Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Just trying to be a little flowery

Top : Forever 21 
Shorts : StarGazingWithYou 
Shoe : BATA 
Bracelet : Romwomen 

My shorts that I ordered a month ago finally arrived and I decided to do an outfit post with it, I absolutely love the floral prints on it. It's like a daisy type of prints, look absolutely great in contrast with the dark denim shorts. It fit perfectlywell too and not to mention it's super comfortable, total plus point. 

I gotten this bag last week, it's another of my online purchases. It's super tiny and different from what I see from the website but it's adorable so I guess that will do, I like the light brown leather color that make it look so gentle and it can be wear as a bag pack so overall it's very convenient. 

This is the close up of the shorts, see the daisy prints look a bit like jelly fish that's floating around and the denim is like the ocean that there are floating in. 

I gotten this bracelet from Romwomen, the thing I love about this bracelet will be floral design and the varieties of colors it offered. Absolutely made the bracelet very appealing, the design is only one sided so sometimes it'll get flipped side which is the golden part. Personally I think it's pretty still but some people might find the flipped side annoying.

So what do you think about the outfit ? (: 

P.S just took this photo when I crawl out of bed that's why my hair and everything is in a mess. (: 

Monday, October 28, 2013

Korean Outfit

안녕하세요 , so few days ago I went to visit the "Visit Korea" festival host in Singapore and there's this really interesting booth where they allowed us to try on their clothing and I picked this outfit as I love the bright color and the rainbow sleeves is absolutely a to die for. I always find those traditional clothing of different culture very interesting and pretty, it's such an honored for me to be able to try something so elegant on. 

The outfit is rather comfortable and absolutely different from what I thought it would be, it's also not stuffy and rather it's quite airy and the material is super soft and not to mention even though the design is simple it's still very beautiful overall. 

The most beautiful part about this outfit will be the floral embroidery in the middle, to me it symbolized elegant, gentleness and happiness. Another amazing part about this photo will be the rainbow sleeves and the floral at the side of the sleeves which is so absolutely adorable. 


So what do you think about the outfit ? (: x 

Friday, October 25, 2013

Fall Season : Sweater Collection

Since it's the fall season I decided to dedicate a post specially to the comfortable and cozy sweaters, some of the design can be really adorable and cute. So I selected a range of sweater from an online shop known as Romwomen as I think they have the best line for sweater or hoodies design ever which I find absolutely adorable and just make me go " aww " 

"Bambi Mint Green Sweater" 

- I don't know why but it kind of remind me of Lana Del Ray song, the part where the lyrics go " little Bambi eyes, Lana how I hate those guys" . This sweater look super adorable with the huge prints on the front, it's like those home cozy type of sweater perfect to match with skirt and maxi dress. I always find the deer eyes so pretty and big, like innocent baby. 

Get it at : 

"Soul Mate" 

- This sweater is kind of plain in color and design but it's totally adorable especially the text about the soul mate and the bird prints, absolutely vintage and it's perfect for couple wear which is super cute and sweet. 

Get it at : 

"I set trends" 

- This is just so pretty especially the color blends, it's like a mixture of pink, blue and purple ombre together which is totally the perfect shade of colors. It's a religious kind of hoodies but it's absolutely made in a rather cool and trendy ways which showed a different side from the normal religious related stuff, it's absolutely cute for a change. 

Get it at : 

For more information do check out products and items you like here:  

What do you think about the cute sweater for the Fall season ? (: 

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Camo Combination

Camo Jacket: The Ginger Place 
Top : Cotton On 
Shorts : Cotton On 
Sunglasses : Wish 

My sunglasses finally arrived from US after a few weeks of waiting, it totally surprised me how a round sunglasses can be so hard to pair with compare to normal sunglasses. I pair this outfit out to create a multiple layer kind of feel, relaxing and kind of partial urban and partial rural. 

The round sunglasses kind of make me look a little odd but I love how it's more vintage compare to normal sunglasses, totally unbelievable that the shape can make such a big changes.

The top from cotton on was those oversize tank top but I managed to make it smaller by wearing a belt around it to fit better and create extra layering. It's just a fairly simple outfit, can't say it's my best outfit combination but it'll do as normal outfit relaxation day and it's always fun to try something new. 

Camo used to be the hot trend where everyone is wearing camo jacket, skirt, leggings, shirt and shorts. It's really cool, I always like Camo as it's a fun way to play with color and it gives off a really bravery and cool kind of feel and even rock better when a girl is wearing them. 

What do you think about the outfit ? (: 

Saturday, October 19, 2013

October's Favorite

It's October already and it's time for me to do an october's favorite post, it's the fall season but I wanna add something summery inside the favorite to add a little colors to the fall season. Sooner or later, it's gonna be November and time just passes so fast. 

- Batman Crop Top - 

It's totally in my favorite list cause of the grey color, it's such a pretty shade of colors. It's just like the color grey attracted me with the attitude of " I don't care but I still look great" kind of feel. Plus superhero is so cool and funky so I just love it so much. 

- Lacy High-Waisted Shorts - 

Can't say " No " to high waisted shorts, it just go along with anything so well plus the denim blue color is just so beautiful along with the lace to give a really vintage and girly feel. 

- Heart Shape Bracelet - 

The beads in the bracelet looks something like pearl and along the side there's super adorable design of hearts, ribbon and cute tower. It totally give this really adorable feel and it can go well with skirt kind of outfit. 

 - Sneaker Heels Shoe - 

This is just the perfect kind of shoe, heels with sneaker that look so gorgeous. Totally like a cool girl next door, it can be pair with shorts, jeans or any top and it add some height to it which is totally great for girls like me that need a little extra height. 


- Blonde Hair - 

My favorite hair of the month will be blonde hair that's long and thick with a little wave and curl, it's just such a pretty shade of colors that can be dye into other nice pastel color like pink, blue or cotton candy. Plus thick hair can be easily style into wavy long hair, I'm totally thinking of changing my hair color to this shade of blonde. What do you guys think ? 

Which one is your favorite ? (: 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Beach Outfit

Top: Forever 21 
Bottom : Cotton On 
Shoe : H&M 
Scarf : H&M 

Wore something like a white tank top to the beach the other day, the wind and weather was really good and it gotten quite chilly so I bought along my scarf to keep warm and surprisingly it does though it is make out of thin material. 

   It's nice to wear something comfortable that I actually like to the beach, though now I see that the shoe I picked to wear the other day wasn't such a great choice as it has holes at the side and I kind of step onto a paddle and all the water went inside my shoe *yucks* 

That's like the whole design of the scarf that you can see from here, a very dark kind of color with prints and the white color part can only mildly be seen, huge color contrasting difference. 

So what do you think about the outfit ? (: 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

October Shopping Goodies

It's October already and recently I did a lot of shopping along with online shopping, it's the most enjoyable thing ever! I just love holiday so much especially my 4 months long holiday before school start so when school starts again, I'll have tons of new stuff to wear! 

Bag : H&M 

This is a small orange sling bag, I get from H&M. When I first saw it, I especially love the bright neon color super vibrant color that's perfect for any type of occasion. But one downside to it will be the size of the bag, it's quite tiny and can't put much stuff into it. 

Maxi Dress : H&M 

I can't figure out a way to show you guys how the maxi dress look like except through this way as it's super long and it's kind of the only way by hanging it up! It's in this really nice and unique prints of skull head which is quite cool and kind of bring up the funky side. 

Top : OhSoSmoothies 

If you guys have been reading my blog, you'd most likely seen this top before already! It's part of my online shopping goodies, it's something like tank top and crop top which is super comfortable. 

Top : TheSummerSecret 

This floaty crop top is my first ever type of crop top in black that I ever bought, it's also part of my online shopping goodies. I just love top that's sleeveless as it's more comfortable and airy to me plus the weather around the place I live is super hot and humid! 

Shoe : H&M

This pair of white shoe that's kind of high compare to normal shoe, I especially love the design! It has holes in them and at the back it's covered to give it a dynamic kind of look. Plus I don't have a lot of covered shoe so it's a great addition to my shoe family! 

Scarf : H&M 

When I first saw this scarf I just rushed over and got it cause the color and design is just so pretty and vintage. It's in a very nice shade of black and white color along with pretty floral prints, I'll try to make an outfit post with this scarf soon! 

So that's basically my shopping goodies throughout October, there are actually 3 more items that's still shipping to my place from my online shopping! When it arrive, I'll definitely share it with you guys(: 

So which one is your fav among all this ? (: 

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Floaty Crop Top

Top : TheSummerSecret 
Bottom : Ginger's Place 

Another new crop top in my closet, it's a black crop top that's quite short but it's just nice when pair with high waist shorts. It's a floaty wavy black crop top, the material is very soft and fluffy which I absolutely love perfect for casual occasions. 

I choose this black color piece of crop top as the color black can be easily pair with any other type of shorts of any colors! I can't wait till my high waist shorts that's in denim blue to arrive, just so obsessed with online shopping. It's such an easy way to shop compare to long hours of queuing to try on the clothes or even payment. 

So what do you think about the outfit ? (: 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Graphic Tank Top

Top : ShopSmoothies 
Shorts : Forever 21 

I gotten this tank top that look something like crop top from an online shop that I just discovered recently known as "shopsmoothies" , I totally fell in love with the top when I first saw it. It's so pretty and the graphic design of the "Love Fools" absolutely look so unique. 

It's totally great for casual outfit and can be easily pair with anything from shorts to printed beach shorts which I'll show later. 

Out of curiosity I decided to create 2 different look with this top, it totally give a very different feel in both. In these, I pair it with a beach shorts that has floral prints. Though it look a bit like pajamas but I love how relaxing it look and I always love to try out contrasting design to see how it would turn out to be like. 

So which look do you prefer ? (: