Saturday, December 31, 2016

Klarity : Skin Regime

Hey ! There are some people that private message me and ask me how I take care of my skin and stuff, so I thought I'd share about my skin regime to kick start the 2017. I have been using a wide range of skin care products from Klarity, it'll be a 4 steps skin regime so let's get started!

Firstly, the OxyMud Duo Cleanse and Renewal Mask which acts as a good cleanser. It's very interesting as the unique chocolate mud changes to oxygen foam upon usage, which literally feels like using chocolate to wash face but feels so foamy and comfortable. It helps to deep cleanse my face after a full-day with make-up on, definitely the most refreshing sensation ever.

Next, I will use the Immortal Elixir right after I use the OxyMud since it acts as both an essence and toner with human stem cells to protects and treat the skin to give my skin enough moisturize and tone my pores to make it smaller! It's also a spray-type so it's so much easier to apply than a normal toner that require a cotton-pad and extra time to apply it.

Next, another steps would be to take care of my eyes- this is a step that most people seems to forget. As the eye areas can be very delicate and as we age, it become more prone to wrinkles from the sunlight and lots of other factors. This diamond glow eye nano treatment, create an instant and intense boost around my eyes and prevent fine lines which is important!

Lastly, I will use the Diamond Glow Overnight Masque Mask once to twice a week that make my skin feel moisturize and soft after use. It glides and melts into my skin, which is perfect for overnight application that enable me to start-off the next day with perfect skin!

Apart from the usual skin-care regime, I also make sure that I drink substantial water daily and eat healthy which I will share with you guys in another post! Thank you for reading (: x have a lovely day ahead of you. If you are interested, you can check out their Instagram : @klaritysg or their website: Klarity SG

Monday, December 26, 2016

Christmas Celebration + Eve - Beach + drinking + wonderland

Happy Boxing Day! As I am writing this, my whole body is feeling so sore from walking so much during Christmas yesterday (to be exact : it's like more than 20,000 steps) . We visited a few areas : VivoCity > Sentosa Beach > Botanic Garden Cafe > Botanic Garden > Home. VivoCity x Botanic Garden was the only place in Singapore we have yet to visit for the X'mas decorations, so we went to these two areas! Decided to chill by the beach during the afternoon with some cocktail x beer instead of the usual way to celebrate Christmas with candlelight dinner to spice thing up. 

The weather was pretty sunny up until a tiny storm hits us at about 4:45-5 pm so we walk back to VivoCity admiring all the views. Spending time at the beach can be so chilling with beautiful sea-view to drink to and chit-chat under the blazing sun, too bad it ended all too quickly. 

Hey to our tiny action camera x drinks! A cooling drink for the beach is a total must-have. 

After which, we visited a cafe near Botanic Garden to wait for the small rain to pass. Order some cute little chocolate muffins x rainbow cupcakes + mint green tea drink. The chocolate muffin was heavenly, definitely going back for more. The we walk into the mysterious Botanic Garden once the rain stopped, it was creepy at first because there's not much light around and it's a long walk from where we came from but we managed to find it and it's like the best thing ever- everything was bathe in all this beautiful fairy lights covering all the tall trees, it's hands down the best X'mas location in Singapore. 

Throwback to a few days before actual Christmas day, we visited the Christmas Wonderland in Marina Bay Sands! We didn't know that we need to purchase tickets online prior to entering so we found some shady spots to purchase the tickets online before entering and it's totally worth the price, with all the beautiful decorations that really look super Christmas-like (we entered around 4 pm) so we didn't get to eat anything there since it's such an awkward timing to get any bite so we walked back to Marina Bay Sands (Superhero Cafe) for some snacks x drinks before eating genki for dinner. 

As for Christmas Eve, I spent the day at home with my family feasting on Turkey x rest of the Christmas stuff. It was indeed a wonderful Christmas weekend spent, absolutely enjoy myself this Christmas. x 

Here's a Christmas weekend lookbook that I put up together, do check it out if you have the time to! x The actual Christmas day ones, will be uploaded in a few days time. 

Thank you for reading (: x Hope you have a jolly jolly X'mas as well. 

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Christmas Discovery - Photos Location

During this month of December, I have been going around different places in town to discover beautiful locations to snap photos with- there are a number of places I have went to and a number that I am going to visit for more photos! For this huge teddy bear, the location is right outside Dhoby Ghaut (Plaza Singapura) , I just adore this huge bear so much and it's just super adorable. It's a good spot to snap some photos with Christmas-feel.

Next, another location that I visited with some pretty Christmas decoration would be Bugis Junction. It's stationed right outside the shopping mall with a few red x white decorations of reindeer and tiny snowman which is perfect for this season (and by chance I was wearing black x white x red which was a total-match) , it might be tough to take photos here because the space is pretty cramp when there are lots of people trying to take photos at the same time.

Another few amazing photo-location would be the long-road that stretches from Ion Orchard to Somerset, if you choose to take a 5-10 minutes walk starting from either point you'll end up seeing lots of beautiful decoration. This stretches of road along Somerset , features the Ginger-Bread Man and some candy kingdom collection which is so fairy-tale like! I didn't managed to snap a photo at the Ion Orchard but the theme is more of the silver-nut crackers decoration which is adorable as well (but it tend to get pretty crowded during the evening).

If you are more into-food photos or Christmas decorations photos, I snapped a few over at Ikea at the beginning of the month. I didn't planned for the food photos to look kinda Christmas-like but it turned out that way, I guess it's all down to the red x white colour of some yummy western food. Ikea is a great place to purchase Christmas decorations as well, it's pretty festive-filled over there.

So that's all for this series of Christmas Discovery! I'll visit more Christmas areas that I have yet to visit from today till 25th of December so I'll be uploading this tiny space more, so do come back for more!



Sunday, December 18, 2016

Christmas DIY (Do It Yourself)

I recently just did a Christmas DIY video, featuring 5 DIY ideas that I find on pinterest for the festive season. It was really fun to get my hands on creative stuff and making all them Christmas decorations which make my house look more festive, I am planning to do more of the DIY videos because I truly enjoy doing it and discovering this creative aspect of myself so do keep a look out for more videos of this kind on my channel! 

In this DIY - I will cover the decorations of candles, making christmas tree from logs, photo-frame decorations for the home and transforming toilet paper roll into cute Christmas gift idea! So make sure you watch them to find out how to make it! 

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Som Tam

I had the best dinner of the month over at Som Tam, a modern Thai fusion dining restaurant. It introduced a whole range of new menu for this festive season, adding Japanese, Chinese and Western imprints to the Thai food which make it so special! Furthermore, what's so special about Som Tam is that it's the first ever food operator that have e-commerce platform for customers to make order online over :Som Tam E-commerce , where customers can make priority booking to skip queue at outlet and they can just arrive and have their meal ready in less than 15 minutes! 

Since Som Tam have the 15 minutes policy, which in any situation your order is not served within 15 minutes when you arrive- you get to dine for free in Som Tam the next time round (with same amount purchase/ lesser). It's literally like super cool and I really love their wonderful customer service. 

 I am so excited to share with you guys what I had on that day, read on to find out more.

 In the above photo, I had the Tom Yum "Black" which the soup base is stewed and simmered for 3 hours before adding squid ink to it which make it taste so special, it's literally 2 best thing combine together! Tom Yum x Squid Ink with a whole lot of fresh seafood in it: Squid, Prawn, Mussels (Yum Yum) 

At the side, it's the salted-egg chicken which taste so heavenly! I am in it for anything with salted egg in it, it just taste so yummylicious.

This dish feature the Deep Fried Tom Yum Soft Shell Crab, I am all in it for soft shell crab! It's super crunchy and it's marinated in this unique tom yum seasoning which is a major bonus point for a tom yum lover like me. It's cook perfectly with the right amount of crunch and freshness in it! 

Where are you salmon lovers?! I was totally hyped over the Pan-Seared Salmon Rice Burger, this is the first ever Thailand Restaurant that I can have rice burger x fries and this is the perfect combination since I always like something unique. The salmon is so delicious, it's very healthy and it has this sweet black sauce that drizzled over the salmon which make the flavoring intense. 

King Crab Pasta!!! The pasta is not the gravy type but instead it's doused with Tom Yum seasoning which gives a spicy aftertaste which make me crave for more and this dish is definetely very generous with King crab meat which is definetely worth the price! I absolutely love this dish. 

A round of applause for the Charcoal Toast! This is super insta-worthy with the heavenly salted egg concoction which is serve warm and it adds the right flavoring to the charcoal toasted bread which looks super cool and it taste good as well. It's like fireworks in my mouth when I eat the gelato x toast x salted egg cream- definetely the right combination to put together. 

Som Tam: Orchard Central 181 Orchard Road, #08-13 Singapore (238896) 

For those of you who wanna visit Som Tam, can consider signing up for Delish Group Membership e-card ($19.90) and get $30 food value off-set during next meal under Jus Delish Group.

Benefits: Spend Less, Earn More! Rebates (10% converted into points), Digital! Birthday Special (FREE $25 Voucher for birthday month + earn double the point) 


Thank you for reading ! Have a lovely day ahead of you x 

Monday, December 5, 2016

Life Update: Short Hair + Vlogmas

Hey! Hey! I haven't really update you guys about what's happening in my life right now, so I recently snip off a few inches off my hair and I have short hair now or also known as somewhat mid-length hair. I am super thrilled about my decision to do it, I used to contemplate about whether I should or should't do it but I am glad I did it anyway. My hair feels so much lighter, healthier and I can leave home anytime I want even without styling my hair. 

I am still learning the tricks in how to style my hair, it just somehow doesn't seems to goes the way I want sometimes probably I am still not used to styling short hair yet. Ohh, I also forgot to mention that I dyed my hair a few shades lighter as well and I am planning to go a few more shades lighter in a few months time when it fully recovered! 

As many of you guys know, this is the month of Christmas! So I am doing this thing called the "vlogmas" on my Youtube channel, so you basically filmed from DAY 1 - DAY 25 until Christmas of your daily life and the kind of stuff that I engaged in, if you are curious to find out more. You can check out my channel and some of my Vlogmas videos that I have uploaded (below) 

So yeah! I guess that's all for today's update (: will come back with more updates once I finished my term exam.