Thursday, March 31, 2016

How to attract viewers to your blog?

#1 Improve the way you write 

In order to attract viewers to read your blog, I think it's fairly important to have a good content that people want to read about. Interesting and eye-catching content along with good grammar skills and writing skills. I am not a good writer but I strive to improve and learn along my blogging journey. I started out having lots of issues with the way I blog and I am just so lost with no idea what to write about and tend to get mind block but after quite some time words just seems to flow so much easier than before. 

On the side-note: If you are aiming to improve your writing skills or want to learn better English, you can check out this Tuition Centre if you stay in Singapore: English Tuition SG , they offered various courses to suit people needs and they have a 91% improvement rates so if you are looking to improve your writing skill, you can totally check them out.

#2 Find A Voice In This Blogging Industry 
Try to find a voice, also known as something unique that represent you that makes you different from another person in this industry which can be really important. Blogging is a competitive industry, it's on social media so it's so easy for people to imitate or be similar to another bloggers so the key here is to find your own voice, be proud of who you are and love yourself. 

You should never try to be someone else because you are unique in your own way.

#3 A clear layout 

Having a clear layout which define your blog, it's like a first-impression kind of thing that either make your viewer interested in your blog or not. As for me , I will personally spend more time reading blog that have beautiful layout that attract me rather than one that's messy and doesn't seems to appeal much.

#4 Engage with your viewers 

This is so so important, a blogger that engage with his/her readers is just basically wonderful. It makes the viewers feel more connected with you, it's like sharing a same interest and by having a good two way communication it will make the viewer feel more at ease and want to come back to your blog to read more. 

That's all for my tips, it's definetely the late night blogging (12:54am) that caused me to write something so different from what I usually wrote. x Goodnight you lovely people that have always been here all along x 

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

UP Your Instagram Game

Hello! Have you guys heard of the new upcoming Instagram update? The 30-70% logic where Instagram will no longer shows photos in order anymore but instead it'll show you what they think you wanna see (popular posts) and if you wanna see your friends update you gotta " turn on notification ? " . So I am writing this post to help you UP Your Instagram Game so you'll get a better chance of being seen and you might even get a new followers or two. 

Instagram: @birdieliau 

#1 Neat Feed 

Having a neat feed is so so important because that's the first time that people will see when they visit your Instagram. You can either posts all photos in full size or square (entirely depending on your interest) just make sure it align and doesn't look out of place. 

#2 Foodie Gram 

People usually visit Instagram to look at photos to get connected with people with same interest and hobbies, if you're into clean eating or healthy diet you can always posts delicious yummy food photos or even yoga or gym photos. This will become a motivation and people will come to your feed regularly for more~ 

#3 FlatLays Gram 

Or you can have a whole FlatLays Layout on your Instagram, it is one of the hottest trend on Instagram and it is really cute to look at to get some inspiration from there. It can range from show casing your food to even fashion stuff. 

#4 Theme Theme Theme 

Try to have a kind of theme or same color photos ? You can have the white theme (pretty popular on Instagram) , blue theme (really smoothing to the eyes) or the grudge theme (quite cool) all these different theme appeal to different people on Instagram. 

#5 Hold on your selfie 

I know how selfie can play such a big part of our life (maybe) and how we just love taking selfie with people when we go out but probably posting too much selfie on Instagram kind of bored people out so do try to include beautiful view photos, food photos and maybe outfits photo once in awhile to make the feed look as interesting as possible. 

#6 1-2 times a day 

Lastly, don't post your photos too often. Quality > Quantity , a good photo content will be sure to win 1000 bad photos. 

So that's all my tips to UP the Instagram game, so do let me know what you think or what other tips you have got? Do check out my Instagram too @birdieliau . 

Thank you for reading (: have a lovely day ahead of you

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Spring Style: White

A big oak tree, the perfect setting for photos. Dressed up in my baby doll white dress which I bought from Thailand while I was traveling which I mentioned on my vlog video, I absolutely adore the design so much and it's so oversized which is the perfect fitting that I'm looking for. I had one similar ones in green but the effect when it's in white is just too different but in a good way. 

On the same day, I visited a newly open café that has the bunny theme concepts but be warned the food and drinks there are a little bit on the pricey side. The decoration inside the café is to die for, it's super beautiful and cute. 

So we ordered their waffles, the chocolate waffles that comes with creams and honey. It's super sweet and savory, I ate half of it and definitely wanted more. 

Their speciality drinks: pink dazzling special ($6.80) tasted so good, it's like soda with some peach or fruity taste that blend so well with the mint leaf. 

The very cute bunny chair 💕it's absolutely perfect. I have no idea why but the chair remind me of the Easter Bunny. 

That's all for this post, thank you for reading (: have a happy Easter! 

Thursday, March 24, 2016

CnDirect's Wishlist

Hello, March is coming to an end pretty soon so I came up with another wishlist but this time it's from CNDirect- it's a website that sell lots of affordable and pretty clothing. You can literally get anything from there, it's the one stop for everything! The first thing on my wishlist will be this Pink Jumpsuit : $6.29
It's perfect to go out on a date-night or even during vacation! 

You can find out more: Womens Girl Party Evening Clubwear V-neck High Waist Jumpsuit

The next thing will be this lovely strips shorts and top set, it's super pretty! I love that this whole set look super casual and chic, the bow-tie design at the back looks super unique! It only cost $5.97 , I think that's a super affordable price for a whole set. 

Find out more: Lady Sleeveless Chiffon Tank Tops Striped Shorts with Belt 2PCS Shorts Sets Casual ClubwearNew Women Casual O-Neck Sexy Bandage Hollow Out Solid Shirt Blouse
New Women Casual O-Neck Sexy Bandage Hollow Out Solid Shirt Blouse

I'd love to owed a lovely lace up bandage top, it seems to be trending recently to wear the hollow lace top. It's super sexy and casual, kind of like the perfect on the go outfit. I saw it on some other online website that costs around $25-$30 for this top but on this website, it only cost like $5.79 so it only causes a little damage to your wallet if you are getting it. 
Find out more: Women Lace Up Top

Or you can visit their official website: CnDirect , their website also offer free shipping items or even items that costs as low as $0.01! $0.01 & Free Shipping Items
Thank you for reading, what's your favorite from this wishlist ? 

Monday, March 21, 2016

Choosing colors

You know that after traveling syndrome which you just miss everything and the time spent traveling ? I totally have it now, I miss having hotel breakfast (the vast amount of choice for breakfast is amazing) , miss walking around and exploring new places to snap new photos. It's just such a wonderful thing to travel, I'd love to travel more if it's not for exam and school. 

Decided to wore this baby floral top which I bought from Bangkok when I'm back and I'm absolutely loving it, it's the only blue purchase that I have while the rest are all in white color! I always ended up buying more white color clothings than other colors which is actually such a headache for me because I don't have much color choice to choose from: 

Even though I tell myself that I should totally try picking another colors instead but I just keep going back for more white x black because it just seems more appealing and the basic colors can matches better with outfits. Do you guys have this problem when it comes to choosing colors too? 

Nevertheless, I'm loving this top because of the adorable floral design on the clothing that look just right and the dark shades of blue actually looks better than I thought. 

I'll probably put up a hauls video for all my purchase over at Bangkok soon! So do keep a look out for it (: 

Thank you for reading. 

Saturday, March 19, 2016

Day 3 : Bangkok

After getting treatment for my eyes, I went and explore around Bangkok. We stayed at one of the hotel that's near all the night market and shopping centre so it's super accessible, this is one of the photo I took over at owl souvenir shop which you can buy an owl and customized it with your name.

Their shopping centre looks super modern and pretty, it's very different from chiang mai. We went around shopping and looking for places to high tea (:

Then we ended up in one of the hotel high tea, it's quite affordable that cost around $39 per person for this high tea set. There's 3 layer and I love their high tea snacks on all the layer, personally adore their scone the most.

Their night market are nice to walk around, it's perfect if you're looking for something cheap to buy like socks ? Traditional Souvenir ? Scented soap that comes in various design? Or just basically walking around for experience or some street food.

The milk bubble tea in Thailand taste super sweet and yummy, it's super cheap too which is like 39 baht which is only $1.00++ per cup of milk tea.

Dinner over at Bangkok! Seafood Palatte, a whole range of mussels, prawn and squids. The mussels and squids is a bit cold but it taste really good and yummy (:

With my brother! Thank you for reading (:

Here's a short vlog that I make during the trip, do check it out if you wanna find out what's there in Bangkok x Chiang Mai. x

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Nearly went blind experience

I'm currently still in Thailand but not in Chiang Mai anymore, I am currently staying in Bangkok, before I went on my trip I actually had red eyes or pink eyes for 2 days so it was really watery and serious but it actually become better after I reached Thailand. 

But what I didn't know was that even though the redness wasn't there but my right eyes vision just keep getting worst and worst until I can't see clearly anymore even though the person or thing was right in front of me which lead to me falling down on the first day I arrived in Chiang Mai. 

So I started to get panicking and worried on the following day so I told my parent about the situation and they decided to fly me over to Bangkok and visited their international hospital : " Bumrungrad International" to see the eye-specialist. 

I nearly cried when I was doing the eye test because I realised I can't see anything at all, the hospital conducted the eye pressure text, vision tests and a lot of other tests. The doctor told me that inside my upper eyelid, it grew a lot of white bumps (due to the facts that I actually wore contact lens for long hours) which lead scratches on my corneal so it lead to corneal abrasion (also known as corneal scarring) and the corneal become cloudy to protect itself so if I didn't get to the doctor in time I might actually turn blind in a day or two. 

I was so damn scared hearing that, luckily my family was there for me during this hard time. So the doctor prescribed me non-preservative eye drops which I had to use every 1 hour in order for me to see clearly and I can't wear contact lens anymore. 

So yeah, that's what actually happened. For all you guys wearing contact lens out there, please be careful and see doctor if you feel discomfort or when you sense there's any unusual feeling in your eyes. Don't delay visiting the doctor because it might actually cost your sight forever. 

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Traveling: Chiang Mai

It's the holiday season again! Just finished my school term so my family decided to travel to Thailand, Chiang Mai x Bangkok for 5 days. We took the Thailand Airline, Royal Silk to Bangkok first (8am) and then transit to Chiang Mai which took about another hour. 

On my first day over at Chiang Mai, I actually fell down while walking on the street. It's definitely not the best way to start my traveling journey~ read on to find out what I did during my first day there!  

The in-flight services offered at the Royal Silk (Thai Airway) is quite comfortable but their breakfast meal wasn't really as good as I thought, their portion for their meal is pretty small too. 

After traveling for 3 hours 45 minutes inclusive of the transition from Bangkok to Chiang Mai! We checked in to the Mae Ping Hotel after which we visited the central plaza which is their shopping centre to grab some lunch and see their local foods and souvenir. 

The shopping centre actually offered free wifi however they will need your passport for clarification in order to give you the username and password (meh) . 

I know it's rather weird but we actually went to eat at a Japanese restaurant in Thailand. I ordered the fried pork set, their pork literally have no oil and it tasted like chicken. 

Then we packed some mango sticky rice back to the hotel! This mango sticky rice is rather unique because the sticky rice come in various colors and it just look so appealing and appetizing. 

This colorful mango sticky rice not only look pretty but it tasted good too, it's also quite cheap - $3-$4. 

Then we head over to their night market street which we discovered a local Thailand restaurant and decided to have supper over there, this is kind of like their starter platter with some fried pork oil skin, raw veggies, chicken and Tom yum otah. 

It's definitely different from what I usually eat in Singapore. 

While visiting their convenient store after I fell down to grab some plaster and medicine to apply on my injured knees and hands. I discovered the super adorable Lays potato chips bag, totally need to snap a photo with it. It comes in various designs but I like this design in the sky blue bag the best. 

That's all for my Day 1 in Chiang Mai, thank you for reading (: will update more during the next few days.