high tea set soon ❤️❤️❤️ definitely something on my wish list. 

The day is never gonna get any younger and we will only get older. Life is too short to waste on things that make you unhappy, new motto in life: do things and meet people that make me happy, ditch things that make me unhappy. ❤️ 

Thank you for reading ~ 

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Wear the dress you like skin tight ❤️

Whenever I see this photo , the song " good for you" by Selena Gomez keep repeating in my head especially the line in which she sang " wear the dress you like skin tight, do my hair up real real nice" because it's a white bodycon dress! It's my first time purchasing a white bodycon dress and I am absolutely loving it! 

Hazy Singapore looks like dreamy Singapore, the haze made it seems like I am overseas or something which is kinda funny. 

Went to the superhero café on that day, which is newly open at MBS ❤️ the drinks and food there is super good even though it's pricey than outside café. The drink we had over here cost $9.90 which is almost 80% of the price of our food - $11.90 but the drink is ultra good, it taste like cookie and cream ice cream with lots of Oreo? 

The café also have such a pretty theme ❤️ worth the visit. 

Some spicy squid to end off the day over at the newly open Korean restaurant at Tanjong Pagar, it's only $13 which is super ultra cheap and satisfied my ever-lasting craving for squid! 

Thank you for reading (: 

Thursday, October 22, 2015

See through me

Something clean cut for the week, finally had the chance to try out the new top that I gotten online. I was shocked when I received the top because it's so see through that I have no choice but to wear something inside if not it'll be like so exposing, maybe in the future when I am done with all the simple style I might actually just wear a black bra inside with this see through top. 

The bag is another new-ins from Kate, it's so adorable and quirky because the tiny bag have such a cute design and logos on it. Totally need to take a close up to showcase the cuteness of this bag~

My school term is finally coming to an end soon, it's gonna be happy and sad at the same time. It's gonna be happy cause school break for awhile but it'll be sad as the exam is coming up soon. 

Thank you for reading. 

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

More stripes , like a zebra

Morning classes result in ultra tiredness, this require the need to bring some colors and liveliness to my life with some red and white stripes dress. I don't usually wear off-shoulder dress because I am always afraid of like bra straps problem but I kind of found a solution: just wear a similar bra straps color so it looks like it's part of the dress. 

The best part about the dress = if you look carefully the top part of the stripes and the bottom part stripes design actually look different. The top part is suppose to make it look more busty while the bottom part was designed to make the person look slimmer. ❤️ absolutely a must have for girls. 

I am so happy that I finally get to snap some outfit photos despite the busy week filled with school, due assignments and meeting with friends. ❤️❤️❤️ hope I can take more outfit photos soon since I already bought some new clothing a few weeks back.

Thank you for reading ❤️

Thursday, October 15, 2015

It's more than what you see

Weekday fun, the school is back again for a few weeks before my ultimate break from school. Decided to take this time off to do some activities that are fun and interesting so I went swimming before my gym rountine and it sure felt good but the strong sun rays sure was annoying. 

Wore my Loveien19 Spaghetti Top out the other day and it looks absolutely simple but amazing, I adore the white color because it's simply very gorgeous and can be so easily match with other colors. 

Absolutely loving the rainbow tube background that I took photo with, when I first saw this I am so excited because it's not a everyday kind of thing to see rainbow related stuff. It definitely reminds me of unicorn~ 

Nevertheless, I have a wonderful week! ❤️ 

Thank you for reading. 


Saturday, October 10, 2015


Loving the pale theme and background so much lately, I even thought about pale pink hair that I always wanted and nearly gotten during my crazy hair period and regretting that I didn't actually dye my hair to pastel pink or purple. 

Wore my white adidas sweater that I purchased a few months back, this sweater actually don't really goes well with the weather around here because it make me sweat so much but I just love this sweater color and its simplicity! 

With so much off-time during this break, I always ended up doing my online shopping so I bought a few clothes for the upcoming school term. I am more towards the pale and simple fashion trend since that's how I am feeling right now, just wanna be as pale as a vanilla ice cream or maybe cloud? 

Do you guys like sweater too? I adore the simple one color sweater as compared to sweater with designs, I just can't pull off sweater with designs because I will end up looking pretty weird. Time to stock up on my sweater collection for the month of November & December (Y) ❤️ 

Thank you for reading. 

Stripes Shirt

This is the simplest outfit that I will ever wore, I don't really like to be too simple because it make me feel plain. It's still fun to switch around different style to find out the best style that will suit me. 

Went to do my eyelashes over at " Teye - True Eyelashes Beauty" , it always feel so good to be there to extend my lashes and result in bigger eyes!! ❤️ 

So my lovely boyfriend waited for me for about 1 hour while I did my lashes (reason why I love him because he always do all this little things that make me goes "awwww"). Then after I am done, we went to steakout which is one of the restaurant we always pass by when we walk to dhoby from bugis+! The steak there are the bomb~ 

Starter : Mushroom Soup 

Main course: Steak W Red Wine 

Note: This restaurant doesn't have service charges or GST so it helps to save a ton of money = best place to eat dinner with good ambience and lovely food, it's adorable that the restaurant actually do provide services for us but don't charge service charges? 

Then we went to the library to take some nice goofy photos before heading off to K-Suites to sing songs. ❤️ always always love to sing because it can be so much fun. 

Then while on the way back home, we wanted to eat Toppoyki (Rice Cake) in a Korean restaurant but it was closed so we head to the 7-11 (mini-mart) to buy some spicy noodles and our favorite green tea for supper. 

Spicy noodle absolutely is the best choice ever because I had so much laugh, laughing at him when he get all spicy and does all the weird actions. 

It's just a very nice day ❤️ thank you for reading. 

Monday, October 5, 2015

Around Singapore: Part 1

It's the start of my one week school break ❤️ finally some off-days from school but there are still assignment to be done so we tried our best to finish everything on the first day so we don't have to get stress about it over the whole week. I went around Singapore to shop, eat and take photos for advetorials during this week. 

Then I am heading over to Resort World Sentosa Hotel to stay during the weekend! Something to look forward to ❤️ Off-days with no school make my gym rountine a little bit easier than usual and I don't feel as tired anymore. 

I used to be a gym maniac and gym every single day but I decided to relax a little and gym every other days instead so that I can rest and build my muscle which I neglected for the past few months. 

Not to forget, delicious food! Best time to feast and enjoy food ❤️ looking around for cute café to enjoy the high tea set and hoping to go to one during this week. 

A little sight-seeing around in Singapore, the view of the Merlion at night. It's so different from when I see the Merlion during the morning but it's still very pretty ~ 

Hehehe the best thing that happened to me this week : getting a bouquet of sunflower from my boyfriend, he was so adorable when he came over to give me the flower on my doorstep. I was so surprised and can't stop smiling, small little action does make a big changes. 

I hope you guys receive your own flowers or something amazing this week too ❤️ 

Thank you for reading ❤️ 

Friday, October 2, 2015

Luxola X Benefit Cosmetics

Luxola! The best place to get all your make-up, skin care etc is having a new brand launch on their website offering us more choices to connect with other famous brand.
Ladies, be thrill because the new brand that's working with Luxola will be Benefit Comestics! It'll be the first time ever for Benefit Comestics to be available online & only exclusively over at Luxola which make purchase simple and can be easily done online without the hassle to purchase at retail store! 

Got my hands on Benefit's Best Seller product which is the Rock Itude Rose Gold Lip & Cheek Kit. I am absolutely adoring it so much, it's so compact and lovely.
This set includes:
- Rose Tinted Stain (Benefit Cheek & Lip Stained)
- Rockateur Ultra Plush Gloss
- High Beam Luminscent Complexion Enhancer
- Rockateur Famously Provactive Cheek Powder

Check out the kit inside, it's pack so elegantly and everything about this just scream out "beautiful"! I absolutely adore blusher and high beam complexion enhancer since it's the 2 things that I always use in my make up rountine. 

This kit even have tips & tricks section to teach me how to apply the make up properly so that I don't mess up my own make up which is so helpful~ I love the rose gold color of this kit because it's soft and gentle just nice for this season.

I'll be using this for the time being until I find a better kit that I can work with! ❤️ so why not get your hands on some lovely kit from Benefit from the Luxola website ? The most simple & secure purchase ever ❤️ get yours now from:
Luxola X Benefit