Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Sephora Ion Grand Opening

I'm so pleased to let you guys know that I managed to get my phone back and salvage all the photos, the cab driver was kind enough to personally return my phone to my house. So here's some update, I was recently invited to attend the opening of the Sephora's Ion Orchard , they moved from Level 1 to B2. 

The event started at 10:30am! I arrived around like 10:20am and enter the event, I was given a really pretty make up box with my name on it and a $300 voucher to shop around. 

We were given champagne, some tiny little snacks while we are shopping and looking around the new store. Firstly, I went to check out the lipstick over at Burberry and Dior since its on the top of my wishlist to get a really nice and decent lipstick to use. In the end, I purchased two different lipstick from Burberry ($45) ($41) and I'm absolutely loving it. 

I also purchased the zoove eyeshadow palate in Golden Rose ($37) and another shade of palatte color ($37) for my mom. I just have to get the eyeshadow set because the color is so pigmented and so beautiful. It's just so hard to choose what to get because there are so many things there, so I walked into the perfume section to get one of the Marc's Jacob ($30) and Burberry ($35) roll on perfume, it smell absolutely splendid and it's literally the perfect thing for me because I always like to smell nice whenever I'm outside but I'm too lazy to bring something huge so the roll-on perfume is literally the best. 

The other stuff that I have gotten will be the Nyx Contouring Kit Set, it's similar to the étude house contouring stick so I decided to try it out. ($20) each so I gotten two of them as well as the Lip Cream in Pink because I wanted to try out some lively cream color and it only cost ($13). The last two thing in my shopping bag will be the Stylenanda 3CE eyebrow coloring in the shade of blonde ($25) , since I colored my hair I have to match my eyebrow with my hair color so that I don't look too odd and I read good reviews about the eyebrow coloring from Stylenanda so I was really excited to try it out. 

Then to add on, I bought one of the travel-sized hair conditioner to bring it around whenever I travel which only cost like ($9).

It was a lovely time spent shopping and looking around Sephora and this opening also introduces some new brands as well like Nudestix, Kat Von D Beauty (with their amazing pretty lip colors) and all them amazing beautiful cosmetic. 

Have you guys try any of the product I purchased? (: have a lovely day! 

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Terrible Experience: Lost My Phone

I can't believe this day has finally arrived, losing my phone in a taxi. It is such a terrible experience, F.Y.I my hand-phone is currently still missing right now. So in short it goes like I took a cab, left it in the cab and didn't realize that until 10 minutes or so later when it's too late. I tried calling the cab company but all of the cab companies doesn't seems to have my hand-phone with them so I gotta terminate my phone number in case anyone has it and do something funny to it. 

Losing my phone make me realized how important is Track My IPhone app, I didn't switch it on or enable my location so there's no way I can find my phone now. It's really scary when I lost something so dear to me, with all my information- photos, contacts, messages and all the other account. 

Now I am regretting not turning on my location, not syncing my photos- I literally has no photo at all, all the trips and adventurous photos are all gone (it feels like a memory wipe). I really gotta agree with the " you don't realize the importance of something until you lost it" and usually when you realized it.. well it's too late. 

It remind me of the time when I lost my Louis Vuitton Wallet along with all my personal identities and money, it's super frightening to think about it. 

Sorry about my tiny rant post! All in all, I hope all of you guys keep your phone safe~
Now I can just sit and hope for some miracle to happen.  

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Ezbuy: Prime Service

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Thank you for reading (: Have a lovely day ahead of you. x 

Sunday, July 17, 2016

A Perfect Date

Hello! After starting out my YouTube channel, I have been spending less time on my blog so I'm back with another post and start dedicating my time to blogging. Both of us finally went out on a date after the busy school term ends and before starting my preparation for the upcoming exam. 

Saw this graffiti wall and I just got to snap a photo with it, it's the famous ninja turtle! We actually went to the town area just to get a lemon blue soda in a light-bulb from a Korea food stand. 

Ain't this the most adorable and pretty thing ever ? I'm so loving it. It taste wonderful too with a hint of mint inside. 

On the same day we went to watch "Tarzan" ! I were super excited to watch the movie because of the Actor, the sexy guy that starred in True Blood as Eric. And the movie was perfect as well, it's such a sweet movie and I just wish he would have acted in more movie so I can see more of him on screen! 

After the movie! We went to the food market again to get some interesting Japanese food, this is the Omu-Squid. The squid taste super delicious but the food is a bit over pricey, $15.90 for just a small piece of food but it's yummy so I just can't quite decide whether it's worth the price. 

We also went to a bubble tea store to get some drinks! He choose some winter melon lemon and it tasted so funny. Before we leave the place, we left a heart shape notes in the store with our little message on it. 

" I ❤️ You , my only 오빠 in my life. " 
" I love you too 버디 "

With some cute hamsters and puppy drawing.

And that's all for our lovely date! 💕 it's always fun to head out once in awhile to have fun and let loose before preparation for something big. 

Thank you for reading. (: have a lovely day ahead of you. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Please, love yourself first.

Do you truly like what you see in the mirror? I sometimes wonder if the person we are seeing through the mirror is the same person as what others view us as. Confidence is a critical aspect of our life, it affect us in so many ways. It can be wreck and build in so many different ways. 

How many girls look into the mirror everyday and not like what they see? I used to be a victim of that as well, I see the slightest thing like the blackhead on my face, the fats on my tights and I can even find fault with my hair. This break me down, my confidence become lesser and lesser over the days as I compared myself with everyone else out there who I think are better than me. 

Having low or no confidence will be the worst thing ever, it affected me in so many ways. There's this period of time where I don't attend events or try out anything new because I'm afraid of the what ifs. It also make me feel insecure about myself in so many ways. 

But then one day I realised that I'm worth more than what's on the outlook, I stopped comparing myself with people out there and focus on myself. It's alright to acknowledge our own flaws but at the same time we have to focus on the good as well. This balance everything out, balance out the possibility of being too vain and over-confidence and still have the chance to improve ourself.

I slowly ease back into trying out new things, attending all the events I am invited to and start being more open to people and share my concerns with my closest friends and boyfriend. There are truly my pillar of support throughout the tough time of me trying to discover myself, it's tough but I learned so much about what's important in life. This let me build my confidence and now I feel much better about everything. 

My advice here to all the girls and guys out there who feel like they are not good enough, is that you're worth more than what others think about you. You're better than you thought, you're an amazingly beautiful human that's created uniquely and do embrace that and love every part about yourself. Even if you have flaws, do know that it's only human since no one is truly perfect. 

Change that little voice in your head telling you that you're not good enough into something positive. Because you truly are amazing, live beautiful and stay happy. 

If you don't love yourself, who else will? 

Have a lovely day everyone. 

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Changes ? Advice ?

Pale blue is really my favorite color, it brings out this calmness whenever I look at that color so I decided to wore this A-Line Skirt in this shade of blue as one of my everyday outfit. Today's the last day of this school term so I'll have more time to dedicate my time to this blogging space and create more amazing YouTube videos. 

I can't decide which I like more, blogging or YouTube ? I think both has its own charm, blogging is more like penning down my thoughts and sharing about my feelings whereas YouTube can be very interesting especially the process of producing the whole video, editing it and reading all those beautifully encouraging comments. 

One of my favorite blogging space to read will be ThoughtCatalog , I'm sure many of you heard of this space before. It's filled with amazing love advices, encouraging words and it's just so relatable. This is the one blog space that I always read before I start my day, it really make me think so much about life and everything. 

So I'm thinking of starting something similar on my website, to start writing about relationship, love, life and anything related. Basically it'll just be my emotions and I feel that's more relatabled and can probably reach out to more of you guys. 

At the same time, I'll still write about fashion and lifestyle as well but with a little more emotions and touch to it. 

Do let me know what you guys think? (: 

Happy Friday. 

Friday, July 1, 2016


There's just something about the Polaroid film that make me so attracted to them, I don't know whether it's the vintage feel, the feeling when I hold the Polaroid film or just the photos that got me hooked on. Went for photoshoot recently to shoot for the sports theme, the photographer actually bought along an old vintage Polaroid film and he managed to capture some nice photos. 

Now that we are in this digital world, we don't bother to even print out photos or use those old camera that you can get the photos printed out and paste them in your photo book. We are so caught up with the digital world of snapping photos and keeping them just in our phone, in the memory storage. It feels like storing away something good| 

I feel that there are so much potential to get photos printed out, put them in photo book, paste it on your walls and write messages on them. I'm so old school when it comes to photos and hand-written letters. But I love taking photos using my phone as well, it's nevertheless super convenient and it's a very easy way to snap photos and keep it as a beautiful memories. 

So what do you guys think? Digital photos or old school photos or you just love both just like me ? Have a lovely day ahead of you guys.