Monday, September 30, 2013

October Funky Chunky Outfit

Top : Tank Top - H&M 
Skirt : Shana's Revolution 
Bag : Charles & Keith 
Shoe: BATA 
Sunglasses : Cotton On 

Never in my life I'll ever thought of wearing a floral skirt with a graphic tank top, it used to be something I will never ever try but I decided to try out something new by clashing all the patterns and colors together and see how it all turned out. This outfit was based on my mood and feelings that today should be something exciting and fun and I ended up pairing all these together! 

BATA might not be a popular choice for shoe wearing but I just love these flats as it's so comfortable and I don't care what the society tell me that other shoe brand are better and BATA even have the name as " Buy And Throw Away" Shoe but guess what it's not the same for my case. This pair of flats is absolutely a keeper and I bought it a few months back and it's still working out finely and not to mention I just love the soft pastel brown color and the design. 

After trying out tons of outfits and brands, I realized that sometimes the brand doesn't really matters and what mattered most is that I love it and I feel like it fits well with me and that's what mattered most in the end. 
(my brother and I) 

I choose to wear this outfit as my friend along with my brother and I are going to try out this new cafe in town and it'd be a great idea to switch it up for my outfit for a change too. 

So what do you think? (: 

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Featuring : Romwomen

Hey! Today I am featuring an online shop known as : Romwomen a international online shopping website that sell a varieties amount of items. After browsing through the website, I have hand-picked a few of the items that are appealing to me and I thought you guys might like it too!  Do read till the end to find out about the exciting promotion and discount given to you guys (:
Also Justin Bieber Belieber, do stick till the end to find out about the lovely bracelet that look absolutely adorable.
One important thing to note will be that Romwomen provide something that every online shopaholic love! Yeah , you got that right. Romwomen provide FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE along with NO MINIMUM PURCHASE REQUIRED. That's kind of my favorite part about shopping online, whenever I see free shipping it's always such a turn on for me~
Do check it out here : Romwomen

Eye Charm Bracelet
- This lovely eye charm bracelet is totally vintage and kind of Bohemian with the air of mystery circling around it, it has the bling bling kind of effect and can be pair with any type of outfits and clothing. It'll be a great add on and who won't love to have another wonderful accessories to pair it with ?
Check it out at : Eye Charm Bracelet


Multi Pattern Floral Dress
- With all the floral pattern in trend, it'll be great to have these at the closet something funky and elegant at the same time. I got to mention this again, dress is just such a great piece of art that we can just slip it on and not worry about the outfit cause it'll just turn out great and these piece of dress is a combination of lots of design and pattern which totally look great and pretty.

Heart Printed High Waist Shorts
- I am a sucker for high waist shorts, it's just so perfect for any occasion and through my outfit posts I am always wearing high waist shorts cause it's just so cute and longer than the normal short shorts. This design is perfect as it's in denim and denim items are always good, along with the heart shape it just made the whole outfit look so adorable! It can easily be pair with a plain top and there you go, a perfect outfit of the day!
Check it out here : Heart Print Shorts

Kitty Cat Crop Pullover
- A pullover that's also a crop top at the same time is such a cutie, I absolutely fell in love with this design when I see it. It's so simple and color contrasting yet attractive at the same time, when I see it I can totally virtualize myself wearing it with a skater skirt or even jeans, it'll totally be perfect for the Autumn Season. Comfy yet a little sexy, perfect outfit for any occasion!
Check it out here: Kitty PullOver

Justin Bieber Heart Bracelet 
- Who won't want to have these bracelet around them 24/7 for all the Belieber out there ? It's like a dream come true to wear such a cutie on our wrist and see him all the time, it'll be a great add on and the accessories is so funky and cool that it just make me go " aww " .
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P.S This post was up as I was approached by Romwomen for collaboration and I thought that you guys might like to know more great online shopping website as well so overall I hope you guys like it!

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Minty Lace Dress

That's one of my online shopping goodie, it arrived last week but I didn't have the correct timing to wear it. But here I'm in this mint green lace dress, it didn't come along with the belt but it's a bit too big for me so I decided to wear a belt to further define the waistline and make it less baggy. 
It's in the right length, not too long nor too short kind. It comes with a fairly simple design, just normal lancing all over the dress which I think is very vintage and I rarely wear dress so it'll be a great addition to my collection. 

Honestly, I think dress is the best when you're just unsure of what to wear and can be for any type or occasion. Just gotta slip it on and that will be the outfit of the day, way easier compare to pairing shorts with top or even skirt with top! So dress is the perfect solution to a lazy day! 

Yay or Nah? (:

Monday, September 23, 2013

B- B.I.K.I.N.I and S-S.W.I.M-W.E.A.R

Today's post is about choosing the right bikini and showcasing the different types of bikini available. It's super important as it define your body and each type of bikini gave a different kind of feel so this kind of things can't be meddle around with. Let's go on a bikini choosing tour with me :
The different types of bikini are the : Fringes, Ruffles, Frills, Triangle Top, Padding top,   a 1950s one piece, Ring Bottom Bikini, V-Neck.
-Fringes Bikini-Ruffles-Frills
Fringes Bikini is super adorable with the fringes at the front of the bikini and it comes with different bright neon colors, it'll pump up the volume and create optical illusions which is ideal for small busts like me and the beach is usually windy so the fringes will blow and create this vintage look.
-Triangle Top-
It's nice and simple, I adore the neon greenish yellow color and the foxy style make the top the main attraction which made it stand out and can be wore for any type of bikini beach party occasion it's another kind of top that's perfect for small busts.
-Padding Top-
This extra padding gives the top oomph and black is a nice and sexy color, it's unique too with the design on the top that's half wrap around the body. It's ideal for people that feel uncomfortable to wear bikini without padding and it's a boost to self confidence with it.
A Belted One Piece Bikini
This bikini cling around the waist to create a hourglass kind of figure that distract viewers from other curves so it made the whole thing stand out and it's different from the normal bikini which is flattering and good for a change. Who won't want a more define waistline?
-Bottom Ring Bikini-
With a little bit of an extra ring, it made the whole outfit look cute and adorable which is different from other bikini and it keep the bikini from riding up and clung it firmly so it won't cause unnecessary embarrassment that's caused by unfit bottom. With an extra ring, it also create a more edgy and stylish kind of finish.
-V Neck-
This type of V-Neck is perfect for people with big bust and white color is a bright color that contrast well with the skin color to give a very clean look. This V neck show the right amount of cleavages just enough to be sexy but not too sexy or over-trying kind of feel which is just right and it's totally unique compare to the normal one piece kind of swimsuit even though it look kind of alike.
So which one will be your favorite bikini or swimwear ? (:

Friday, September 20, 2013

Cartoon Outfit

I just love tank top so much and this is my first cartoon tank top, it's the smurf top. Kind of in a fairly simple outfit that I pair it with a shorts. It's super convenient for my everyday casual wear now that my country temperature is rising up. 
That's the close up of the cartoon design, it's the smurfie! Have you all watch the Smurf 1 and 2 before? I really love the smurf movie, they are so cute especially their smurf song. -grin- 
It's basically what I wear on a day to day basis, I preferred tank top to T-shirt. I find T-Shirt troublesome due to the sleeves so I basically DIY this top from a normal T-Shirt to tank top by cutting away both side of the sleeves, it's fairly simple and everyone can try it on T-Shirt that they don't normally wear anymore! Save the cost of getting a new tank top! 

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Shopping Goodies

It's my shopping goodies post of the week, I went crazy about shopping recently literally whenever I went out I'll end up with something. Normally it'll just be a top or a dress, I'm not a big bottom kind of buyer so I usually invest more on the tops. 

Crop Top is my favorite kind of thing for now, I gotten this "Cuba" crop top at H&M. It's super comfortable and I posted a outfit post about it, I like the color and the birdy design beside the Cuba which kind of give it a tropical feeling. I'm still on a crop top hunt, so do tell me if you see nice crop top that I can get! 

"1981 West Coast" I love words shirt, it's a bit of a hipster and can easily be pair with leggings, jeans or shorts. I gotten this at cotton on, for starter I don't really have any grey shirt so it's absolutely a great addition to my closet. 

Cartoon tank top, another grey addition to my closet. My closet is mainly full of bright colors and mostly white so with grey it'll be much more colorful, I love this simple design that make the focus on the cartoon and the vintage kind of feeling it give off. 

This is kind of like a crop top that has gradient which I gotten from active body section of cotton on, it's seems super huge here but it's actually not. It's a very simple design that can be wear for normal everyday wear or even for sports attire. 

"FBT Top" gotten this during my sport shopping trip with my friend, it's dry fit and I love the bright color which totally give me motivation to exercise. Best part about the kind of top is that it comes in different colors. 

The last one will be this dress that haven't arrive yet that I gotten during my online shopping, I love the dedicate design of the dress and it's in mint green which is ├╝ber cute to me and again I rarely owed any green item so it'll be a happy color addition to my closet! 

What do you think about my shopping goodies ? Do you go shopping often too? 

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Hair Color

There are just so many different types of hair color that you can choose from nowadays, some people like their natural hair color better while some like me decided to change hair color once in awhile. I'm totally into color changing, I love to try out different thing. 

I got this photo from the Internet but my natural hair color will be black color, it's a very dark color and I kind of have black color until I'm 15 years old. It's a nice color and it totally suit a lot of people and I love it too but it's the hardest color for hair dyes to get on so if I ever want to get light hair color, I'll have to bleach it first then dye it again which can be quite damaging. 

Another hair color will be this golden blond, it's a really nice shade of color and it's just so sunny and radiate out youthful and happiness. It's a nice natural color to have and it can easily be dyed into other color like red, brown or even crazy colors like pink. 

Brown color hair is a soft, gentle color it's a really pretty kind of color to have. More and more people are changing their hair color into brown as it last the longest and it kind of suit everyone also the color changes aren't too dramatic and just nice. 
Red hair, it's gaining popularity and some people totally rock that color and look great with it. It's the hardest kind of color to sustain, if it's dyed on it'll mostly last for about a month or so only but it's a nice vibrant color like fire and gives off a fighter kind of feeling. Some people are born with red hair which is a very nice color to have! 

Purple color is totally a nice shade to have, it's totally unique and different from all the normal type of color. It can range from the lightest shade to the darkest shade of purple each with a different kind of effect, I'm thinking on getting purple color for my hair the next month. 

Ombre blue, ombre hair color is a nice color combination to get the hair into different colors at different part to create a color gradient changes. It can be done in different color, the most popular ones will be ombre brown to blond at the bottom which is totally nice and can also be done at home with self aid kit. 

What's your favorite hair color ? (: 

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Embrace the wild

Yesterday I went to the river safari with my friends so I wore a crop top and a shorts, I just gotta this crop top at H&M and I really love them. It gets pretty hot during the afternoon that's why it lead to my choice for crop top outfit. 
I really love the flow and design, that read "Cuba" on the top. I actually changed my shorts into the orange shorts instead of the other shorts as it provide more coverage so the color is kind of contrasting now with hot pink with hot orange. 
On the top, other than the word "Cuba" it actually have designs of the bird on it which really fit into my team of embrace the wild while visiting the river safari. It was really fun seeing all the fishes and my favorite part will be the stingray, I always find them so amazing. 

What's your favorite type of wild life creature ? (: