Saturday, November 30, 2013

Christmas Wishlist

All this look so adorable right, absolutely make me go " aww " . This nightwear is in my Wishlist, I can totally imagine myself wearing it and go to sleep it'll be so comfortable and I'll absolutely went to sleep cute and woke up cuter~ it kind of bring me back to my childhood where we wore one piece pajamas to sleep, it comes in so many varieties and design! I really want to get something like that as my Christmas present and I'll wear it everyday to sleep! 

My favorite will be this unicorn one, furthermore it have this cute mini angels wing at the back. I love the cute unicorn design at the front, it's so adorable and the color is very smoothing and I can absolutely imagine wearing it ~ it'll be so soft and cute. 

Boots, Boots and Boots. It's in my list too, it's something that I always want to get but can't bring myself to actually get it cause I'm afraid I won't use it very often and ended up wasting money on if. But the color is so attractive and everything about boots is so cool and pretty, so I have come to a decision that I'll most likely get it for Christmas. 

If it's a year ago, I'll be like just give me an iPhone! Currently I'm using an iPhone 5 and have being a loyal iPhone user for as long as I can remember but my iPhone is quite faulty and I have decided to try samsung note 3 for a change, hopefully it'll turned out great cause it's like so different from iPhone and all. But new gadgets is so expensive, it cost around $1000+ for a Samsung phone. 

Another Christmas wish will be doing my own Christmas nails, I'm never good in doing nail art so I decided to challenge myself to try those Christmas design for this Christmas and hopefully it'll turn out okay! (: I love all festive nails, they're all so cute. 

Lastly, it'll be a Christmas sweater. Who won't want a cozy, oversized sweater for Christmas to snuggle up with hot chocolate drinks in hand and watch drama at the same time, it'll absolutely be a good investment. 

What's your Christmas wishlist ? (:  

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

A little prints.

Top : H&M 
Bottom : Rabbits
Bracelet : Handmade
Shoe : H&M
Bag : CK  
Happy Thanksgiving Day! I want to take this day to be grateful to everything I have right now and I also want to thanks all my readers for the constant supports you guys have given me if not for you guys I won't be blogging till this day. (:
Recently I realized I have so much clothing in my closet that I only wore once or twice and didn't get to wear them again, so I dig out this leopard prints shorts and pair it up with a black tank top! I think prints is like the easiest to be pair it with any tops and I love this light green color of the leopard prints. Anyway the Christmas season is really coming soon, there's Christmas decoration and the feeling of Christmas festive everywhere which is super lovely and I am loving it already!

Since it's nearing the Christmas season I decided to go for the light green color leopard prints since Christmas is always filled with green and red color - Tree + Christmas Decoration + Santa Claus. Furthermore, it's high waist shorts so it's in my favorite list and I will try to wear it more often so none of the clothing will be neglected. I tend to fall into this cycle of getting new clothes, wearing new clothes, neglecting old clothes, getting new clothes and it's endless! Time to stop this bad habits and try to recycle my clothing and maybe pair it up differently to create different style.

Happy thanksgiving ! Are you anticipating for the Christmas too ? (:

Sunday, November 24, 2013

EveryBuying Hauls

DingDingDing , it's my favorite time of the day! Online shopping, I love to discover new shopping website especially if it offered me cheap stuff with free shipping, I am a sucker for free shipping it's like the best part about online shopping. I tend to skip online clothing that doesn't come with free shipping unless it's something that I really want,  so yeah back to the topic. I stumbled upon EverBuying and ended up with a few hauls of my own. -grins-

I purchased this online for only USD 9.99 which is super cheap considering the clothing design are so bohemian and unique, I literally just click on the buy bottom when I see this it's like oh my gosh I don't want to lose out this lovely opportunity to get something so lovely! Always get super excited when I am doing online shopping, it's like fighting a inner war inside my head thinking if I should save that few bucks or spend it and lavish myself with new item. Anyway if you're interested in this dress too check it out here : Bohemian Dress

Sexy Retro Pattern Slimming Stretch Women's Skirt
Another thing I gotten from EverBuying is this skirt, I absolutely love the design and the price is just too affordable to be true! It only cost me USD 8.92 which is so heavenly though it's a different currency from SGD but it's still super cheap! Bleah, I cannot expressed it enough I am a sucker for all prints stuff like as long as you show me nice unique prints I won't think twice and will absolutely get it at - Retro Skirt
Hyperbolic Skeleton Hand Shaped Alloy Sweater Chain For Men and Women

My last buy from the EverBuying will be this necklace which only cost me USD 2.21 , can't express how happy I am about all this items! It's like my online shopping paradise, it took me so long to get of from EverBuying like I am addicted for life already. I gotten it from here : Skull Necklace

I can't wait to make a review about all the items when it all arrive, have you ever buy anything from EverBuying before ? (:

What do you think about it if I make a review of EverBuying items every week about my newest hauls? (:


Thursday, November 21, 2013

Get back to the natural

Top : Zalora 
Bottom : Cotton On 
Necklace : H&M 

On the actual day of my birthday, I wore a super casual outfit that I just gotten via online shopping. I first fell in love with the shirt due to the nice bohemian feathery design on top which I find very unique, in this outfit I actually did wear a shorts inside but it can't be seen! 

It's nice to wear something comfortable when you have a long day to go since I gotten go to different places in a day! I went on to a cafe for breakfast with my friend, during lunch time I went to yogurt store to visit my friend during her working hours! 

Then at night, I went to the night safari with my friends! There have this really lovely birthday celebration deal where birthday person get to have free entry and ice cream! It's a perfect outfit for night safari cause it's super natural like and absolutely make me feel as if I'm part of the wild, all the animals in the night safari are so adorable! 

So what do you think about the outfit ? (: 

Monday, November 18, 2013

Birthday Girl

Dress : Zalora - 

November 19th, that's my birthday! I am finally 17, cannot believe time actually fly so fast! I wore this maxi dress for one or my cruise dinner, I gotten this dress via zalora and the delivery is actually very fast and the material is very good! If you're interested in getting something similar do check it out and check out with : ZBAP1M1 , this voucher to get 15% off. 

One thing I really love about the dress will be the tribal prints on the maxi dress, it's in such a lovely design that I found it to look really elegant and gentle at the same time! I'm just a sucker for all the prints stuff, I tend to get things in prints instead of one color. 

This is the close up of the prints, the color just goes together very well and I love it very much. The best part about the dress is that different section have different prints design so it won't get boring and look interesting from a far. 

For my birthday special I decided to give everyone a 15% off voucher gotten on zalora that's reuseable on your every purchase, check out with : ZBAP1M1 (: . 

So what do you think about the outfit? 

Friday, November 15, 2013

Cruising Outfit

Top : H&M 
Bottom : TheGingerPlace 

I wore this super casual outfit to board on the cruise, I'm currently on cruise to KL to celebrate my upcoming birthday! The top was too huge in size so I gotta tie a huge knot at the side to make it fit! It's super airy and sunny absolutely what I needed at that time. 

High waisted shorts is always my kind of stuff like I just think it's like the best shorts ever to be able to pair up with anything raging from crop top to oversized tees, there are just so many possibilities and my favorite thing to do will be mixing it all up together! 

I discovered this really elegant and pretty place, I'm so surprised that the cruise actually have a church at the highest deck which is so amazing and the place is just very pretty and I absolutely love the place and it's a good place to sit there and just think through when I ran out if stuff to do on the cruise! 

That's my night outfit, it's in this skull maxi dress that I bought over a month at H&M . It's my night outfit for the dinner on the cruise and today I'm be trying on another maxi dress for the GALA dinner! 

I'm not a big fans of wearing long maxi dress cause I feel kind of awkward and I'm always worried I'll trip over myself in the long dress but after trying on the dress for a night, I kind of like wearing long skirt and dresses already cause kind of look elegant and I love this new feeling. 

So what do you think about the outfit ? (: 

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Elegant Black

Cardigan - Cotton On 
Top - Nara 
Shorts : StarGazingWithYou 
Heels : H&M

I decided to pair my crop top along with my cardigan which I never really try before to give a more classy feel to the whole outfit as sometimes crop top and shorts just doesn't seems to match on so well! Since the cardigan is kind of long, I decided to do a knot to it, something I see on girls sailer uniform! 

Also I didn't wear this heels for a long long time as it's super tall and my feet will feel ultra uncomfortable if I wear it for a long period of time and I feel so unstable too, I'm just not a very good heels person. I can't walk around in high heels for more than a few hours, I guess I'll just collapsed. 

I didn't manage to take a real close up shot cause it's at night and the photo didn't exactly come out clearly, so I'm totally sorry about the blurry photo effect!
Anyway, the top is something I have wore before during the past few outfits. I just add on the cardigan to create a different look and feel. 

So what do you think about the outfit? (: 

- This is the 5k marathon that I completed last Sunday and here are some of the photos that I thought I did share! 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Sunday Deals : Romwomen , Scarf

Recently I saw lots of people wearing scarf due to the Fall season, so I decided to do a great deal post about scarf from Romwomen. Scarf can comes in different colors and design, if choose correctly it can be a great add on accessories to the whole outfit.

Stripes Pattern Cardigan

1) This is the sexiest kind of scarf or cardigan related also, it's like you can wear it together with any outfit to create this bohemian look and it's easy to style and wear. 

2) Yellow & Green , when it's combine correctly it really create this nature look. It can be wear around the neck with a plain outfit, it'll look great. 

3) Galaxy looking scarf, this scarf is mainly black in color and the white part comes in distorted and unevenly white spots which made me thought of stars in the night sky which I find very pretty! 

4) This is the coolest scarf ever, the one thing I really like other than the beautiful multi color blend and the sun design in the middle, it's totally eye catching and different from the normal kind of scarf. 

Zebra Printed Scarf

  5) Zebra Scarf, this is so adorable and can absolutely spice up the whole outfit to create this really cute look whether you wear it around the neck or wrap around the body.  

So what do you think about my Sunday Scarf picks? (: