Tuesday, January 22, 2019

New Year | Picosure Laser Review

Always wanted to find the best way to get rid of my post acne-mark which is part of my 2019 resolution  so I decided to do a little research on my own and chance upon 'Picosure Laser' which is quite well-known for getting rid of scars/marks/ even tattoo with little or no downtime at all! Previously I visited my own dermatologist for my skin related issue however they do not provide the laser service I was looking for so I did some research & ended choosing an aesthetic clinic that provide the laser service that I was looking for. 
(Fully self-funded for the Picosure Laser Treatment so this are basically from my personal experience and I hope this will be helpful to those that wants to know more about the laser treatment and what to expect etc.)  

*Do note that it's important to do an extensive amount of research before going for any treatment* 

- Personally, I like to look through their website and various social media platforms for testimonials from their customers (you can even utilities their GeoTag on their Instagram to get a glimpse of how their services are like so it helps to give you an idea of what kind of services you will be receiving when you're there) 

I ended up going for the aesthetic clinic that makes me feel the most comfortable. I went down for a consultation & had my laser done up on the same day which took about an hour or so. 

The doctor explains the basics of what the laser does, the aftermath of the treatment as well as determining how many laser treatment I need to attend before seeing any result/ improvement) 

It's a pretty straight forward kind of experience | after the consultation with the doctor - the beautician brought me over to another room to cleanse & remove my make up as well as provide a brightening mask for my skin before moving on to the laser treatment room. (20-30 minutes)

  • Duration: 

The whole laser treatment took about 10 minutes or so. 

  • Pain Level: 

It was about 2/10 or 3/10 for me, I was pretty nervous when the treatment started since I do not have any prior experience in getting laser done. But it's actually alright, it felt more like a light flickering on my face & there's also some faint burning smell during the treatment which is absolutely normal. 

  • Aftermath : 

My skin recovers quickly after the treatment, the clinic applied some sunscreen to protects my skin & I only ended up with a little redness on my face. The doctor also mention that it's alright to apply make up right after the treatment so there's literally no downtime after the laser. 

  • Improvement: 

I can see a little improvement after the treatment but it's still too early to tell since it's just the first laser session, I will be going down for my 2nd session in a month's time so I am kinda secretly hoping that it will improve drastically during my next session. 

  • Costs: 

$450/ session (Bef GST) so it's about $481.5/ session 

It's a great self-pampering experience for me & I absolutely can't wait to go down for my next session! Other than the Picosure Laser , I am also currently undergoing my Invisalign treatment (6 months in) and I will probably upload a post about my Invisalign Journey in my upcoming posts.