Saturday, June 27, 2015

All-Babes Cineleisure Dance Battle 2015 (ABCD)

Hello Dancers! Dance your way to $8000 Cash Prize?

Cathay Cineleisure Orchard is holding yet another exciting competition; this is the Fifth Season of the ABCD (ALL-BABES CINELEISURE DANCE BATTLE) the title is so catchy and easy to remember. As you can infer from the “Title “it’s an all-girls dance battle of versatility. So get your moves on girls and prepare to join this exciting competition which is open to both LOCAL & INTERNATIONAL Dancers.

There are 2 categories to choose from: Group / Solo

Simply sign up online for the dance battle! Online registration is absolutely easy and save time, SIGN UP OVER AT: ABCD BATTLE (Dateline: 7th August 2015 7pm)

Do head down for the audition on 5th September 2015 (From 4 pm) to join in the fun! If you managed to get into the finals, be prepare to shine on the 3th October 2015! You might even be the one who walks away with the GRAND PRIZE~

Group Prize:
Champion - $8000 CASH + $600 Vouchers
1st Runner up- $3800 CASH + $300 Vouchers
2nd Runner up- $2500 CASH + $200 Vouchers

Solo Prize:
Champion - $1800 CASH + $300 Vouchers
1st Runner up- $1500 CASH + $200 Vouchers

Too bad I am not a dancer if not I will definitely sign myself up for this interesting battle! So don't miss out this amazing chance to showcase something that you are good at! ~

What are you waiting for ? Do dance your way and register yourself at ABCD Battle

2014 All-Babes Cineleisure Dance Battle Highlights! Do check it out (: 

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Little Adventure Around Singapore

Cineleisure>> Chinatown>> Vivocity >> Sentosa! 

Went around this 4 different places today, decided to pop by cineleisure first to check out my life-size poster over at the Cathay Cineleisure Orchard shopping centre! It's so amazing to see the bigger version of me in a poster haha. 

Then we headover to Chinatown for their mouth-watering dessert , it's new on the menu: stawberry yogurt with Oreo, Nuts and some other fruit! It's around $8.90 for one but it's so good, especially adore the Oreo. 

Some photos snaps over at Sentosa! It's a super hot and humid day so we sweated so much while we explored around , that sweating feeling was so horrible but luckily we managed to take some nice photos! 

Then we eat the Korean chicken + fries for snacks! It's like another good food that we find, it's around $12 but I really love the fries! ❤️ it seems like I have a serious addiction to fries or anything potato related. 

We spent quite some time over at Sentosa before heading back to Vivocity for dinner! We had Marcé for dinner: Fried Calamari along with hotdogs + potatoes and some nice German beer for dinner. ❤️ if I am not wrong it's a Swedish restaurant, it's super good and definitely worth the price. 

(have no idea why I look so bright over here) 

It's a really fun and adventurous day going around different places, definitely made the whole outing much more interesting but it's nevertheless very tiring. ❤️ treasure moments like this so much. 

Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Cloud Forest

Dating below the cloud seems to be so normal so we decided to take it up a notch and date above the cloud over at Cloud Forest! This place is located at the Garden By The Bay, there's an admission fees to go in : 
$12 per person if you're a local ❤️ 

This place is inside this giant globe with forest inside and waterfall. Super cooling and reminds me of the snow globe during Christmas. 

There are so around 6 different floors in this cloud forest with so many types of flowers and plants to look at that I don't know where to put my eyes. 

There are even " Fake " floral and fauna made out of Legos for displays purposes so there are just so many different photo point for us to choose. 

we are basically doing this : enjoying the scene- pausing to take photos- review the photos- move on and comment on prettiness of Cloud Forest. 

At the 2nd/ 3rd floor , the forest walk in which we can view the waterfall up close and see the cloud forest from above. There are other levels available too from first level to the 6th, over at some level there will be showing about global warming impacts and causes (personally the video clip reaches out to me and really deliver the message) so it's good to take a look there! 

Some of the nice scenery over there, it's a bit chill inside so do bring along a jacket or wear something warmer. I really love the weather inside it's literally like the best, if everyday is as cold as that I will love to go out and never compare about the hot temperature anymore. 

Other than the cloud forest, there are more amazing floral and fauna outside over at the Garden By The Bay! The whole place is just very beautiful that give a very relaxing feel and make our whole date very refreshing. 

We had dinner over at a Pizza Bar, their spaghetti tasted not bad. We ordered the mushroom aglio olio and the breaded prawn spaghetti ~ it's a joyful dinner ❤️ 

Thank you for reading ❤️~ it's a very photo heavy blogpost. ㅋㅋㅋ

Monday, June 15, 2015

A little bit of this & that

I am currently on my one week break, this is like my second one week break! It's the best time to SHOP in Singapore right now due to the major GSS Sales all over Singapore. ❤️ so I have been going to town areas and places in which I can shop to spend my holiday ~ 

During this time, I also love to explore around Singapore for new cafés to try out different food and head to interesting places to take photos to add more colors to my album. 

Recently I also attended the Garena Carnival and met some of the people that watch my DJ Show. It's quite a brand new kind of experience, the whole Carnival was very exciting! Contemplating whether to blog about it or not ~ 

I finally get to try out Rainbow Cake after craving for it for like a super long time! After getting my first bite of the awesome rainbow cake , I realized it is not really different from other cakes and I actually felt that some other cakes taste a little bit better! Warning: Rainbow Cake Is Really Way TOO SWEET! 

Another new thing that I did was trying out French Food over at Poulet! It's super delicious and the price is reasonable enough~ definitely going back for more French food! 

Thank you for reading (: ending off the blogpost with a photo of my silly boyfriend! ❤️

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Staycation : Highest Point In SG

Staycation: staying at hotels at the country you're residing in. It's like something that I do monthly usually at Marina Bay Sands , Resort World Sentosa or HardRock Hotel. It's a good way to have a short break during the weekend, I love the MBS hotel for their lovely hightea and good views. 

The hightea is like the highlight of the stay, with varieties selection of cakes, fruits, chips and drinks to choose from and there will be one person specially attending to my every needs. It's like a super good place to chill and relax, usually I'll stay quite some time there with my brother to chit-chat and have some snacks. 

The next thing I love about the MBS hotel will be their amazingly furnish bathroom design. I stayed at the Orchid Suite so there's like the bathtub, I can stay in the tub for like 20 minutes reading magazine and using phone. Forgetting about all the stressful assignment duedates and all! 

Breakfast! Breakfast! No one should ever skip breakfast, it's like something that I look forward to everyday! Love their wide selections of cereals, my love for cereals= uncountable. Had smoked salmon, sausages, bread , potatoes, cereal + milk and some eggs for breakfast. ❤️

Super delicious, gave me ample amount do energy to carry on throughout the day! 

In total, I had a wonderful short staycation over at MBS! ❤️ definetely recommend people to try out the same thing too if you guys feel like traveling but don't exactly have the time. Staycation will be next best option~ ❤️ 

Thank you for reading (: