Friday, April 29, 2016

Langkawi Day 1

Hello! I'm finally back from my trip in Langkawi so I finally have some free time to blog, I went on a 4 days 3 nights trip to Langkawi with my love. We decided to book an impromptu air ticket , flying there via tiger airline. The flight was at 1:30pm so we had our lunch in Singapore and flew there which took about an hour 20 minutes, really super fast. 

After which, we took a cab for RM24 to our hotel (Dayang Bay Hotel) it's really pretty, the pool is as good as we expected. It looks like this: 

The pool is located next to the seaside, so the view is really beautiful. It looks like it's joined together and it's very clean and really a very good ambience around the area. 

So after we check in which is about like 4-5pm, we decided to rest in for awhile to unpack and arrange everything while we decide on where to go for dinner. The Dayang bay hotel is located around Kuar area, it's a little bit far off inside so we have got to walk a distance before we find any shopping malls / restaurant. 

After we checked in we also realized that there's a weird policy in the hotel which we have to ask for a slip of paper with wifi username and password which can only be use for 5 hours so after 5 hours we gotta go ask for another slip of paper. So we decided to get 3G instead to connect our phone so we don't have to keep going down. 

After much research, we decided to hit on the wonderland restaurant which is one of the popular restaurant in Langkawi. It's pretty easy to find but the weather is really hot and humid in Langkawi so if you're going there be prepared to sweat even if you're walking just for like 5-10 minutes, we sweat everywhere we go. 

We tried out some of the local special, like fried squid, seafood fried rice, fried mantis and lobster. But be warned that if you order any seafood that needs to be measure by weight or grams, make sure to ask for exact weight if not you'll end up in a situation like us. 

The person charge us RM 126 for the lobster alone without weighting to show us or anything but it's taste quite decent so we just kind of don't really mind so much about it. In the total, the dinner cost about RM 174 inclusive of all the drinks and GST. 

After dinner we decided to explore around and visit the supermarket to get some yummy drinks, like the beer, vodka and some tonic water. The drinks here are really affordable as compared to what we usually pay for, then we chill around by the pool side and end off the day with an amazing view. 

Thank you for reading! Stay tuned for my next blogpost, I'll be blogging about day 2 which consist of beach hopping, touring and some other fun activities! 

Monday, April 25, 2016

Exciting News + Update

Hello! I woke up feeling excited today, I am flying over to Langkawi (Malaysia) this afternoon for a 4 days 3 nights trip. It's totally a last minute decision, we have been discussing this for like ages and we change our mind so many times (Bali Indonesia, KL  & Malacca) but at the end we just choose Langkawi because it have the beach summer feel and the photos that we saw online just seems so magical and pretty. 

So we booked the airticket which is like super affordable at only $98 and the accommodation is around $218 for 3 nights stay at this wonderful hotel with pretty pool, I am like so excited to find out whether it's as pretty as in the photo and I will surely snap tons of photos there. Let's hope I can get some nice good internet connection. 

Recently, I see so many quotes and read so many different books and they always say " work hard for what you want" , " travel while you are young" or " work hard for the lifestyle that you want" it totally inspired me to just do what I want and start planning for my future. 19-20 years old is absolutely the age where I don't know who I want to be, what I want to do so travelling actually help me gained experience and get better knowledge about who I want to be. 

So I am ultra grateful to have parent and family that support me when I say I wanna travel to different places, even though sometimes they seems ultra worried but they always don't stop me from doing what I want. x So I will be uploading this space quite often about my travel over the next few days or you can check out the photos on my instagram too over at : Instagram

Do let me know what do you guys want to see over the next few posts below: 

#1 Food Review? 

#2 Fashion Outfit Styling? 

#3 Travelling Scenery Guide? 

Thank you for reading, have a lovely day ahead of you. 

Saturday, April 23, 2016

SEPHORA: Moonshot Cushion

Hello guys! As I promised in my other post which I mentioned about the Sephora's new wonderful cushion collection, which you can check it out here: Sephora x New Collection . I will be introducing to you guys another brand new product introduced to the Sephora's store, it's the moonshot series. It's a makeup line that's open by YG Entertainment (if you are into K-pop, you will know that it's the company that maintain the BIG BANG & 2NE1) 

So I am super blessed to try it out when it just arrived in Singapore, I gotten the microfit cushion (black) and moonflash cushion (white). 

Visit : Sephora's SG if you want to find out more. 

The Microfit Cushion SPF 50, it's a lightweight foundation cushion that have an ultra-light formula that can be build on multiple layer without looking cakey! It's so so important since Singapore can be really hot and humid all year round, so us girls definetely need to touch up very often! 

Recently, Sandara Park (2NE1) just came over to Singapore Sephora's ion orchard to promote the opening ceremony of the brand and it's absolutely amazing and she's super stunning. 

Find out more: Sephora's Korean Beauty Product

Moonflash Cushion

As for the moonflash cushion, it's not a foundation but more like a highlighter that give the glowy strobing effect that's really popular in korean-makeup right now. It helps to boost dull skins and give users a clean awake look after using, no wonder all the korean idols look so youthful and always so awake. 

This is my first time using a highlighting cushion so it's very interesting, depending on the situation of the day! Sometimes, I will use it before I apply foundation when I have tired or dry looking skin and on days when I look just fine I will just use it as a finishing touch to look brighter! 

Do check out their products & more information here: Korean Beauty Product Sephora

Recently, my make-up is getting on better as I am using better foundations with better texture and it make me realized the importance of products and the overall feel. I used to have the idea that any product can look good despite the brand or price but I guess I was wrong, better product with good quality definetely have a better finishing feel. 

So I have been introducing you guys all the new make-up brands and products, have you guys try using any of them before? And if not, what other brands do you guys like to use! Do let me know in the comment down below 

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Nude Top

Hello! I finally finished my exam after studying and preparing exam for like a whole month that's why I was not very active on my blog. So now I finally have the time to blog in peace without worrying about memorizing papers or getting cold feet from the exam. 

Despite the busy exam schedule, I still get to do a little online shopping during my free time so I gotten a few new clothing to wear for the new term. The first item is the brown spag top that I'm wearing now: 

This is my first time having something this color in my collection, I was always a little bit afraid to try out the brown or nude color because it seems like a hard color to mix x match but life is short and it'll always be good to try out new staff especially in the world of fashion. So I thought for super long before purchasing this, it's so cute? I'm planning to get more of this top but probably in different colors. 

On the sidenote: I'm probably going to travel Bali soon (next week) so I can't wait to update my blogposts and maybe even video there too. 

Here's a preview of the next update so do stay tuned and thank you for reading ❤️

Do let me know in the comment down below, what do you guys want to see more from my blog: 

Fashion ? 
Travel ? 
Food ?
Styling Tips ? 
Hauls ? 

Monday, April 18, 2016

Sephora x Korea New Collection

Hello! I guess almost all my readers here have heard of and used Sephora to purchase your favorite cosmetic before. Recently, Sephora came up with a whole new collection and introduce a lot of other brands as well in their store! It's the Sephora x Korea series and I am glad I am able to share with you guys some of their new products! So let's get started:  

Wonderful Cushion Foundation

The "Wonderful Cushion" series, it's Sephora first ever cushion foundation. It comes with a cushion and it's very easy to apply make-up with this foundation since you don't have to dirty your hands with foundation anymore. This is the first product that I tried out among all the products I received since it's my first ever time seeing Sephora Cushion Foundation so it's indeed very tempting & mysterious. 

Review: It's a very thick texture so it can actually last for very long in a day, it create the smooth effect on face and can actually be build on without looking cakey. 

As for the skin tone wise, it's more neutral and looks natural. 

Overall, it provide good coverage (which I really like) 

You can find out more: Sephora Wonderful Cushion Series

Wonderful Cushion Lip Cream 

Next, the "Wonderful Cushion Lip" . This lip stick is so unique? Like I am so surprised when I use the matte lipstick, it doesn't look like other lip tint or lipstick however it looks like a cushion lip? 

I have been using it regularly for my daily make-up because I really love the color, I gotten mine in #05 which is the wonderful red and it goes well with my daily make-up. 

Review: The design itself is really cute, with this lipstick it allow me to create the ombre lip which is a trend in korea or a total full lip!

It's a matte lip cream so it's really matte that's I can ensure you so it last pretty long, however if you want to create that dewy lip look then some lip balm to go along will be nice. 

You can find out more: Sephora Wonderful Cushion Series

Wonderful Cushion Blush Cream 

Another adorable idea from Sephora to create a cream blush with the cushion feature to allow the application to be easy and simple, I am absolutely in love with the cushion design throughout the whole series. I gotten mine in the #04 Punchy Lychee color, it's more of the orange pink kind of feel. 

Review : When I first try to apply it on my face, I kind of squeeze a little too much and it makes me look like a drunk girl with too much blush but yeah it's cute. But overall, the application is very simple and on the go! The blush can last throughout the day and it gives a healthy feel to my make-up. 

If you want to check out the product: Wonderful Cushion Series

Friday, April 15, 2016

April WholeSaleBuying Hauls

Welcome the lovely spring with some nice floral prints, it's a simple classic piece of dress which I mentioned in my wholesalebuying's wishlist a few post back! So this dress is actually from: WholeSale Buying . It really looks super dreamy and just perfect for the spring theme.

But instead of just wearing the dress which seems pretty plain for me ,I decided to wear a caged bra inside to make it look different and I always wanted to try out the caged bra that I bought few months back but I didn't find a chance to try it out until now! 

Dress: Floral Dress

Spring is just like any other day in the year since Singapore doesn't really have cherry blossom or flower blossom so the only way to spice it up will be dressing to the spring style to make things lively. I have been trying to shop for beautiful spring clothing that fits with the summer theme as well since summer is coming up pretty soon too. 

To find out more about the dress, you can check it out here: 

This is how my bralet looks like, actually it can be wore as a top during summer with a high waisted shorts or skirt. Speaking of skirt, I also gotten another product from wholesalebuying , which is the Bodycon Skirt for $4.31! Super worth the price and the skirt color comes in white, didn't get to snap a photo of it yet but here is how the skirt look like.

Stylish Lady Women's Casual Party Fashion Stretch Bodycon Short Sexy Slim Mini Skirt

This is the perfect piece for a weekend night out, it's super comfy! The skirt also matches with everything, tank top, bralet, sweaters or just a basic top. I have been wearing it to school and sometimes during date night. It comes in different colors as well, black - rose red- blue.

If you want to find out more about their clothings and their special offer you can always visit their website: WholeSaleBuying

Skirt: Bodycon Skirt
Dress: Floral Dress

So thank you guys for reading! Hope you guys have a lovely spring ahead of you (: 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Daniel Wellington Watch

Hello! I'm back with another post which is a Colloboration with Daniel Wellington, this is the second time I'm collaborating with them and I gotta admit all their watches are really the timeless classic piece. This time round I picked the Dapper Duhnham 34mm which is one of their newest collection for female watches, it goes well with any outfits and definitely give off the vintage feel. 

I am wearing it from time to time now whenever I have the chance to and what I adore most about the watch is that it fits my tiny wrist well, it's a plus point because I have really tiny wrist and usually when I purchase a watch it tends to be too big and will slip but I didn't have any problem with this. 

Currently there are having a special promotion just for my readers until 30th May 2016, quote "DWBirdie"for 15% off any purchase from the website.

Have you guys try out their collection before ? (: Thank you for reading! 

As for the next post preview: I'll be blogging about my Colloboration with Sephora to try out all their new products so do look out for the new post cause I might hold a giveaway for one of their product! 

Friday, April 8, 2016

Exciting News: Hair Color x Collaboration

Here's going to be my last few posts with my black hair as I just changed my hair color yesterday. It took like 6 hours of literally sitting there waiting nervously for my black hair to change color! 
Since I dyed my hair black twice, so I guess the pigmentation is really too strong. I'm so missing my black hair so much but it's good to get a new hair color change after 9 months of having the same color, I'll show you guys a photo of it when my hair condition improve (: 

Wearing a plain white tank top with black shorts along with a cute blue checkered overcoat on the outside, I don't think the checkered design is clear here but absolutely loving the outerwear. I will recommend you guys to try out this style for a casual date or on days you have to go shopping and you have to walk a lot, it will be the perfect outfit to roam around with. 

Changing hair color is more than just changing the color, it's more like changing a style. It actually affect the make-up feel and dressing style as well, just realized that I can pull off some outfits with certain hair colors while some outfits just look "meh" with certain hair colors and some make up works with some colors. 

It's just pretty interesting to learn about all this during the process of changing and playing with hair colors. On the side note , this is a preview of my next posts so do stay tuned. (: 

- Colloboration With Daniel Wellington - 

* I am trying to figure out why I can't reply to comments using my iPhone so if you guys have any solution to my problems, do let me know * have a great day ahead of you! 

Thank you for reading(: 

Monday, April 4, 2016

Birdie's March Magazine Favorites

Hello guys, this is the end of March and the start of April so I'm back with another magazine section featuring what's my favourite during the month of March! So let's get started: 

Beauty Blender! I know I'm like super late into the trend but I just started using it after experimenting with sponges, puffs and my own hands to apply the make up then I came across a really cheap beauty blender which I gotten from the Japanese store at $2.90 each and I have been loving it so much , it just make the make up so smooth and light. 

Next item: 3CE Eyeshadow (Street Lamp) 
I absolutely adore this eyeshadow, it's in this shimmery white shades that seems to have little pearls in them. I mostly used it on my under-eyes and on the corner of my eyes to brighten up my eyes, it's long lasting and I'm just so loving this eyeshadow. 

March favorite food! The super ultra big milkshake with so many different toppings on it, it's called the old school milkshake, it comes with red velvet cake (yeah you read that right, that's a cake in my drink) , candy floss, small biscuits, Nutella, rainbow sprinkles and ice cream cone. 

It's a super cheat day, the drink costs about $18.90. Can't finish it by myself, I have gotta share it with a friend. 

Another trip to the superhero cafĂ©, tried out their tiramisu with green tea. Super ultra good, even though I'm not a big fans of coffee but this tiramisu is super fluffy and tasted not bad. The cute design allow it to make it up to the favorite list~ since it remind me of the marvels movie: SuperMan VS BatMan. 

Favorite outfit of the month will be this cute little white dress, it's just so doll like and casual which represent the spring so much that I just absolutely adore it and rank it #1 among the rest of my outfits. 

Another favorite will be the trip that I had this month, when I flew off to ChiangMai x Bangkok for 5 days. It was so amazingly chill and I just the traveling vibes, it made me feel refresh and free again. 

It's also the trip that saved me from going blind and allow me to bond more with my family ❤️

That's all for my March's Favorite! Hope you guys enjoy reading it, thank you for reading! Let me know in the comment below what's your favorite of the month and what do you think ?