Sunday, January 31, 2016

The one that I got away from

Today post is something that I have been thinking lately, the one that got away (maybe not?) or the one that I got away from. Everyone have that one person that they nearly have the chance to date or thought they had a chance but ended up nothing happened, everything just ended up in disappointment and you're just thinking like what if I done this or what if I didn't do this (it won't end up like this now) 

Well, to me the one that got away means it isn't the right one. The " me " in the past will chase guys or torment myself with thoughts about the what ifs. But I realized now that: 

#1 If a guy like you, he won't make you doubt about his feelings towards you. 

There are many times in my life that I received mixed signals from people, sometimes the person seems head over heels for you and sometimes the person seems to disappeared from the face of the earth. I'd used to made excuses for them e.g. (They are too busy or didn't have chance to read my message yet) so it make me doubt whether they're interested or not. 

But I realized it now that if a guy isn't taking me seriously and gave me mixed signal, I'll just shut them out of my life. The right one will try their best to communicate their feelings to you even when they're shy. I don't give them the benefits of doubts anymore. 

He's not the one that got away, simply put he's just not the right one. 

#2 you won't have to beg for their attention 

I guess everyone know what kind of person I'm talking about, the girl or guy that you texted multiples of times and either he read your message and don't reply or take like super long to reply you. I know everyone has this rose tinted glasses on when they're crushing on somebody but we have to be honest here, he's not the one that got away. We are lucky to know the truth from their action that we are simply not worth their time to even reply and totally should give up. 

The right one won't have to make you feel like you're begging for their attention because it'll be a shared attention between two people and that's beautiful. 

#3 The right one won't make you sad or get disappointed with what you had done for them. 

The one that got away tend to make you had moments which you sit at a corner and think about what ifs and stuff that you shouldn't have done so that you might probably get them now. 

You'll torment yourself with all the thoughts about the person and probably think of what other ways to get them. 

That's all my post for the one that got away (maybe not) , maybe we have to come to terms with ourself that they're not the one that got away. They're just not the one for us, I won't want to waste my time over someone that doesn't treasure my effort for them. I don't regret any efforts that I tried because at the end of the day, I learnt something new and definetly grow to become a better person from this. 

From now onwards, it won't be the one that got away. It'll be the one that I got away from. 

I hope you guys get some inspiration and learn something from this 💕

Friday, January 29, 2016

Traveling: HK & Macau (Day 2&3)

The following day, went to the newly build hotel: Studio Hotel, it's literally like the whole Disney and cartoon theme. The whole hotel just look simply wonderful but there ain't a lot of people yet since its new, there's the batman ride and the figure of 8 rides. Went to ride the figure of 8 ride, cost about $100/ person. 

I'm probably gonna update a vlog about it on my YouTube Channel during the next few days, took so many videos during the past few days! I'm gonna have a hard but fun time editing them all, this is probably my first time doing a traveling vlog so I'm really excited. 

Today I also went around many different shopping mall to shop, bought some make up products and some souvenirs back for my friends. The make up product here is so affordable and all of them look so cute ? Almost all of them are in pink color and there's the famous 3CE Pop-Up Store so I was like going crazy over the wide range of selection. 

Other than that, there are lots of foods here too. But the food is actually more pricey than Singapore, their burger itself without the set cost about $10-$15. 

Hehe that's all for today, I'll head out for more shopping now! (: thank you for reading. 

Monday, January 25, 2016

Traveling: HK x Macau

Traveling : Hong Kong x Macau ❤️

The weather is so cooling here that I can't feel my toes sometimes, definitely not used to the change in temperature since I live in a rather hot & humid country. Arrived at about 6:30pm on the first day and checked in at the Venetian Hotel, love the suite here! Always so big and spacious. 

Went to have buffet for dinner, it's around  $60/ person and the place have so much sashimi and seafood that it's simply delicious. 

Fast forward to Day 2, woke up around 11-12pm! Had the hotel lunch buffet, another round of sashimi and foodie before hitting the town area. It's quite a bit of distance from the hotel so we took a cab, the town area is really crowded with lots of different stores to shop and different kind of food to try out. 

The famous " Ruins of St.Paul " , it used to be a church but it got burn down by accidental fire and are now standing with only one side of the wall. It's indeed a magnificent view. 

Then went to walk up to the museum of macau to have the high tea over at the place, it cost around $25.90 for the 3 tier high tea set and it's just so amazing. Because in Singapore, it usually cost about $40/ per person for high tea. 

I was so excited to try out the scones but to my disappointment, the scones tasted so buttery and not as good as I thought. But the sandwiches and the fruit tarts tasted really good + the lemon tea is da bomb! Sipping hot tea during chill weather = the best deal ever. 

Lastly, we had dinner over at a hotpot restaurant (hotpot buffet) ? The place offered unlimited flows of sashimi , food and drinks for 2 hours. Super great deal since the sashimi consists of salmon, abalone and prawns + many more. The soup base we choose - Chinese spicy one and the clear soup. 

The Chinese spicy food is indeed very very spicy, after eating one or two mouth of the food my tongue literally felt numb and my tummy felt so damn spicy? So I stop eating that and change to the clear soup one. 

Overall, it's a really fun and foodie kind of day 1 & 2 for me ❤️ absolutely enjoying my stay here. 

Thank you for reading (: 

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Do what makes you happy

" Don't think too much, just do what makes you happy" - I'm sure everyone know that but how many people are doing that everyday? Are we all making the right choices that make us happy or are we all making choices that make other people happy? 

I started out blogging because I like it and it makes me happy, there are people that tell me to give up and give me negative thoughts that it's a time waster and stuff but luckily I didn't listen in. If not, I'd be unhappy doing something other than blogging. 

Went for a photoshoot over at the Chinese garden & Japanese garden. It's my first time visiting that area though it's pretty famous in Singapore? I'm awed struck by the scenery, it's so beautiful. Everything there look so different ❤️ 

Wore a dark green floral top and black high waisted shorts, the floral top is to complement with the garden theme! After visiting the area, I regretted not wearing some Chinese New Year traditional clothing if not it'd have more feel and probably the photos will turn out better. 

Climbed up to the 5th floor of the tower, just to snap this photo! I was breathless when I reached the top but it's not because of the view- it's due to the tiring stair climbing. It felt as if I did a workout routine, okay not really. 

I remember to bring along my insect repellent this time round so no more mosquitoes bites and absolutely peaceful photoshooting. On a side note: I'm currently travelling around Hong Kong & Macau so do keep a look out for my next few posts about my Travelling trip! 

Thank you for reading ❤️hope you guys have a lovely week ahead of you. 

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Staying true to yourself

The impromptu photoshoot over at the car park, didn't know the photos will turn out great since it's my first ever experience to shoot in the car park. The photographer is really friendly and guide me along the way, it's indeed a very fun experience. I pick out some of the nicer shoots and display them here: 

Actually the shoots are for my eyelashes sponsorship and my jewellery sponsorship that I received recently. The concept is rather simple and urban so I guess the amazing car park and rooftop definetly suits the theme. 

The thing I'm most afraid of is staying constant and not changing, I always feel like there's a need for life to be interesting and ever changing. I still remember that's these periods of time which I change my hair color every 2-3 months which is super crazy but really fun (pink- red- purple- blue- green- blonde- light brown- dark brown- black) , now I'm stuck with black for quite awhile since black hair make it hard for other colors to get on. 

So I'll always try to switch up other aspect of my life so that I don't get bored with my own life. Sounds funny isn't it, getting bored with your own life but this kind of stuff really happen to me when I just repeatedly do the same stuff. 

Not sure whether it's a good habit or a bad habit but I'm just gonna keep on doing what make me happy and I guess that's important enough for now. 

Thank you for reading ❤️❤️❤️

Monday, January 11, 2016

Moving On

So many stuff happening recently that I just have to share my thoughts on the tiny space here, I felt like 2016 is indeed a hard but exciting year for me. Even though it's just the starting of 2016, I did so many different stuff that can be foolish, exciting but nevertheless I learnt so many lesson and realized how many " True Friends" I actually have. 

"True Friends" are not people that are there the longest or people that you know the longest, I realized that true friends are those people that are there for you throughout both ups and downs of your life. Length of friendship doesn't matters, there are people that I know for really long and well out of my surprised the person are not there for me (nowhere to be found actually) and people that I know for awhile only they can be there for me. 

I am obviously disappointed but well it's time for me to move on and start a new chapter of my life. Don't blame me for keeping you out of my life when you are the one that put me aside. 

I am really grateful for those people that are there for me during my hardship and problematic times, I am blessed enough to say there are actually a plenty of them. Time to bring the positive in my life and kick out unnecessary problems. 

In total, I just want to say thank you thank you for being there for me always throughout all the times. Sorry I am such a burden during the past one-two weeks, thank you for not giving up on me! 

Thank you for reading, it's probably my first lifestyle ranting post that are not fashion related. Hope it doesn't bored you guys. 

Friday, January 8, 2016

A little different style ?

Another photoshoot this time round, with an entirely different concept. A little bit of streetstyle, tees sponsored by " TheOtherHalf" absolutely adore the top because it look so cool. 

It depicts my mood lately, a little bit unsure and confused over what I want. A little bit on the bright side and a little on the dark side. Didn't start off my year with a great start, it was upsetting and I just wish for the whole 2016 to be perfect and hopefully it'll get better. 

School is starting soon in less than a day and I am gonna miss my long hours of sleep since lecture everyday is going to start at 830am which means I gotta wake up at 6am to prepare and that basically just suck. 

Thank you for reading , hope you guys have a good week ahead of you! Enjoy the weekend and rest well ❤️

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Dresslink Wishlist

Hello! It has been awhile since I last created a wishlist, since it's the new year I decided to start off my blogpost with a wishlist from Dresslink. I recently discovered the website and thought to share a few items from there.

The first item will be :

White Lace Crochet Sexy Bandage Dress

This dress is so beautiful and elegant, perfect dress and outfit for partying! Love the backless detail , this just scream wonderful and I just can't keep my eyes off the dress when I first saw this dress on the website, definetely have to put it on my wishlist. 

Price: USD 6.21 (I am sure it's one hell of a good price & steal)

  • Women Sleeveless Net Yarn Mini Skirt Dress Night Club Vest Dress

    I adore the simplicity of the design of the dress, it's see through but doesn't reveal too much. Perfect for the casual date or nights out which you don't have the fret over the dress. 

I always wanted a off-shoulder top like this, it's so chic and beautiful! It's perfect for the upcoming summer or the best piece for the beach gateaway ❤️

One thing that set this off shoulder top from others is the lacy design that make it look more elegant.

Link: Off-Shoulder Chiffon Shirt

  • Lace Hollow Yarn Women's Blouse Chiffon White Boat Neck T-shirt

The most amazing about DressLink is that the website even provide outfits that cost $0.01 only, it's a ridiculously cheap price. Probably the best sales you can find in town, to browse through the $0.01 items you can check it out through: $0.01 Items

Finally, there are also free-shipping items that required no shipping fees when you purchase the items! You can check out the items through: Free Shipping Items

That's all for the wishlist, so what's your favorite among all of them?

Thank you for reading. x