Thursday, May 26, 2016

Too young to love, too foolish to understand.

" Breathe" 

Love can be such a powerful thing that entwined people emotions, at the starting love seems wonderful, some might even think it's perfect and sink into the love sea. The wall starts to break down, you slowly slowly let him in bit by bit until he consumed all of you. He knows all your flaws, the way you smile and the way you move. 

The way he make you feel when he hold your hand, he make you feel like you could fly. The first hug, kiss, so many first adventures together. Every moment seems to be priceless, it happened once in a life time. It sad how we could't turn back time and re-do all of that again. 

" nights like these I wish I'd said don't go" 

All of the perfect moments, slowly turn into disaster. It's like a disease spreading slowly undetectable unnoticeable, it started off as small frequent fights until it become something serious. Even though everything seems fine but emotions starts disappearing , all the laughter- happy memories- lovely moments turned into tears- anger - apologize. The secrets you shared turned into weapon, the tears consumed you until you are left with nothing. 

When there's a first time, there's bound to be a next. It's gonna be endless. 

At last, the disease consumed the whole of us. Once the damage has been done, no one can really entirely remove the whole of the disease. It will always stay, people said heart can get broken and comes back stronger but is that actually the truth or is it all just nothing but a lie to help us get through hard times. 

I think, a broken heart is never really mend. 

We just choose to ignore it. 

It's funny how the people we thought we are gonna spend our whole life with, always turns out to be the exact opposite. Maybe, I am too young to love, too foolish to grasp what love is. 

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Spring Pink Dress

Thank you for all your kind remarks and feedback over my last post " a little too early, a little too late" . Once again, it's so heart-warming to know that someone out there cares and do read my blog! I'll promise you guys that I'll try to blog regularly and update more heart-felt post. 

This is one of the outfit I wore last week, when I went on a café date around town: it's a pink tie-now dress, it's super adorable but it's kinda huge so I gotta wear a belt around the mid-section if not I'll look a bit funny with this over-sized dress. 

I don't really have much pink clothing in my closet so it's a great addition to my black x white clothing series, I know black x white is such a simple and easy to style clothing but it's fun to play around with different colors and try out all the interesting fashion. 

What do you guys think of the Spring Pink Dress? 💕

Have a lovely day ahead of you! 

Saturday, May 21, 2016

A little bit too early, a little too late.

"Say it before you run out of time. Say it before it's too late. Say what you're feeling"
"Waiting is a mistake" 

Been through so much stuff lately, another chaotic month passes by. This make me thought of all the times, I held back because of fear, doubts of the unknown. Sometimes I wonder if holding it all in, keeping all the feelings and secrets to myself (was it a right choice?) , there are so many chances which I let it passes by. But after every missed chances, I always tell myself that " oh, I will make sure I will not let the next chance pass by like how it happened before"

" It's late and I'm sad" 

But guess what, it just continue happening over and over again. Until one day, I used up all of my chances and it's a little too late to change anything. It's funny how I seems to be the crazy, spontaneous one that dare to try anything & everything yet when it comes to this situation. I am a completely different person, maybe it was the fear of what will happen next if I actually took the chance.

" Fear is a prison" 

Indeed, fear can be such a scary emotions that hold people back. I guess there's good and bad kind of fear, well at least that's what I feel. Fear kind of keep you in check, good fear make you not do stupid things but it's confusing when you can't differentiate between good or bad fear. It just kind of jumble up when it comes to situation like this.

" We all fear the unknown" 

Like the quote said, we are all fear of the unknown. Here's to our a little bit too early, a little bit too late, like a different timing train - I guess we will never get to know the what ifs.
Thank you for reading. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Off-Shoulder Fetish

I have no idea why but I'm totally obsessed with the off-shoulder top fashion, I have like more than 3 outfits that's in the off-shoulder design. It just seems to goes well with any other clothing pieces, gotten this one recently because I love the sky blue color and the puffy sleeve is just so adorable. 

I'm definitely loving how simple it looks, perfect for the summer time when you wanna go to the beach or just chill under the hot sun. Speaking of which, I'm currently having a one week break from school - I don't exactly know what to do around in Singapore, it's funny how I used to complain that I don't have free time but when I am actually given free time I am so lost at not knowing what to do. 

Things that I planned to do: (maybe) 

#1 Visit a new café 

#2 Shopping 

#3 Visit a new island for some photo-taking 

#4 Watch movies 

Nevertheless, I'll still try to spend my holiday wisely to do stuff that I want to do, see things and views that I wanna see and try out different things if possible while at the same time try to save up for another vacation for the next holiday. 

Throwback to the kimchi & seafood pancake that taste so perfect! Here's to a perfect week ahead of you, thank you for reading! What do you guys usually do for your time-off ? 

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Date with my best friend

Went out with my best friend of 7 years and counting, we decided to go to the USS (Universal Studio Singapore) which is the theme park in Singapore. Since we both have the annual pass, so it's a simple and perfect date. 

The theme park is now so cute, filled with all the minions decoration and design after the last minions movie started in the cinema. My favorite is Bob, how about you guys? 

Photo of us with the minions gang! It's so adorable but I just find Bob minion the leg to be a little longer than expected in this photo ~ 

We ordered a double cheese burger (beef) and share the burger since both of us don't really eat a lot but we upsize it to cheese fries and a large drink (ice lemon tea) , this set only cost about $16 . Which is the usual price when purchasing food or drinks from theme park~ 

Even though USS is selling so many minions toys, foods and all the cute accessories but the theme park doesn't have any minion related rides at all which is quite odd and sad. It'd be adorable and lovely to ride a minion ride. 

Sherk and Fiona Babies! 

Some mirror selfie over at the Far Far Away Land which they sell all the cute princess, prince, cookie and donkey soft toy. 

Pinocchio, don't you ever lie if not you'll have super ultra long nose. 

Overall, it's a super ultra fun day spend at the theme park with my best friend! But sadly, the weather turn for the worst at 5-6pm so we didn't get to take any of the outdoor roller coaster rides and we have to call it a day due to the unforeseeable weather changes. 

Here's to our long lasting friendship. 

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Spring Date

Back to spring reality, it's so rare to find pretty blossom in Singapore so I was really happy to find this tiny tree that have really beautiful flower blooming. It's lucky that I have a clothing match by wearing the orange floral print top with shorts which is super casual and ultra simple. 

After class ended at around 3:30pm, we decided to go to Dhoby Ghaut area to have lunch over at Ahjumma. Suprisngly their kimchi Jiggae and beef bulgogi taste kinda good, it cost about $12.90 each and it even come with student discount of 10%. 

Then we saw this ninja turtle exhibition outside the Dhoby Ghaut (The Cathay). Probably for the upcoming movie: 

Then we decided to take the downtown line to Sixth Avenue, The Tea Party Cafe to try out their Rose Tea ($6.00) . It taste pretty decent but I kind of still think it have a little Panadol taste inside. We stayed there for like 1-2 hours just chit-chatting and after which we head to The Grand Stand to have dinner. 

We ordered a palatte of food over at the area for about $25, it consist of pork ribs, rib eye steak and roasted pork belly. It is delicious but it gets super oily after awhile so we didn't managed to finish everything. 

It's a super fun day because we finally went out to date after studying for the exam for a month, I realized the importance of quality time together. 

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Sky Bridge

Hello guys! My new school term just started, so I'm quite busy settling down to the new timetable. I'm back blogging now since I have some free time, so following up from my past two updates about my langkawi trip! On the last day of travel, we went to the very famous Sky Bridge in Langkawi. It took about 30 minutes to get there from our hotel area, it's worth the visit. 

We must first get to the cable car area, to pay for the entrance fees to get our cable car ride which cost around RM45 per person. The queue that day wasn't really long but it took us quite awhile to finally reach the sky bridge area, as the operating system there seems to be not well connected. What we heard from the tour guide was that if tourist visit during the peak period, it'll take much longer than usual around (2-3 hours) of wait. 

The weather up at the sky bridge was perfect, when we were at other part of Langkawi the weather was usually around 30-33 degree Celsius and that's really hot and unbearable but up at the sky bridge, the place is more windy and cooling than usual. We really had so much fun taking photos and laughing so much up there. 

One of the most memorable thing we did up there was the heart lock chain: 

There's this love lock up on the sky bridge which we discovered by accident, we decided to purchase one and lock it up here. There are different price range for different type of locks, we gotten this for RM 20 and we can actually decorate it with markers before locking it down. 

We spend around 20-30 minutes up on the sky bridge before proceeding back to cable car area and have lunch at a Korean restaurant known as airrang which we had BBQ Beef and some other foods which cost RM 120. 

The beef isn't really that tasty as I thought, since it's slice really thin. 

Overall it's really an amazing trip up on the sky bridge, to see that perfect overview of the whole Langkawi with the cool breeze. It'll be amazing to see travel this place with your love ones since it'll be a once in a life time experience. We end off our day at a local restaurant with delicious food. 

We ordered: Tom Yum, BBQ Fish, BBQ Prawn, Pineapple Fried Rice, Fried Squid. 

Apparently the boss mixed up our orders for the BBQ Prawn and deliver us ASAM Prawn instead so we order another extra BBQ Prawn (200 grams). This restaurant is super yummy and I'm super hungry blogging this at night. 

As our 4 days 3 nights trip come to an end, we were really sad to wave goodbye to this amazing place and say hello to reality of new school term and lots of busy month ahead of us. 

Thank you for reading (: x 

Here's a video that we took at the Beach. 

Here's an overall video about our 2 days trip! Click to find out more. x