Thursday, February 8, 2018

Your Perfect Guide To Catalogues With Cool Catalogues is the perfect site to guide beginner for their online catalogues to finance their dream and goals! It have the best selection of of furniture, appliances and electrical that can make your dream house come true , Coolcatalogues can even help to refurnish your old house to make it look brand new while maintaining and accustomed to your specific needs and budgets in life. Let me bring you through their amazing site and the catalogues that coolcatalogues have to offer: 

Firstly, I am absolutely blown away by their large furniture selection that ranges from bed,carpets, sofas and even wardrobe which is literally everything that a perfect house will need. Their bed selections looks classy and amazing, I especially adore the part where CoolCatalogues show their latest deals on their bedroom furniture which enable people to get the most out of their site! It's the perfect way to help people to get their dream bed without paying the full price at one go which help people deal with financial issue wisely. 

 Their appliances section consists of the cookers, dishwashers, washing machines, fridges and freezers which what every households need! It also help household deal with the sudden need to replace old appliances without burning a hole in their pocket as user can choose to pay wisely with the different payment options cater to suit the need of the user! 

Lastly, their electrical section have all the cool stuffs like the camera, gaming, laptops, IPad, Tablets and even TV! It help you to stay trendy and get all the cool gadgets that you always dream of having, it can be costly to pay the payment upfront in full so this is the perfect financing option for you to stay trendy and maintain your lifestyle! 

In total, I think CoolCatalogues is a great site for you to explore as it have wonderful and useful tips that bring you through the whole credit catalogues process and it's a wonderful way to live a life that you always dream of! So do visit now to find out more about the service that they provide! 

All About Approved Catalogues UK

 Is there something that you want to buy but currently doesn't have the buying power to get the items that you desire? is one of the special site that offer a wide range of products (Clothing , furniture, home appliances) to help you furnish your dream house, get the perfect outfit for your date or gift for your partners/ friends. 

I spent some time browsing through their site and I am really impressed with their wide selection that's readily available, I found their women's clothing section that have amazing catalogue from Lookagain, La Redoute etc and you can literally get any items from there without spending a single cent and pay at a later date. 

There are two different paying options, the first one also known as BNPL "Buy Now Pay Later" this site offer a flexible payment plan that allows you to get what you want today and pay for it at a later day which is very useful and flexible, perfect for couples that want to get their home furnish up and get the dream kind of house that they envision! 

Next, another payment method also known as the "In's and Out's", it allows user to spread the costs which allow people to pay back in small sums which is perfect for modern people that struggle to save up a lump sum of money at a goals! It's flexible and can be easily incorporated into their daily life. 

Here are some of the amazing catalogues I found on their site which looks super attractive and Approved Catalogues UK have detail information on each products, stating their delivery & returns (payment options x interest) so it's really easy to find the catalogues that you are most suitable for! 

So what are you waiting for? Visit now to apply for your account , make your dream come true with your desire catalogues and start gathering your shopping kit! 

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

First Gamiss Valentine's Day Hauls

I am so excited to share with you guys my special hauls from Gamiss, it's my first time trying out the clothing items from Gamiss and I was just so excited to see how it turns out! The clothes arrived faster than I thought and the quality of all the items I received are top-notch amazing! Firstly, I gotten this H.O.N.E.Y top because I always wanted to try a red cropped top but didn't have the chance to and this top is just super eye-catching! I am so in love with this top & could't stop wearing it around because it's just so comfortable! 

Get yours now: H.O.N.E.Y Tank Top ($12.74)

Other than getting the summer tank top, I also gotten my first ever wool blender duster coats from Gamiss for my upcoming Korea trip! The colors turn out nicer than I thought, it's really warmth & I think it can really be a great coat to bring around during my travel and I absolutely can't wait to put it into good use! For a more close-up of this coat review, you can check out the video below! 

Get yours now: Khaki Coats ($25.82) 

Overall, I am really happy with the Gamiss items which turned out to be so wonderful! The site have a whole range of amazing clothing just waiting to be discover, it's the must-visit site to get the perfect outfit for your valentine's day! Check it out now for affordable and beautiful clothing: Gamiss Thank you for reading! Have a lovely day ahead of you x 

Valentine's Day Special Ft RoseGal

Rosegal another wonderful shopping website for this upcoming valentine's day, it have a wide range of clothing which I will feature below (Blouses - Fitness Clothing). This lovely floral prints v-neck blouse is my first pick for this valentine's day special, the material is really soft and I am surprise by the amazing quality that rosegal have to offer and the design of this blouse is very flattering. It's definitely the perfect outfit for a simple dinner date or even picnic dates. 

Get yours now: Floral V-Neck Blouse ($14.46)

Other than the amazing blouses that Rosegal have to offer, it also have the perfect fit for fitness wear (sportswear). I gotten the sports bra and workout pants set for my daily workout and it's just perfect! I love the zip of the sports bra which is super comfy and the unique design of the yoga pants that help to enhance my body shape. 

Get yours now: Cut Out Racerback Sports Bra ($20.66) and Gym Leggings

Lastly, it'll be this cute v-neck blouse which I haven't try on yet but it's absolutely super stunning and I love the plunging v-neck line which is super alluring. I'd love to pair this outfit with a simple black bralet, not to mention it's super affordable as well. 

Get yours now: Plunging V-Neck Blouse

Which outfit is your favorite from RoseGal? Thank you for reading. Have a lovely day ahead of you x 

Love Is In The Air With Zaful

Hello! Valentine's day is happening in less than a week, I am so happy to share with you what outfits I have put together for this special day from Zaful! Firstly, it'll be this adorable cut out bow plaid mini dress which can be wore in two different ways. I prefer to wear it like that with the bowknot at the back since I think it looks pretty cute, I adore the design and this dress fits perfectly at the right length which is absolutely the perfect valentine's day dress. 

Get yours now: Cut Out Bowknot Plaid Mini Dress  ($17.99) 

Another outfit I picked out from Zaful will be this adorable letter cat embroidered cropped sweatshirt, it's the perfect outfit for you if you are looking for something with more swag instead of something sweet for valentine's day. The point of this whole outfit will be the cute cat design at the back of the sweatshirt, I adore the cropped design which add some edge to the outfit! The material is super comfy and perfect for any weather. 

Get yours now: Letter Cat Embroidered Sweatshirt ($19.99) 

Lastly, if you are looking for a more girl next-door kinda look then this Lantern Sleeve Rose Sweatshirt will be the one for you! I adore how the baby blue color stands out from the rose design which makes it a simple and eye catching outfit, it can be pair with a shorts, skirts or even jeans. Definitely the perfect layering pieces for your valentine's day. 

Get yours now: Lantern Sleeve Rose Embroidered Sweatshirt ($16.52) 

So what do you think of my valentine's day picks? You can check out the video for more close-up review of the products.