Friday, October 31, 2014

White x Black

White x Black will be the simplest color to match together. Going for something classic since I'm heading to school, something that actually resembles my high school! Miss high school so much and times when I'm younger, cannot believe time fly so fast and I'm already studying university now. 

University have been alright, just that it's more relaxing and aren't that strict as compared to high school. The modules are also easier but just more assignments to handle. (: 

A long sleeved shirt can be easily pair with either a short skirt, denim jeans or a pinafore. Suddenly have fetish to get more shirts, it's like my closet have more of bottoms : skirt, shorts and jeans. But my shirts are forever lacking, never enough or it's because shirt have more unique design so it can't be wear more than 1/2 times. 

I really need to get rid of habits of getting new clothes, it's like I always have to get new clothes every week or so! Resulting in my bursting closet and nowhere to put my clothes. Phew, so maybe I need to start selling away my clothes that's in perfect condition to make space. 

Thank you for reading (: x 

Thursday, October 30, 2014


Before I start talking about today's topic, " can't" . 

 Let's take a look at the Watami beef rice. It's super delicious and student meal only cost SGD 4.90, can't believe that it's so affordable and it taste like the pepper rice that I'm absolutely in love with! It's more than enough for me to finish and their menus are pretty interesting, will try more of their food from there the next time! 

Anyway, I was thinking a lot recently about lots of stuff going in my life right now. Especially now that I'm turning 18, throughout my teens year it's normal to hear the " can't " word. Like : " you can't do it" , " you can't achieve that" & there's always someone in your life telling you off saying you can't you can't and you can't for whatever stuff concerning. 

Personally, I think there's nothing in the world you can't do with the given circumstances unless you decided to give up and not do it. 

I really dislike negative sources of energy, telling me that I can't do it instead of spreading this negativity I hope people actually starts spreading positive energy and change the " can't" to "can" it really does make a big difference and impact on people's life. 

I really wish that everyone can follow their dream and cast out all the "can't" in their life and starts living the life according to their own set of rules instead of listening to others criticism. 

Thank you for reading (: that's just my sudden thoughts of the day! Will update more #ootd post in the following post~ 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Vegan Burger

Before I actually talk about the " Vegan Burger" experience, let me share with you my outfit! It's a simple floral romper, romper is perfect for the weather right now since it can be a little hot but gets a little cold during the evening. When it gets cold, I can just put on a cardigan or jacket. In conclusion, I think romper isn't girl Bestfriend when it's time for the bathroom trip. Sometimes I take so long that people might thought I fall inside the bathroom. 

Anyway, here's the Vegan Burger! I tried it with my friend at Grandstand, it's located at the first floor. Firstly, I actually walked into the store without looking at the store name cause I was attracted by the menu with burgers on it. The menu basically look like this: 

Then I thought that it's a normal burger, it's going to taste so good with all the meat. Then when I placed my order, the cashier told me that it's a Vegan Burger so the meat is soy patty in simple term "fake meat" then I was like shocked. Wow soy patty, it's going to be so healthy! I wonder how it's gonna taste like! So I ordered the Hawaii Burger with the pineapple inside~ 

The taste of the burger is actually bearable, not that I hate vegetable in fact I love vegetables but the soy patty just isn't suitable for my taste bud. It's overly sweet and doesn't taste like meat for me ): being a vegan must be a very tough life changing decision, those people who can do the vegan diet is really very healthy and totally something I look up to but I'll never go for that cause it's just too much for me to bear!

In the end, I was just munching my fries and finish some of the burger. The burger cost around SGD 6.90 there, if you make it into a set it'll be around $10-$12. 

Calories of the soy patty: 129 calories, which is obviously a healthier choice as compared to other burgers. 

Thank you for reading (: 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Thoughts about love

So I attended my cousin's wedding ceremony last week, it's been awhile since I last attended. I think the last time was when I'm like 9 years old? I was pretty naive about stuff like relationship and love but now I guess I'm a little last naive since I'm turning 18 soon. Wore this floral concept for the ceremony cause love is just like flower that blossom as time goes. 

I used to start out thinking that love can last forever and everything will just be happy and sweet throughout relationship. There's no such thing as "ending" during my younger years of dating. 

But after a few fail relationships, I began to change my perspectives. For a period of time, I am so scare of trusting people and falling in love with another person cause in my mind I am like " love can't last" , " it's just a matters of time" . 

However, after attending the wedding ceremony and seeing their wedding photos and how far my cousin have come through the relationship. It actually make me have the sudden feel that love can actually last with effort put in and there are obviously ups and downs in relationship, the couple just have to work hard enough to keep it together. 

Trusting my other half is no longer so hard, in love there's no certainty that's why I should have just fall in love and not be afraid to get hurt cause life is too short for regrets. 

In total, I'm just so glad I decided to attend the wedding ceremony and it absolutely make me learn something important which will be beneficial to my relationship. Everyone might have different view about love/ relationship but mine is as such (: 

Thank you for reading (: 

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Let's be Geek together

Went cafe hopping again, it's like my new found habit to discover new café and try out all their different food. This time round I went to Dome Café for the second time but I finally get to try their "All Day Breakfast" . Again, this is the most affordable café ever? Their breakfast set only cost SGD 7.90 to SGD 10.90. I wanted to try their fruit set but they ran out of fruit, so it'll be the next thing I'll try when I go there the next time. 

It's Dempsey Hill, the area with really pretty café. Finally wearing shorts after a long while of hiding my leg with denim jeans and long skirt, panty hose which doesn't give me a pleasant feel. It's good to let my hidden skin face the sun and soak up all the good vitamin (: 

Close up of my outfit, little geek top and denim jeans with some checkered jacket in case the weather gets a little too cold! 

It's been a busy week, will update more on my next post about a wedding ceremony! 

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Uneven Tanned

Finally a day when the sun isn't so hot and the weather feels just right after the rain! Went Malaysia for 3 days 2 night of stay during the holiday~ good to be back to reconnect with friends and just have some peace while I'm there. Wearing the grey crop top, denim jeans and sneaker for the day. Very easy going look~ 

I also added the cardigan to the whole outfit cause it was a little cold after the rain. Anyway, let's talk about uneven tanned. I used to love self tanning under the sun and just soak in all the vitamins but what I didn't know is that tanning requires skill. So I just basically go to the beach and tanned thinking that well it will be even but what I didn't know was that, it resulted in uneven tanned skin. 

It gets a little bit weird especially after I stop tanning cause the stomach part of my body tend to be hide by the shirt so it's exceptionally whiter whereas my shoulder is a bit more tanned. Now I'm trying to get it even by wearing clothes that cover almost all part of my body. 

I like tanning a lot too but tanned skin doesn't suit me well, I'm absolutely envious of those people with golden tanned which is super sporty like! 

Tips for getting your natural skin color back: Try to wear sunblock more often, exfoliate the skins twice a week and drink water. If all that still doesn't work, do consult a Determologist~! 

Have you guys ever try tanning before? (: 

Anyway, thank you for the response on my " Thoughts on Halloween" post. It really made me understand more about other countries culture and practice about Halloween which is interesting!! x 

Thank you for reading. Here's some minions photo for you~ 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Thoughts on Halloween

Orange color for Halloween, Halloween is coming up soon and I don't usually celebrate it but I know that this day exist and well after living on this planet for like 17 almost 18 years. I have finally decided to celebrate Halloween, it's actually such a cute and exciting day where I can get to dress up and slice pumpkin and give out weird candies. 

But I'm living in Singapore which Halloween isn't such a popular thing around here but we do celebrate other festive seasons too! The only Halloween major events will be the Halloween Horror Night at USS , Sentosa etc. I have never seen any kid knocking on doors to get candy so I'll most likely attend the Halloween Horror Nights 4 this year at USS this upcoming weekend if possible or next week! Pretty excited~ 

Thinking about costume or going there with casual outfit but costume does sounds like a more interesting choice! So with that idea in mind, I actually went online to shop for costume but I ended up buying other clothing instead of that. 

This is exactly what happen when I'm using laptop, I tend to get distracted at what I'm doing and ended up shopping for stuff that I don't exactly need. Too much of an impulsive buyer. I think I need to research more about how to control impulsive buying and stuff like that, will share with you guys about my trip to USS Halloween Night if I'm going~ and about how to control spending! 

Thank you for reading! Here's some pumpkins for you~ 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

School Girl & Slappy Cake

Sweater over a black dress, rainy day best choice! It has been raining quite hard lately, so it can get pretty cold for awhile then it'll get quite humid after the rain so I chose this outfit cause it can provide the warmth I needed during the rain and if I feel a little bit hot afterwards I can take out the sweater and it'll just be a simple black dress. 

Super love how the sweater isn't made out of super thick material so I won't sweat under it, sweating when wearing any outfit will be the last thing on my list

Selecting some sauces from the farmer's market at my favorite place, this place sell lots of organic items which is super healthy! 

Went to Slappy Pancake the other day with my friend, to try the pancake and their breakfast set! I was really hungry so I chose the all day breakfast set at like 4pm ? But their portion is very huge and I can't finish it at all. The above is their lemonade drinks, it comes in various flavors : Lavender lemonade and Slappy Lemonade! Super adorable flavors and I absolutely love it~ 

That's their classic breakfast set, it comes with bacons, scramble eggs, toasted bread and lots of potatoes. I feel like it's like 3 person portion? I took like 30 minutes and I still haven't even finish half of it. But it's so yummy, I love how they bake the potatoes! Super refreshing taste (: definitely a place to visit!! 

Thank you for reading (: 

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

PinkyParadise Lens

Sponsored: PinkyParadise 

Kindly sponsored by PinkyParadise just when my last contact lens is nearly finished, received their contact lens a few days ago. I choose their Venus Brown Circle Lens which is really this soft and adorable shade of brown that matches well with my eye colors. Their services are really good, answering all my inquiries and the package comes in registered mail which is something I really value when looking for an online shop to shop at! Their store have a high varieties of contact lens to chose from, from various different brands. They even have famous brand like Geo Lens. 

Venus Eye Brown Lens: SGD 25.90 

Their circle lens is really comfortable and my eyes doesn't feel any discomfort when I am wearing them , putting my Venus Lens on only took me less than 3 minutes. I really love Circle Lens cause it's help to make the eyes look bigger and look more enchanting. This will probably be the first time I am wearing a yearly contact lens, I think it helps to save money as compared to when I am using the monthly contact lens. 

The lens I am wearing now is: 14 mm , Origin: South Korea

The difference between having contact lens and without is quite noticeable , my eyes is originally brown so when I wear contact lens it just makes my eyes look bigger without the color difference. So contact lens in total does make a difference and Venus Eyes lens is just the lens I am looking for that's compatible with my real eyes colors! 

The PinkyParadise are really generous, other than sponsoring me with the contact lens. They even provide free gifts along with the contact lens: contact lens case and the hair pin thingy which is a great help in keeping my hair off my face! Not to mention, the contact lens case is really adorable! 

Do head over to : to get the brown lens now or to look around for more stuff! 

Thank you for reading! ~~ Do you guys actually wear circle lens as well? 

Rider's Café

Something relaxing for café trip, discovering café has been my new habit since my friend introduce my to it! It's really good to try out different café with different theme and feel, so I wore something in a plain color: red and white for the day. It's a off shoulder top with red skater skirt, very vintage feel to go along with the café I'm going! 

The new café we discovered will be Rider's Café, located at Bukit Timah. It's like the area I lived in have all the wonderful food, it's super rural and actually hard to find so taking a cab solved all the problems e.g getting lost or rain. Beside the café there are horse riding areas, farm house and a golf club there. Wanted to ride the horse but it's raining so better luck next time. 

Ordered: The lemon posset & truffle fries along with lime juice to go along. The total price is SGD 28. 

The lemon posset is a refreshing dessert that's perfect for a hot summer day, super yummy with all the blueberries and strawberries! My favorite, it's super sweet! 

The truffle fries is like any other truffle fries just that it isn't the thick fries type, personally prefer thick fries but it's still good! Lime juice is well like juice that taste a bit sour. 

It's funny how we ordered, 3 different flavors : sweet, salted and sour. A challenge for our taste buds! 

Will definitely visit the place again whenever I have time (: thank you for reading. 

Monday, October 13, 2014

School Girl

Back with another outfit post! Luckily, I have take some time off to take a few outfit photo~ Today's theme will be the school girl concept since I were about to go school on the day itself! A skater skirt pair with white tribal crop top, overlay with a black cardigan to complete the look. Since my school air condition will usually be super cold, a slim fit cardigan will be the best choice to provide the best comfort and still look compatible with my outfit. 

There are days when I have cravings for FastFood and there are days when I don't. Yesterday I had two fast food meal for my lunch and dinner, I think I won't have cravings for fast food for at least a month or so. I'm gonna come back with a few sponsored post about bracelets and contact lens, so do stay tuned! 

Thank you for reading! Here's some hugs for you guys~ 

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Cow Hide

"Cow Hide" I gotten this idea from one of the online game I used to play, runescape . Pairing crop top with jeans never get old, it always fits so perfectly. It'll be better if I actually have one of those cardigan to add-on to the whole outfit to create the layering effect but unfortunately I don't so this will make do! 

Denim jeans is my choice for the day as it's a movie weekend, cinema will always be cold and sometimes wearing a skirt will be uncomfortable especially when the movie I choose to watch is " Annabelle" . 

I'm one of those who has a weak heart but I'm a horror movie addict, though 90% of the time I'm not even watching it! I always like the morning part of the horror movie, it's like less creepy but at the night time of the scene it's always all the scary stuff happening!!!

Annabelle on a rate of 0-10 , the scary level will be about 7.5 ! Definitely a must watch~ 

Thank you for reading(: have a nice day! 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

City Lights+ Sun Protection

Burning under the city light, went shopping at Orchard Road the other day! Miss my daisy skirt so much that I am wearing it again, a simple Lacey crop top with daisy skirt for the day. Perfect for the night time cause there's no sunlight so I can just wear skirt without worrying about sunblock and protection against the sun! 

I'm really into anti-aging during this year and I realize sun is one big aspect that causes aging so I'll try to not go out without sunblock or any sun protection! So night time is absolutely my favorite time of the day~ But I tend to go out during the day too so it's important to have a good rountine. 

Since I'm at this topic, so how do I do my sun protection rountine? 

For Face: 
1) I'll apply sunscreen, BB-Cream with SPF and ensure that it covers my whole face and neck! I'll tend to chose BB cream with high SPF and as for sunscreen, I'll try to reapply every few hours to ensure full coverage and protection! 

For Body: 
1) Sunblock, Sunblock and more Sunblock. Sunblock is very important, I use SPF 50 on my body on areas that are not cover by clothing. 

2) Try to wearing protective clothing, like jeans or long shirt which sometimes is not possible so sunblock does goes a long way in ensuring full protection! 

3) Some people like to carry umbrella or wear big hats? But that's not my style, so I don't actually do that but it's good for sun protection too! 

Lastly, certain amount of sun exposure is actually good for health! This kind of prevention is just for my own personal perferences (: and thank you for reading! Do let me know if you have any other tips for sun protection? 

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Cosmo Las Vegas Style

Las Vegas Morning

White crop top
$34 -

All Things Fabulous mini shorts
$155 -

Vans zip handle bag
$48 -

Wet Seal imitation jewelry


Today I will be creating 2 different style for the day at Cosmopolitan Of Las Vegas,  one of the premier hotel in the area! It's a post dedicated to after their Style director approached me for the styling challenge. 

The above will be the day-time style, something funky and relaxing. Perfect for exploring around Las Vegas, with comfortable Adidas shoes that can last throughout the day without hurting the feet. A perfect zip backpack to carry around necessary stuff, with a crop top and shorts to complete the day time look. 

I think for day-time especially for tourist, it'll be best to aim for the comfortable style instead of looking all too glamorous but making the whole trip uncomfortable due to painful blister, heavy handbags etc. 

 Las Vegas Night Style

This will be the Night style, a vintage London Lady Dress with a pair of SSense High Heels. Perfect for any events or dinner at night, accessories like watches and jewelry can never be left out in the whole outfit! The focus of the outfit will be the Moschino's Bag which look classic and cute at the same time.

Hope you like the transition of morning simple outfit of top and shorts to something elegant at night! Thank you for reading~ Do head over to to find out more.