Thursday, January 30, 2014

Pineapple Outfit

Top : Cotton On Body 
Shorts : Forever 21 
Necklace : Thailand 

Gotten this pineapple crop top from cotton on body, the texture is like so soft and I just love it so much! I kind of eye on this crop top for a little while now but I just only decided to get it like for new year celebration, this is kind of my pre-new year day clothing and today is new year! I haven't decide what to wear yet, it's such a headache. 

That's a close-up of the shot, even though it's like such a simple design but it's just so cute and give me the summer vibe that I absolutely need right now. I always love clothing that have a small hint of bohemian feel to it. 

Anyway, it's good to be back home for new year after a long time. It really feel super relaxing and there're no place that feels like home. Also new year allowed myself to take a few days break which is super enjoyable, not to mention I can eat lots of food during new year hopefully I won't ended up gaining weight!! 

So is pineapple crop top a yay or nah? I also did some online shopping on Michael Kors official website and ended up with a bag and a wallet will share more about it on the next update! 

Monday, January 27, 2014

Urban Decay Naked 3 - Make Up

Naked 3 is absolutely so pretty and all their eyeshadow shade is like so gorgerous and I just love all the urban decay product by reading it from blogs and watching all the vlogger talks about it on YouTube. It's like totally the hype and I was like thinking why not get it for yourself ? 

Here I'm with the Naked 3 , I'm like yay it's so gorgerous even the front cover also look so damn elegant. I think I'll go crazy when Naked 4 come up or something, I think it's absolutely the best line of eyeshadow ever. 

The inside look like this, I'm actually thinking whether Naked 1 or Naked 3 look better cause I actually pretty like the Naked 1 shade it's like so subtle too! But I got Naked 3 instead cause it's like the new thing. I'm still thinking on how to add it in my make up cause usually my make up look like this : 

My make up doesn't consist much, it's just eyeliner - BB cream and the rest of the normal steps that you actually take to do the make up! I'm not a big eyeshadow person kind of person as you can see! 

So have you try the urban decay naked 3 yet? (: how's it like and what's your favorite color? 

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Chinese New Year : Hauls

I can't update as often now since my school started so I'm so sorry about it but I'm so glad for those that still stayed and read my blog, really grateful for you guys! I'll try to make up time to update the blog as much as possible. 

Chinese New Year is coming up in about a week time, it's like a festival where we pay our respect to our elderly and visit distant relatives! Celebrating it with food and dinner, it last about 4 days in Singapore but in country like China it'll last about a month or so. 

So yeah, I bought this new balance sports shoe online for $99. It's so pretty and I was thinking why not add this to my collection and treat myself something for the new year ? Honestly I think it's one of a kind super cute and all. 

Michael Kors Bag, this travel size bag is absolutely stunning and I can't wait for it to arrive! I am like regretting ordering it online since there are actual store of it here, I'm still a little worried about the color though cause it's in white and white bag usually gets dirty quite easily! 

To celebrate the Chinese New Year, I bought red maxi skirt. This is weird but I probably never wear red for like ages, I swear I'll never wear red cause it'll make me look like Bloody Mary but I decided to give it a go like why not try red ? I'm still thinking about the red lipstick part. 

Lastly, I also ordered a Dreamcatcher online cause it's so pretty! It's known for catching all the bad dreams away too, it'll be a new addition to my room! If you guys are interested in getting the Dreamcatcher do feel free to contact me for special price (: cause I can make them via DIY! 

Honestly speaking, as I grew older I don't look forward to Chinese New Year as much as compared to when I'm younger it's just that the feel of the festive season just kind disappear as I grow older. What do you guys think? 

Monday, January 20, 2014

Kimono Cardigan - Zara

Cardigan : Zara (Kimono) 
Top: Cotton On (Tank Top) 
Shorts : StarGazingWithYou (Daisy) 
Shoe : Boots 

So today I'm wearing the kimono that I bought a week ago, I really love the design when I saw it I'm like why is it so delicate and pretty. It's super Japanese culture like which I really enjoyed, it's like one of a kind especially I don't see much clothing have unique design at the back as usually it's more focus on the front design where it's more visible. 

Though it look a little like sleepwear but the material is super comfortable and it can really passed as a sleepwear kind of kimono. If you actually get kimono, you'll really stand out from the crowd! 

Also the boots I bought overseas finally arrived after 2-3 weeks of waiting, it's super comfy due to the soft fur inside and it fit me perfectly and I realized the most important thing when purchasing stuff online will be knowing your exact fit if not imagine when the items arrived and it don't fit! 

Recently I watch a video about not expressing your true emotions, it really got into me like I feel exactly the same as what's showed on the video, like I just can't express my true feelings well scaring about the what if and not really doing it which resulted in missed opportunities. But who dares to put their feelings out on the front line not knowing whether it will end in disastrous or happiness. Maybe I should express my true feelings more, how about you guys? (: 

Friday, January 17, 2014

PhotoBox Review - Photos Arrived

My photos from PhotoBox finally arrived after a few days, it took about 3-5 days to arrive from UK which is super fast and efficient and all the photos quality is like the best standard ever. Gloss with borders, it's like the best printing shop and a good photos reflect their quality and efficient services! 

It comes in this really nicely packed package that have your name, address and the stuff you ordered with this silver like wrapped around it to protect the paper. At first I didn't thought much of how the company gonna protect the photos when it arrived but it took me by surprise. 

It further put it into a well decorated box to keep all your photos with the first page with all the photos you printed to ensure that everything is there! -bonus point- 

Am personally loving the photos I received, so gonna decorate my wall with all the photos soon! I really love personalized items which I find unique and rare. 

How's school for you guys ? (: mine just started like last week and it's getting on well though it's kind of tiring and I'm missing my holidays already. All the assignment and tests are coming in earlier than what I expected, hope you guys have fun in school and take this weekend to get a good rest!  

Monday, January 13, 2014

BabyDoll Dress

Dress : BabyDoll Dress 

If you read my post 3 days ago, you'll have realized that my hauls have arrived. One of them is the Babydoll dress, it's super adorable and I guess I gotten this cause during that time I don't have any checkered related outfit and it's a great addition to my closet. It look a bit like Korean style which I really like, it's so adorable the waist area is also loose fitting which give off a nice figure not too tight not too loose kind of feel. 

I love dress that can be put on easily without doing much to it, perfect for a lazy day out. The dress also seems to have a little ombre effect which can be seen on the picture, it'll be better if the ombre effect is more obvious or it comes in a different color like red or green. 

Anyway, I am wondering what do you guys do with the crazily large amount of clothes in your closet ? Do you throw away those you don't wear anymore or do you sell away your 2nd hand clothes or you just leave it there in the closet ? 

Do share with me cause I have a huge amount of clothes that's just in the closet doing nothing much but taking up space!  

Friday, January 10, 2014

Onesie Unicorn Outfit

Outfit : Onesie Nightwear (Unicorn) 

Gotten this as one of my Christmas gift and I never really got to try it on until now, it's really super ultra comfortable and adorable. Kind of remind me of the baby version of me when I wear the mini version of the onesie, it's best to wear during the winter cause it really keep you super warm and comfortable. But for country like mine, it'll be a little too stuffy and hot after awhile and especially when I sleep with a blanket. 

The hat part is super adorable, with unicorn like features and it just bring me back to my childhood when I believe that unicorns are real. It's literally funny that I want to go back to my childhood only when I'm like 18. When half of my childhood, I'm wishing that I would grow up faster. 

If you guys haven't try onesie nightwear yet, you should probably do so! It's super adorable and I'm sure you guys will like it who won't want to be a unicorn right ? (:  Moving on to my weekly hauls, I bought like 1 dress, 1 outerwear, 1 top, 2 make up product, 2 bracelet, 1 sports bra, 1 bikini and a boots over the week. -shopaholic alert- 

Will update more about my hauls the next week, stay tuned! (: 

Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Photobox is a Europe's leading online digital photo service to help create memories and keep them alive through photo cards, cards etc. Currently, PHOTOBOX are holding an events that's free which allowed you to receive 40 FREE PRINTS ! When I see this , I am like dream come true I got so many photos to print! Do hurry and sign up for it too, it'd be a one in a lifetime chance to get your photo print out for FREE!
Usually, it cost me around $20 to print out 10 of my photo so I can imagine saving lots of money with this 40 FREE PHOTO PRINTS. Also ,it's holding a COMPETITION to win a Canon Ixus Camera and premium photo canvas! Do check it out as well if you're interested in winning the item!
I am going to sign up for the Photobox things myself now, bye! (Time to dig out all my nice photos on camera and phone to get it print out :P ) The best part about this website is that they allowed you to upload photo from Facebook, Instagram, Computer etc so it actually reduced the burden of you trying to find whichever photos to print! -grins-
Sign up here : PHOTOBOX

So I just ordered 38 photos cause I don't have 2 more photos to fill the slots and surprisingly they shipped overseas too! I can't wait to get my hands on the photos I printed and to think of it - it's free of charge which I'm like so grateful for. Will update about the photos when it arrive at my house (: 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Comfort Zone : PullOver

Top : PullOver 
Bottom : High Waisted Shorts (Floral) 
Necklace : Hello Kitty Necklace 

Comfort Zone is just like the pullover, protecting me away from the rest of the world. Comfort zone is such an interesting topic and as I grew older I'm forced to step out of my comfort zone more and more, it's getting a little crazy. This will be my first pullover as I'm not a fans of covering myself up very much due to the weather but it's a great change and I can't help but to say I love the pullover it's so comfortable and cozy. 

It's a great change to wear pullover and I think it literally goes well with anything which is lovely and it's perfect for lazy day out! 

It's my first ootd of the year, I went to Garden By The Bay in Singapore to walk around and enjoyed the festive season! There are like so many people around and it's finally 2014 already. My 2014 resolution : 

1) Stay Happy - positive thoughts, don't let anything unhappy stay in my way. 

2) Stay Fit - train for marathon, go to the gym at least 5-6 times a week. 

3) Treasure every single moment - not to let anything slip passed like how it usually happened. 

That's currently all the 3 I can think of it right now, will update more when I thought of more resolutions. 

Currently I'm on holiday at Hong Kong and Macau , will update more when I'm back! Hope you guys have a wonderful weekend ahead of you.