Saturday, November 29, 2014

#1 Affordable-Dating Place

Today I wanna talk about affordable dating places cause sometimes going out for dates can be costly and it might even be boring going to the same place over and over again. So I thought to share about some of the dating places that I found that's affordable and fun (: . 

We decided to go for something adventurous today, at the abandoned railway cause it's really near my house, located at Bukit Timah. There's this trail that's 3KM and it'll lead to the railway track, it's definitely the best place for people who love to take photos and #ootd ! 

I must be the only one that's crazy enough to wear a dress for such a trip,
had some trouble along the way but manage to get through it. But I'll never regret my choice of the dress cause the floral design suit the theme so much and long maxi dress will is just the thing for me.

That's one of the affordable dating place, will share with you guys more of such places in my upcoming posts! (: 

Thank you for reading~

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Bunny Black Dress

Finally have the time to update my blog, being really busy with upcoming exams and going out that I don't even have time for my instagram! Anyway, Happy Belated Thanksgiving. Hope you guys had a wonderful and enjoyable celebration (: 

Wore a black dress with zipper in the front that I gotten from H&M , I really love the zipper part! It's so interesting cause usually all the zips and stuff are at the back of the dress, making it at the front absolutely make it easier to zip it up by myself! 

Completing the look with the heart shape design crop jacket so that I'll be cosy during any weather changes! 

How did you guys celebrate your thanksgiving this year? (: 

Monday, November 24, 2014

Wander Eyes : Christmas Light

It's one month to Christmas but there are Christmas Decorations everywhere in Orchard Road! Anyway, I changed my website design to suit the Christmas Theme what do you guys think? 

I actually went to Orchard with my friends to watch " Mocking Jay" didn't exactly plan to take photo until I saw all the pretty decoration and as usual I can't resist to stop and take photo! It's all along the street of Orchard to Somerset. 

Took this in one of the cute little house, with pink lighting and decoration! Luckily, I wore my white dress if not I'll literally blend into the background. The white dress was a gift from my friend for my birthday, absolutely loving it so much now!! 

Took this at one of the swing and unicorn decoration! I love to take photo at the swing cause it's just so adorable and I was like worried half of the time that it'll break when I'm taking photo. 

Anyway, the Mocking Jay movie wasn't as excited as I thought it'll be. Just hope it'll be more interesting in Mocking Jay Part 2. (: nevertheless, it's a nice day spend taking photos and talking. 

Selfie with the boyfriend! ❤️ 

Let's be pink together! ❤️ favorite bae! 

Thank you for reading (: hope you guys like the changes to my website design for the upcoming Christmas! 

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Little Floral Fun

Decided to post an #ootd post since it has been awhile! Sorry about the lack of outfit fashion post cause exam is coming and all, hard to get time out for outfit photos! Anyway, the weather is getting pretty cold recently due to rain and stuff so I wore my red beanie that's long forgotten! I remember getting it at Cotton On during last year Christmas festival to try to complete the elf Christmas look! 

It's been put into good use now to finish this cozy look, white long sleeve top and a daisy skirt! Absolutely got the hype for long sleeve recently due to the weather, need to buy more long sleeve shirt! Since top will never be enough~ 

Long sleeve shirt will be the best for all season since it comes in different material so sometimes it can be wore during summer, sometimes during colder season! Furthermore, it comes in so many different designs: plain, cartoon, prints, checkered, stripes! Just want them all~~~~ 

Thank you for reading, hope you'll like it! 


Thursday, November 20, 2014

11.19- Turning 18

It's all too fast, 11/19/1996. This year 18th birthday celebration is wonderful(: , meet up with precious people in my life. 
(Family, BestFriends, Boyfriend) 
It'll be a pretty long post since I did quite a few different stuff so read on~ 
That's my outfit on (11.18) , We had dinner at 1Market Buffet Dinner at Plaza Singapura for dinner! The food is super delicious. So grateful for the facts that my family actually make time to celebrate with me(: and singing me birthday song when it's 00:00 ! 

Super thankful for all the happy birthday wishes via texts/ instagram/ call! It's really sweet and thoughtful of you guys. ❤️ 

Actual Day: 19/11/2014

Meet up with my bestfriend to have a quick bites at Spruce, thank you for the gifts and the catch up even though you're busy! We had the carrot cake there with lemonade! 

Can't actually believe how sweet he's , that he leave me feeling warm and fuzzy even after the celebration. Thank you for planning for my birthday few days in advance. 

 Picking girl from their home for date which seems to be long forgotten but he did it again, forever the gentleman. We went to take the neoprint together, the above photo is the sneak peek! 

Then we hang around at Orchard for a little cafes and stuff, before heading to this secret location that he keep mentioning we must be there by 7pm~ I'm actually dumbfounded that he reserve a table at a restaurant that look so romantic and the feel just so nice. 

The food is yummy, I ate quite a lot! But what really taken me by surprise was this: 

The " Happy Birthday~ Love you.. Sweet Birdie" chocolate and cake! Totally didn't see that coming, I'm just like so happy at the moment and grateful for everything that he have done cause it's takes lots of effort and time for all that. 

Then we hang around Clark Quey afterward to have red wine before heading home! 

In total, thank you for everything you have done 오빠~ it's really sweet and nice of you. Can't express how much I love it in words. Also, thank you for my family and friends for making this day special and perfect for me. 

Meet up with few of my babes on the next day, super fun to hang out with them and have delicious food to catch up! Friends for life, thank you for the gifts and time spend ❤️ ! Love all of you guys to the moon and back~ 

Thank you for reading the post! (: it's probably my first lifestyle related post. 

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

White Dress Don't Care

Having a little fun in dressing up for formal day also known as my group presentation last week! Decided to wear my white dress that I bought last week since it's very convenient and easy to style, layering the dress when the weather gets cold is quite easy too! I just have to throw on a overcoat or jacket without worrying I look like a potato that just got out of bed: the power of white,  it matches with everything! 

But white color have their own downside too, it's easily stained! I kind of get 2 major black stained after the whole day on the front of the dress, takes a few washing to get it off. Phew, wearing anything white just have to be extra careful and eating spaghetti will be a big no-no! 

So what do you guys think about the outfit ? (: will update about my birthday celebration in the next post! Thanks for reading ~ 

Friday, November 14, 2014

Joyrich Sweater

Lazy Day? Why not just throw on a sweater and just go out. Love the Joyrich 86 Top, it's absolutely stunning. The side of the top have "coca cola" at the side, it's a bit see through so wearing a simple tank top inside will complete the whole look. It's been awhile since I wore any black color clothing so it's a good change from my usual white color or pastel color combination! 


This kind of outfit can goes well with just a tank top and shorts or with a denim jeans if the weather is a little cold. There are just so many possibilities in creating different looks~ 

The best thing I like about this Joyrich Top will be the clothing material, it's absolutely comfortable and aren't rough to touch. The detail are really chic too, like you can see from here: 

Anyway, this week have been a little hectic, trying my best to complete all the assignment that's suppose to hand in soon and finishing up all the test that's due soon! Busy november, absolutely need a little breather after all this! 

Thank you for reading (: do head over to to get yours now or email them at : 

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Staying Home VS Going Out

Staying Home VS Going Out, so which one is a better option? Actually it's hard to choose. But it's actually a social norms to hang out and go out if not people will deem you as a person without friend and whichever stuff you can think of in your mind. 

Personally, I do both staying home and going out. There are week that I just want to stay home and relax, watching drama, reading storybook or just sitting around without distraction. It's like some alone time to reflect and stuff. However, there are times I just want and need to go out with peers to catch up on life. 

But the truth is, whether you're staying home or going out! It doesn't really matters what others think of you as long as you're happy with it, some people might go out but isn't really happy about it ! Some people might stay home but are not happy about it too so just do what makes you happy and there's no need to care what others think about what you want to do in YOUR life. 

Just some random thought that crosses my mind today! Thank you for reading (: 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

White Dress? Overcoat?

Hey! I decided to change my blog layout and invested in a new domain name: , it cost me more than owning a but it's definitely worth the price since I'm going to be blogging quite often now! 

Anyway, the weather have been lovely recently so I decided to wear my new-in out, when you first saw it you might think it's just another white dress but the truth is that it's not just any other dress! It's an overcoat, I wore a simple tank top and shorts inside to complement the look! Absolutely love this new overcoat so much, super comfortable and light weight which is an important aspect I look into!

Especially love the sleeves length in which it's just nice, not too long nor short ! Just the right length for my arm length(: it can also be style in 2 different way, I'll be showing it on my future blogpost! So stay tuned!! 

I spend quite awhile changing the blog layout and buying the new domain and it's definitely hard for a technology noob like me! I actually spent more than I should have buying the domain and designing, I'll probably blog about it so any other blogger that want a personal domain too won't ended up spending as much money as me and will probably save a few bucks! 

Thank you for reading (: and hope you guys like my new website.


Sunday, November 9, 2014

Honey Cremé

Can't seem to control my shopping spree this month! Just bought another skirt recently and decided to wear it out today, even though I already have a few black skirt but I still decided to get this one cause it have the school uniform kind of feel with the nice and tidy fold! So it's actually different from a normal skater skirt which made me want to get it! 

The total outfit consist of a grey crop top with the fold up skirt along with a checkered jacket to complete the layering look! I added a belt to the skirt cause it was a bit too loose for me, being losing weight lately and it's just annoying! In order to gain lots of weight, my friend and I decided to try out the new store in town " Honey Creme" located at 313 somerset near the taxi stand! 

The queue was overwhelming, we spend like 30-40 minutes there queuing! And it's absolutely unbearable cause it's located outside so I'm already sweating like mad by the time I got my honey Creme soft ice cream. The price for the soft ice-creams from this store range from 4.90 to around 7.90 , I gotten the honey comb soft ice cream which cost SGD 5.90! It's kind of okay, it's basically soft ice cream with flavors along with the topping of your choice! I saw people that get the popcorn flavor and cotton candy flavor which is cute! 

But the store looks pretty adorable and cute (: and the services are great!! Absolutely something to try out during a hot weather! 

Thanks for reading (: 

Friday, November 7, 2014

Free Taxi Ride

Do read on to find out about FREE TAXI RIDE at the later part of the blogpost! I was so thrill when I received the high-knee socks because I never try styling this kind of clothing before. So I spend some time researching and trying to piece out how to style it and I ended up styling it with an oversized shirt and shorts for a simple but chic look. 

My favorite part about the socks will be the red and blue stripe, personally I find it really adorable and it really stand out from the usual red / blue / black stripes design only. Do get it from "BraceletCandy" , selling only at SGD8.90 only/ email: 

Anyway, here's the exciting news about free taxi ride! There's this app called "uber" which you can download from AppStore and by using this code " rqr4v" you get up to $10 off during your first ride! So do download it now and try it out (: 

I just tried taking their cab yesterday, really love their services and I'll definitely be taking more cab now cause the weather is a bit unpredictable recently! It can be hot or rainy suddenly so taking the cab seems like the perfect options. 

The code: rqr4v , can be key in at the promotion section of the apps! 

Thank you for reading (: 

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Apple Apple Day

Red for apple! Whenever I look at an apple, I remembered when I was young my kindergarten teacher was always like " A for Apple" so I guess that's the first A word that I know. Bought this heart checkered crop top at an exceptionally low price and it's so adorable, I always wanted something like that! So I was more than happy when I saw this outfit when I'm shopping (: 

Decided to give my first try with a high waisted shorts to see how it'll turn out, I guess it turns out pretty okay! But maybe I'll try it out with high waisted jeans or probably skirt to see how it goes (: it's always fun to play around with clothing to get the best selection! 

Here's the close-up detail~ the heart shape design can be more properly seen now! Anyway, I always find it easier to blog using my phone rather than the website itself. It's like I'll end up with blog stuck if I blog with my laptop! Weird but does anyone have the same issues ? 

Thank you for reading (: 

Monday, November 3, 2014

Little Red Dress

The whole outfit look absolutely like a dress right? But actually it's a white top with maxi skirt, I guess the top actually goes well with the skirt that's why it appears like a dress instead. 

Love the new white top i gotten online, super comfortable and can be easily match with other pieces of clothing. I gotten it from a Carousell page, you can find it at @braceletcandy on carousell or BraceletCandy

Anyway, I didn't have the chance to upload my Halloween make up photos the last time! So here's it's, the kitty cat makeup I tried to do for the Halloween! 

Thank you for reading (: