Saturday, January 31, 2015

Time To Let Go

There are so many types of friends and people in our life, sometimes we just don't know when to let someone go. Today post will be about the type of people that should be let go and not keep in our life anymore. 

#1 One-Sided Friendship 

One-Sided Friendship are those that you felt that only you put in certain effort in keeping the friendship going and always are the one asking them out and reaching out. Sometimes it's okay to be the one reaching out but if you're always the one reaching out then something is wrong, people should't keep a one-sided friendship cause it's tiring and energy consuming. 

It'll probably be much better to let them go and see if they take any notice about it. If they started doing some actions and be intiative again then it can be taken into consideration to put the person back into your life. 

#2 the one that are using you 

Friends or people that used you for benefits whether it's for money/fame/good stuff. Sometimes, it's really hard to believe the truth and we choose to ignore what's right infront of our eyes but if your life really have this type of people, you really have to come to terms with yourself to let them go cause at the end of the day the person is only with you for the benefits they are getting. 

One day, when they are done and used up with the benefits they'll eventually leave you for someone else better. You'll feel much better to let someone like that go and find yourself some true friends that will stick around in your life forever. 

#3 People that make you feel like you're not good enough. 

There are those people that make you feel like you're not good enough in certain aspect, sometimes it might be a normal feeling to feel that but if the person purposely do that to make you feel like you're worth nothing then there's no point keeping such person around. 

It's much better to hang around with people that make you feel good enough rather than those that doesn't. 

#4 Bad Influence In Life 

People get peer pressure all the time, to a certain extent it's okay to feel that. But if the pressure results in bad influence in life that you don't actually wanna do then it's bad and you should know when to let them go before you're pressurize into doing something that you actually don't want to do. 

The whole blogpost was based on my personal views and experience so if there's anything wrong, don't mind me! In total, just know when to let go people that doesn't fit in your life anymore so that your life can be filled only with people that make you feel good, happy and blessed. 

For me, I'm blessed with my families-boyfriend and friends that plays a big positive influence in my life. ❤️ who are  the ones that you're happy that you kept in your life ? 

Friday, January 30, 2015

Rock Climbing Adventure

Went rock climbing at Jurong Science Centre the other day! It's such an adventure, actually we went to the wrong rock climbing area at Toh Guan so we ended up taking a round trip back to Science Centre for it! 

It's around $20 per person, inclusive of all the equipment and people who helped you belay up and stuff. Super worth it as compared to other places I tried out ! 

I tried out like the 6 different walls there, the instructor is really patience and even though I was literally screaming my head off at the first wall! The instructor and my boyfriend kept encouraging me and asked me to continue which is important especially I used to be so scare of height!! 

I couldn't have climb finish the wall without his support ❤️ 

I never conquer any rock climbing wall before, it's my first time actually climbed finish 2 walls! I was super happy when I was done with it that I felt like I can achieve and do anything. 

Doing my happy dance once I was down! 

Overall it's a really fun and memorable experience! Absolutely the best date idea if you're looking for something adventure on a date! (: 

Thank you for reading. 

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Underweight- Skinny- Thin

I have been thinking of blogging about this topic for quite awhile and I decided to do it anyway. Life of a skinny girl, I don't see myself as skinny or anything but people usually calls me that so I kind of decided to blog about it. 

For your knowledge: 

Weight: 43kg which is 96 pounds 
Height: 163cm which is 5'4 
BMI: 16.3 

#1 Eating 

When you look skinny, people always make comments like " she isn't eating enough, "she should eat more" , " does she even eat" 

But the truth is that, I actually eat like 5-6 meals a day. Let me sum it up for you, what I eat for a daily meal. (When I am at home) 

Morning: Noodles/ Nasi Lemak/ Fried Chicken 

Lunch: Rice W Veggie + Fish/ Chicken / Mac Donald/ KFC 

Snacks: Potato Chips/ Chocolate/ Cookies/ Cake (I eat snacks about like 2-3 times a day) 

Dinner: Usually consisting of Rice+Veggie+ Chicken + Soup / spaghetti/ Steak/ Seafood related stuff. 

Supper: CupNoodle/ Dried Fruits. 

When I go out, I eat even more and yeah I am actually eating so much trying to gain healthy weight. 

#2 Exercise 

It's hard for others to understand that even when I look thin, there's still a need for me to exercise to look fit. And exercising actually helps me in my weight gaining allowing me to eat more throughout the day. 

Assumptions like : " why does she even exercise when she already look so thin, is she aneroxic ? " 

#3 Weight Gain 

The honest truth is I actually wants to gain weight badly at least to a healthy weight range to hit the healthy BMI range which is 18. 

But it's a really hard challenge for me to achieve weight gain, I actually stopped doing cardio but I ended up losing more weights so I am still trying to find the perfect weight gain plan for myself. 

#4 Temperature : Cold (Forever Cold) 

I always feel cold everywhere I go, it's such a bad thing. I can't explain how much I dislike it, I feel like I'm in a freezer whenever I watch a movie or stay at a cold place for too long. Probably it's due to my weight that causes this. 

I'm so envy of people that feel warm all the time. 

In total, no matter what size you're. You should always feel like you are perfect and no one should ever tell you to change unless you yourself feel like changing anything. 

It's like how I feel like I should gain weight because I want to be healthier for myself, not for anyone else or any other causes. Remember to love yourself, your body and be proud of who you're. 

Think before making any remarks about others body size cause no one knows about their struggles.

Thank you for reading! 

Monday, January 26, 2015

Classic Beats

Two part of the post: outfit + healthy eating. 

A lovely weekend spent trying to fix my passport and get it done so I can complete my traveling plans that was already made long ago. Updating passport and all can be such a complicated thing, can't believe I'm 18 and gotta handle all that by myself. 

Half casual outfit for the day since taking passport photos required some collar shirt, decided to go for the classic theme since the shirt reminds me of going back in time. 

The background of the photo was taken at my lovely house, can't believe got such nice place just in my own home and I just realized it today. 

Recently, I'm really into healthy eating and all since I don't wanna go out of shape during this long holiday and after much research getting a good body really comes down to a good diet. Without a good diet, no matter how much I exercise also not much result. 

So I started eating lean meat, like chicken breast which is my absolute favorite! Healthy steam vegetables and trying to cut down on potatoes and all the fastfood which used to be my favorite! Gotten this dish at Swensens @15.90 only, super affordable and yummy! 

Drinking more tea to burn fats around bellly! But I can't resist a little snacks which is the cupcake I gotten from one of the café near my house, I always love to visit there cause it's so serene and comfortable. Consider it a cheat day for me~ 

I can't stress how soda drinks are actually bad for people trying to achieve good body cause it's full of sugar and unhealthy!! So I switch from my lovable cola cola to green tea, it's a drastic change but all will be good!! Shall update more about it in 4 weeks time about my progress~ 

Thank you for reading (: so do you eat clean or what's your dieting plan? 

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Fairydust Everywhere

Saw this cute little fairy decoration and just gotta rush over to take a photo! Wore my simple floral top and shorts for the day. It's been awhile since I last wore the floral top so it's good to get it back again. 

Especially now that summer is approaching fast, making the weather hotter than usual so wearing something comfortable will be the perfect plan. 

Recently, I have been having weird cravings for Raw Food especially Sushi. I have been having sushi for meal for a few days already, can't get enough of it! The best place to have sushi in Singapore for student will be like the Sakae Sushi, Genki Sushi (Favorite) and Sushi Express

What are some food cravings that you guys have once in awhile? (: 

thank you for reading. 

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Picnic Outfit

Went to picnic at Herderson Wave over the weekend. Since the weather was great and picnic will be the best thing to do, so wore a blue stripe shirt and folded black skirt for the day. Super casual and on the go kind of outfit (: 

It's actually a matching outfit: 

Guy&Girl wearing the same design is so rare to find in Singapore. So we came up with this cute idea and tadaaaa- it matches so well. Actually when I first saw him, I was like panicking " omg we are wearing the almost identical outfit" but after awhile it feels normal and I think it's super cute and adorable!! ❤️ 

We actually get the picnic food from sentosa, one of the Korea StreetFood area. Their food taste so good and it's affordable to get, we get the Korean RiceCake, Kimchi Fried Rice and some Fried Korean StreetFood. All of which is less than $20 (: 

If you're planning to go Henderson Wave to picnic, do head over around 5:45/6pm so that it's not that sunny or hot anymore. That's like the perfect time to chill and it's pretty windy up there. Perfect spot to take photos~ 

In total, it's a fun and enjoyable day having picnic at lovely Herderson Wave. (: matching outfit is an interesting and cute thing to try out! 

Thank you for reading (: 

Friday, January 16, 2015

Shopping Goals: Jan

Jan 2015 is about to finish soon, I came up with a list of items I wanna get by the end of this month. 

The first item will be : Moschino Bad Girl Clutch. I absolutely adore Moschino collection, all of their products are so unique and just suit different style. I actually wanna get their Mac Donald and Spongebob's collection too but that's way too outstanding. 

The next item will be : A comfortable sweater. 

My closet is lacking of nice long sleeve sweater since I always tend to choose the tank top or a normal tee. So a nice sweater will be a great addition to my closet, for a rainy or day to the cinema. 

Lastly, Denim Jacket. 

I need need need a Denim Jacket, it's like all my outerwear are either too thin or kind of see through which doesn't have the thick effect. So a denim jacket is definetely a must by the end of the month so that I can try to style it differently. 

Are there any things that you wanna get by the end of this month but haven't ? (: 

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Trip to 99PercentHairStudio

Went to 99PercentHairStudio, to do some changes to my hair. 

You can locate them at : 

40 HajiLane #01-01 

Had my old hair color for quite awhile already so I decided to go for something different to commence the new year~ so 99PercentHairStudio is the best cause they have lots of ideas and will definitely help to achieve the best look. 

I consulted with my hair stylist, Jaron! Cause I wanted something natural that still suit my style so he came up with this idea of doing Balayage Ombré- the newest technique for doing hair. It's like a shadowing effect with different shades of color to make it look natural. 

The first steps involve dyeing, bleaching some portion of my hair, this is the main part of the Balayage Ombré. It's to create the casual look with dyeing random and bigger streaks which is currently the new trend. 

After it's done, the hair wash will wash out the first coloring and the hair is ready for the next step. 

Next, I get my whole hair dyed with a light brown color and touch up on my roots. 

Then I head over to another hair wash during the hair wash, they provided me with some treatment so that my hair will not be as damage after all the hair dyeing. 

#3 steps: trimming and cutting of my hair, I get my bangs and hair trimmed! Trimming of hair is important to keep it looking healthy. Hairstylist Jaron help me to trim my hair according to the style I want. (: 

Styling of hair! Getting my hair curl so that I can go out looking and feeling good after dyeing my hair. Love how the Balayage Ombré hair look so natural and it complement so well with curl hair. 

Hair dyeing process will usually be long but 99percenthairstudio provides magazine and some snacks to keep the wait endurable and happy. The hair styling team are friendly and just make the customer feels comfortable and at ease. 

Absolutely loving their hair studio services, I love how they can accommodate to my needs and wants. Giving me the perfect hair color and style that suits my personal style, definitely rocking my Balayage hair now.

 Do check them and follow them on their various social media for more updates (: if you're interested to make an appointment, call them up : 

Number: 63963667 

Instagram: 99percenthairstudio

Website: 99percenthairstudio

Facebook: 99percenthairstudio Facebook

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


Sudden thoughts while I am on my way to attend an appointment. 

Insecurity , everybody feel it at some point in their life. I certainly do have lots of insecurity about myself, insecurity in relationship is unhealthy but it's inevitable. 

Usually at the starting of any relationship, I tend to feel a little insecure over a lot of stuff cause when you first start out to date the person so whatever bad things they do, you tend to amplify it and make it worst in your head due to not knowing much about the person. 

For a period of time, I let this insecurity rule over me and my relationship with my significant other. This lead to quarrels, trust issues and unhappiness. 

After much thinking, I came up with some point that make people feel insecure when they're dating. 

#1 appearance 
#2 being not good enough 
#3 being afraid of losing someone 
#4 trust issues 

That's some point that I came up with. I used to be insecure about how I look, act infront of people and how I present myself. I always have this negative thoughts in my mind telling myself that I'm not good enough and being not good enough, I'll obviously lose my significant one and this lead to trust issues. 

After struggling with this insecurity issues for quite awhile, I decided to came to term and tell myself to not let this insecurity rule over me. 

Letting go of this "insecurity" is the best decision ever. I became happier and much more content in the relationship. For those for struggle with insecurity issues, you just have to tell yourself that you're good enough and if anyone ever make you feel like you're not good enough then you should let them go. 

Be confident, trust your significant others when they tell you stuff. It's like you can either trust your insecure feel and lead to quarrels or you can choose to trust your significant others and believe that he/she will not betray your trust. 

And please be patient with insecure people and try to make them feel secure and wanted ❤️ because love overcome all. Thank you for reading till the end~ 

Friday, January 9, 2015

Little Café Experience

Back to school outfit ? Love the decoration outside the café we discovered so can't help but to stop and take some photos before heading inside. 

Wearing my black cardigan along with some light floral top that looks a little vintage with skater skirt and high cut sneaker to complete the look. It's kind of like the " Back to School" look but I'm not going back to school until like May? Which is like a long period of freedom until school. 

This café sell lovely food at an affordable price so I gotten myself a cup of tea and cupcake. 
Really love cupcake so much recently! Actually it's like I'm suddenly interested in all the baking stuff again, my next goal will be to try and bake rainbow cupcake or cake ? Just have so many ideas up my sleeves, waiting for the right time to bake it. 

My brother and friend ordered the breakfast set which is the usual eggs, ham and bread. Will definitely go back to try their breakfast set once I am free (: 

Thank you for reading. (: