Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Your fav type of heels ?

There are just so many different types of heels to choose from, each with their different uniqueness and some may prefer certain types and here I am to share about all the different types of heels available in the market nowadays. 

These type are known as the "boots heels" it's really casual, totally giving the very chic and stylish look. It give the height but it'll not be something I'll wear normally but maybe for special occasion as I find it hard to walk in very high heels. It can be pair with jeans to give it an edgy finish. 

"Bow Heels" , this is really very adorable with the nice bow at the back giving it an elegant finish. It can be wore with dress, jeans, shorts and basically anything for any type of occasion but it might not be ideal for people who are not used to wearing high heels. 

" Pattern Heels" I find this heels really very beautiful with the whole flowery print on the heels and with the straps at the top, which have this strong vintage feeling that goes really well with dress and skirt. The straps also give more sense of security when people wear those heels. It's thicker than stilettos thus there are more stability provided. 

This is something like a kitten which is short and adorable, it's something starter people that wear heels can start with without worrying about falling over. It is really casual can be wore for any occasion and still be very comfortable. 

"Wedges" , it's something like the heels mentioned above those Bow heels etc but it's with more surface area and volume hence it'll be more stabilizing. It's ideal for people that want to try something more than the normal heels, it's elegant and classy but wearing it for long period of time might be quite uncomfortable. It also comes in different height which is a bonus point. 

" Inverted Heels" this is like the opposite of normal heels the balance must be place on the front instead of the back and the back there isn't any stand for support, this can be quite tricky to wear but can be master over time. 

"Ballerina Heels" , it's something like those pumps but with the lace tie at the top. It can be wore for occasion as the extra accessories make it look very elegant and has a very strong famine style. 

Out of all these, my favorite will be the wedges compared to the rest as I'm not very good in wearing heels and wedges provided me with better stability and it's much easier to walk in them. My type of wedges will be those that kind of look like this : 

In the market there are just so many types of heels to choose from, so what's your favorite type of heels ? (: 


5 second of summer - HeartBreak Girl Cover

This is totally irrelevant and all but I just thought to share my new youtube video that I made, me singing HeartBreak Girl by 5SOS and I hope you guys like it though my voice might not be that great.


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

What's in my make up bag?

I have decided to do a post about what's in my make up bag, it's super tiny white bag as I am not really 100% into doing make up and am totally not an expert that explained the little amount of make up in the bag. 
Here's the full view of item I am using ranging from BB cream to blusher and a few more which I'll list down below! I am sure there are people with twice the amount of cosmetic product than what I'm having now. 
To start off with, I have the "Clear Smooth 8-in-1 BB cream from Maybelline, I have been using it for a few months and normally I don't really use it unless I need full coverage. Even if so, I'll try to apply it as thin as possible if not it'd be too oily and all. 
Which bring us to my concealer, "cover stick by essence" . I have been using it diligently for awhile now and this stick that I used is totally brand new as I just switch from the liquid one to the cover stick type. Concealer is like the best creation ever, to conceal the annoying zit with the thinnest coverage to not cause clogging! 
I also used another product from essence which is the " Big Lashes" from essence , I don't really use it as sometimes while I'm applying it'll get into my eye with my contact lens on it and it can cause quite a problem for me. 
There is also the eyelash curler, I'll only use it if I'm not tired and am super awake. I'm just such a lazy bum when it come to make up and all of that. 

I also have the Maybelline Long lasting gel eyeliner in my bag, it's something that I use everyday and I totally love the product. It's like the best thing ever, I love eyeliner. It really does make a difference with and without it! 
" Long Nuance Duo" from Étude House. I gotten it way back before I get the gel one and I don't really use it now but it's nice while it last. 
L.A Girls eyeshadow palettes, it comes with a whole bunch of colors and I only use it on days when I'm really awake and know what I'm doing with myself! I'm so scare that the eyeshadow will goes wrong! 
I also have the " soufflé touch blush " from essence, I don't use it often and it's just on days where I look like a zombie which I'll actually use it to make me seems to have more color! 
Lastly, I also use the Baby lips product from Maybelline. I used the red color one and it's really nice , it give the lip a soft feeling whenever I apply it and if I accidentally lick the lip balm part on my lip it'll taste quite nice and not yucky! 
Lastly, I have the L'oreal Paris lipstick that's in pink rose color! I use it from time to time and I love the color it give off to the lips! 

So that's basically everything in my make up bag, I'm quite a fans for essence and Maybelline product as it's really affordable for people that are not 100% into making up. If I'm going on full make up mood in the future, I might try out those high end product which will be more worth it if I actually use it everyday. 

So what's in your make up bag? (': 




Monday, July 29, 2013

Grey's Tank Day

Today I'm going for something simple which is a UK flag tank top in grey with shorts, it's going to be quite a day as it's the morning and I literally just pick whatever is in my closet and wear it. 
I love the flag design like how it made the whole plain outfit stand out a little and the fact that it's a little oversized make it super comfortable for long school hours. I feel comfort in wearing oversized stuff rather than tight outfit! 
Close-up of the tank top design, the design is kind of like fading at the size giving it a mild vintage look and it's my first clothing with any flag design on it so it's something new. 
I usually pick my outfit the night before so I won't have to have headache over what to choose or I'll mentally picture how I'll be like if I wear something, worst come to worst when I don't have any outfit in mind. I'll just luckily pick any clothes and hope that it'll turn out nice. 
That's my shoe of the day, just a pair of Nike. 

So how about you guys? Do you pick your outfit beforehand ? (: 


Sunday, July 28, 2013

Dress to kick start Monday

I'm back from my holiday and I bought quite a lot of dress and tank top and the dress I'm wearing is one of it! It's in one piece dress though it look a bit like a top and skirt. It's one of my few favorite from what I bought. 
Kuala Lumpor is like a shopping paradise, there are lots of places to shop like Times Square, Twins tower etc. Those clothes are super affordable too, sometimes I buy clothes without caring about the brand as long as it look nice and its comfortable for me but sometimes I'll prefer branded stuff for the better quality so it depends on my mood actually. 

The favorite part about the dress will be the top design, the floral part in green color as the background. I love how the flower is gigantic and bloom which make it stand out and the contrasting effect it has on the plain black skirt so it won't be all juggle up together so the focus can be on the top. 
Close up of the dress, to me I think the dress can be wore during summer and fall which make it 2-in-1 bonus point! 
Bag : Charles & Keith Handbag to carry around to store my book and put stuff inside, I love the size as it's big enough to put all my stuff but at the same time
It doesn't look too big and are not too bulky.  
So what do you think about the dress ? (: 


Saturday, July 27, 2013

Liebster's Award

Today post will be about "Liebster Award" that I received from . This award granted blogger with less than 200 followers to increase exposure and publicity, I'm honored in receiving this award. So for starter, I want to thanks the blog who nominated me for the award it's really nice of you. 

I'm supposed to nominate 5 person for this award : 
1) Starwberry Blonde 
2) Chic By night 
3) Beautifi 
4) SincerelyKn
5) Bohemianmuses 

I'm supposed to answer 11 questions asked by the blogger. So here goes nothing.
1) Describe yourself in a sentence 
- I'm really passionate about blogging about stuff I'm interested in. 

2) Which is your all time favorite piece of accessories ? 
- For me , I think it'll be my bracelet 

3)Mascara or Eyebrow pencil is more important to you? 
- Mascara. 

4) Current Favorite Lip Product ? 
L'Oréal Paris

5) What's the last song you listened to? 
- Heartbreak Girl (5SOS) 

6) Favorite Tv Series ? 
- The Foster , I can't choose there's just so much to choose from actually. 

7) Your celebrity style crush? 
- Vanessa Hudges 

8) Designer clothes or high end beauty product ? 
- Designer Clothes 

9) Name one of your favorite current blogger ? 
- HapaTime 

10) Your favorite clothing store? 
- Victoria Secret 

11) What made you started blogging? 
- I started blogging as I have lots of extra time during my school year and I thought to myself " why not make use of this free time to do something I'm passionate about" like fashion blogging and all so I started it and I'm thankful for all my followers and people that comment on my blog (: x 
The 11 questions for the 5 nominated blogger : 
1) What's one interesting facts about yourself ? 
2) What food is your favorite food ? 
3) Which country have you visited before ? 
4) What kind of fashion trend do you follow? 
5) Favorite make up brand ? 
6) Last Country you visited ? 
7) When did you started blogging ? 
8) What color is your favorite color ? 
9) Do you do exercise regularly ? 
10) favorite type of food cuisine ? (: 
11) Green Tea or Water ? 

For the chosen nominates , do answers all the question and chose the next 5 blogger for the award. Once again, I'm really happy about receiving the award and thank you for your support and following.

Happy Blogging (: 


Friday, July 26, 2013

Bohemian Trend

Recently, I'm really into this trend known as the Bohemian. I like how it's all jumble up together in random style but still create a very nice look at this end which is very unique and one of a kind since every style is different and it can be wear anywhere for any occasion. It started since 2004 and it's still here until today, it's bought out by various stars and actors which spark out the whole trend. Few of the good example will be like Vanessa Hudgens and Miley Cyrus. 

Some example: 
1) This look is very easy to create with just a bohemian top with any normal shorts along with lots of accessories (unique part about bohemian) is that it create the look with lots of accessories adding it up together. 
2) The reason trend is also the flower accessories for the head, it's very elegant and pretty. Giving the very carefree look and it's so totally wearable. 
3) Crotchet is part of the Bohemian trend too, it's really simple and can be pair with anything to give the soft and subtle look, a great choice for bikini and hot summer sunny day. 
5) Fringe Bag, it's also into part of the trend now it comes in different color. I personally prefer the brown color ones as it seems more natural and connected to the Earth but all color is fine, it's totally the fringe like making it special. 
6) Like I said just now, accessories is also part of the trend by polling up different accessories to have that really nice look. It can be wore at the leg, arms, hands and even head. 

So what do you think about the trend? (: 

On a side note, I'm currently on a holiday and am quite tired cause I slept so late last night and woke up super early! 


Thursday, July 25, 2013

Travel Essential

Hey! I'll be blogging about traveling essential today as I'm flying to Kuala Lumpor today also known as K.L in part of Malaysia. So I'll be blogging about what I'll be bringing over with me throughout this traveling journey. 

For starter, obviously a traveling bag is a must. So I'm with my St.Louis purple bag, it'll be my hand carriage which is way easier than bulky luggage unless I'm traveling to a very far location that required hours and hours of flight. 

Another essential will be all my daily usage, like cleanser, moisturizer and sunblock! SPF is a must everywhere and it shall not be neglected plus sunglasses! 
Another essential which will be a huge headache for me is which is choosing what type of clothes and how much clothes to bring throughout the trip! No one will want to overpack and under pack for the trip right. 
Throughout the trip I pick 2 pair of shorts,  1 T-Shirt, one tank top plus a pair of sleepwear and undergarment needed. I'll mostly wear sports bra while traveling as it's more comfortable for me!  

I also love to read during the flight so I'll bring at least one storybook with me, so book will totally be my essential if not the flight will totally bored me out if the book turned out to be boring , I'll most likely doze off to sleep. 

Lastly, I think it'll be camera to take photography! It's so important as time can't be stop and every minute that we are living, it'll be the past in the blink of an eye so the only tool to save the memories will be photography which I'll love to print out when I'm back to paste on my wall to add to my collection. But I'm not those expert photographer so I just use my handy tool - iPhone to take photos. 

My #OOTD before I board the plane. 

So what's your traveling essential ? (: