Thursday, July 30, 2015

SampleStore: Esemtan Product

Thank you SampleStore for sending Esemtan Products over for me to review, received the Esemtan Wash Lotion and Skin Balm. Both of which I consider very useful in day-to-day activities~ 

Let's start hygiene with a smile! 

Esemtan Wash Lotion is the one in the green bottle, it can be use for shower, hand washing and it's suitable for all skin types. I tried using it for hand washing since I just ran out of hand washing supply at home. 

It comes in 500ml which is quite a big bottle so it's definitely a good deal since it can last for quite long.

It is a gentle lather, this wash lotion have a mild soothing fragrance that I really like.

Check List : 

Gentle wash 
Mild Fragrance 
Protects skin against irritation & supports skin's natural moisture 
Universally usable on Hair, Face, Body 
For all Skin Types 

$19.75/500ml , $35.30/1L 

My hand was a bit dirty after applying make up on my face so I decided to try out the Esemtam Wash Lotion, it comes out in this really pale green color forming form lather easily with just a little water and after washing it off my hand really clean + it smells really good! ❤️ 

Esemtan Skin Balm! $20/500ml 

Dermatological Tested 
Permeates Deeply & Absorbs Rapidly into skin 
Provides moisturizing benefits
Urea to maintain skin moisture balance! 

After washing your hand, it's a habit that we just leave it to dry and that's it but that's actually not good for the hand skin! It might even lead to aging skin. 

This skin balm provides the skin with oil and moisture which is suitable for daily hand and body care for all skin types with the oil-in water emulsion to protect it from drying! 

After washing my hand with their wash lotion, I apply the skin balm on my hand and it felt soft and moisturize, the best part is it the skin balm dry so fast on my hand so I can just do any other stuff I want without waiting for a long time for my hand to dry! 

Having a hand that smell good and are soft to touch, definetely make me feel good overall! ❤️ 

Suitable: All Skin Types, I will recommend it especially for Dehydrated, Dry & Sensitive Skin people! 

What are you waiting for ? 

Get yours now from Guardian, Unity, Watson, Independent Pharmacy (Pink Beauty, Beauty Essential) 

Saturday, July 25, 2015

USS 2015

Hello! I visited USS again but this time with my boyfriend, I gotten the annual pass so I am trying to use it to the maximum extent by going whenever possible. Even though it was a weekday, there are lots of tourists around USS and the place was packed with people. 

That day was our lucky day, someone gave us two free express passes ticket! So we don't have to queue for any rides, can't believe it actually happened.

Without the express ticket we will actually take more than half day to queue for everything since the roller coaster ride queue was 80 minutes for one ride, luckily with the ticket we only queue for less than 15 minutes? 

So if you're going to USS and hate queuing for rides then Express Ticket will be a good choice for you. 

We had so much fun there though the weather was blazing hot, I was sweating so much even though I am wearing so casual. The best part was taking photos at different locations and trying out their churros (their churros tasted really good but the store doesn't give us any sauce so it tasted quite bland) . 

We also tried out their mini dots ice cream that's available near the terminator ride, it's like one small cup for $5 (banana split flavor tasted really good) I remembered the place used to sell birthday cake flavor that tasted so heavenly! 

If you're going to USS, it'll be best to bring around $100 since the drinks and foods are a little pricey as compared to outside. Their bottle green tea cost about $4/$5 and all those little snacks costs around the same price too. 

We played around 6:45-7pm, almost spending our whole day there exploring around so we decided to go to Hard Rock Café to rest our tiring legs and have dinner! 

We ordered: 
Jumbo Combo ($34) 
Beef Wrapped Fujitas ($29)

This meal was supposed to be finish by 3-4 persons but two of us managed to finish both dishes and still felt a little hungry at night. 

It's a really fun and enjoyable day over at USS, best place to date- sweat together- laugh together - basically having fun. ❤️ 

Thank you for reading (: 

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Gin Khao Thai Restaurant

Craving for some Curry Gelato? Black Sticky Rice? Tom Yum Seafood Soup?

Gin Khao Thailand Restaurant is the best place for you, it is located at a lovely location over at East Coast Park, it's definitely the best place to get your energy back after exercising around in East Coast Park! 

1020 East Coast Parkway #01-01 Singapore 449878 

Opening hours: 

Mon- Thursday - 11:30 am - 3:00 pm & 5:30 pm - 10:00 pm
Fri- Sunday- 11:30 am - 10:30 pm 

This Thailand Restaurant is not like any other restaurant! If you are up for some new stuff, definitely the best place to visit. 

I have the honored to try out their wide range of Thailand foods! I had a really pleasant time there, the hosts are really friendly and nice to us. 

The ambiance of the restaurant are really relaxing, as you can see from the photo the whole place looks very clean and orderly. Totally have the good feel to to snap some #ootd photos, food photos with the nice bright light! 

In total, we ordered 8 different dishes since we are really hungry and eager to try out their food! 

The best part: The food arrived in less than 15 minutes so the waiting time was really short, no more long waiting time for food! ++ 


Yum Yum! Usually I don't really drink fizzy drink or soda drink but decided to try out their fizzy drink since Perrier Soda Water have 0 calories so it's healthier + it's under their chef recommendation! 

It's really refreshing and it taste just right without it being too fizzy! Best drink to have after a long day to cool down. 


Another of the chef recommendation! Coconut Mojito and he said it tasted so good because he really love coconut! I stole a sip or two from his drink and I gotta admit it really taste delicious. 


Start our meal with the rice crackers with their special made Thailand sauce, the unique point in this dish will be the little prawn among the sauce adding flavors to the plain crackers. Good food to kick start the meal~ 

TOM YUM TALAY- $12.80 

Next, we try out the famous " Tom Yum Seafood Soup" ! Visiting a Thailand restaurant without trying their Tom Yum is just a " no-no" , it's a MUST to try it out. 

Their Tom Yum soup taste really well, this restaurant caters to the customer needs by adjusting the spiciness according to the customer request! Furthermore, love the seafood inside the soup: Squid, Prawn along with yummy mushroom!

This soup goes well with :  


Seafood Fried Rice! The usual choice for fried rice in other Thailand Restaurant I visited will be pineapple fried rice but Gin Khao came up with something different and once again the restaurant was so generous in giving their seafood! There are like so much prawns and squids in the fried rice, ultra yummy especially that I am a seafood lover! 

KUNG OB WOON SEN - $15.80 

Prawn with Glass Noodle? Best of both world, I can't choose between whether the fried rice or glass noodle is better. Both of them are so different but so delicious at the same time, this glass noodle have a very nice smell. The garlic and other spices which make the flavoring taste especially wonderful with the prawn. 

The glass noodle is very chewy and soft, very well cooked! 

Moo Yang- $12.80 

Cannot mention about how much I love this dish. 

Pork Belly! Craving for some pork belly but too lazy to cook it by yourself? Gin Khao serve their pork belly with Thailand sauce. 

As a hardcore lover for Korean BBQ pork belly, I got to admit Gin Khao pork belly was better than I thought! It's so crispy, it taste good both with & without the sauce. 

GAI TOD HAD YAI - $7.80 

Some fried chicken with garlic for you? If you're more to the transitional safe food, this will be a great dish for you. 

Their special small Thailand garlic really helps bring out the flavor in this fried chicken, good way to end off all the main dishes before proceeding to dessert! 



We have a really hard time choosing what we want for dessert! As Gin Khao have a really good range of desserts to choose from, their usual favorite will be : Curry Gelato, Tom Yum Gelato and Mango Sticky Rice! 

Yes, you read it correctly! Curry and Tom Yum Gelato, it's so one of a kind. People should totally head over to try it out, the name sounds so interesting and it will be Instagram worthy! 

We picked: Thai Tea Molten Lava Cake & Mango Black Sticky Rice! 

Their Lava cake is so yummy and sweet with the condense milk filling inside, the cake melts in my mouth with the milk!!

Usually, all Thailand restaurant serve white sticky rice instead of the black one! And the white ones tend to get too sweet so after eating awhile, I'll get bored at it. BUT, this mango black sticky rice is not that sweet so I can eat as much as I want! 

Thank you for reading! (: 

Instagram: GINKHAO
Facebook: GINKHAO

Locate them over at :

 1020 East Coast Parkway#01-01 Singapore 449878

Tel: (65) 6604 8996

Gin Khao is located at East Coast Parkway (beside Burger King) and is easily accessible via buses, MRT, taxis and cars.
Bus No: 13, 196, 31  (Just a mere 10 minutes walk)
Nearest MRT: Eunos MRT

Gin Khao Location

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Bangkok 4 days 3 night trip ❤️

Read on to find out about the amazing experience I enjoyed while meeting Liverpool members on this trip! 

Day 1: Flight at about 7:40am so I woke up at 4:30am to prepare & leave home at about 5am. 

I was quite tired during the morning but managed to rest in the Royal Silk Lounge since I am taking the Thailand Airway, they provided delicious breakfast and a whole selection of beverages ranging from tea to even vodka and wine. 

Flying with Thailand Airway in their business class, their services are better than I thought. The seat is spacious as usual so I was literally lying flat while listening to songs + sleeping. 

The first day was basically just looking around finding the good food to eat, tried out so much seafood over there: crab, prawn, fish and Tom yum soup! 

Then we went to rest early on the first day to recharge for our day 2! 

Day 2 

Had a really refreshing sleep, woke up naturally at about 930am without the help of alarm clock! We went to a cave today to see some rock, view some monkeys and try out their local café. 

Their gas station actually have this interesting café that sell delicious matcha drink known as " Amazon Café " . 

The one that I ordered: Matcha Milk Tea but I have lactose intolerance so I ordered Matcha Tea Without Milk & Sugar and surprisingly it tasted so good! Definitely worth the try, it's only about 150 Bath: $6 for the largest size. 

Wanted to go out shopping at about 9pm but everything was almost closed when I went out. But we gotten this cute little fruits looking like food that tastes like green bean in Siam Paragon! 

Day 3 

Day 3 was ultra amazing cause I get to meet the Liverpool Players! It's literally by chance, I was shopping around with my parent in one of their shopping mall then all of a sudden we stumbled upon an event showcasing New Balance x Liverpool collaboration event and there are so many international camera! 

Managed to take a photo with one of the younger football player, he's like really friendly! I also uploaded a video of the Liverpool player on my Facebook, do check them out if you haven't! 

Went to hardcore shopping during the afternoon, bought over 10 clothing and some accessories. Sipping on the famous coconut juice in Thailand to recharge and get ready for more shopping! 

Tried out the Amari Hotel High Tea Set, it's really worth the price since there are so many dessert selections for me to chose from and it's only about 500 Btah per person. 

Went to the cruise party at night that cost $70 per person. They serve French Food on the cruise along with some dessert, the whole cruise party take about 2 hours . On the cruise, there are people performing : playing songs, singing and dancing. Really a wonderful way to relax after a long day. 

Day 4 

Time to head back! The whole flight took about 1 hour 45 minutes, super relaxing and overall this 4 days 3 nights has been amazing, a great way to kick start my holiday! 

Thank you for reading (: sorry for the photos heavy post!