Thursday, February 26, 2015

Tattoo Tattoo Fun

I gotten a little spaceship on my wrist! Super love the adorable little design, I really love changing design and all so I gotten a temporary tattoo instead of the real thing. It's like this set of temporary tattoo in which you can buy from scape or shops that sell that kind of sticker, to paste it on your body. 

It's beginning to kick in and be my new hobby! Sourcing out all the cute designs and try it out, I gotten 3 of the sticker set for like $5 so it's around $1.68 per set. The sticker set range from cute design to cool design, there are even wordings one that you can try out. 

You might be wondering, how to use this set of temporary tattoos that look just like normal sticker~ I was thinking of the same question when I bought this until one of my friend taught me how to use it. 

#1 cut out the design you want from the set and then peel off the thin layer of sticker protection. 

#2 choose an area that you wanna apply on and press hard.

#3 Get any wet tissue or wet cotton bud, apply onto the sticker and waalaaa there's the lovely sticker. 

Probably, some people already know how to use it but I think there are still people like me that are clueless or maybe it's just me. 

I put one of the fishbone design on my collarbone cause the lovely fishbone is so cute! Gonna get rose or some other design after this fishbone come off~ 

In total, temporary tattoos are absolutely my thing cause it can be ever-changing and it can be so cute! Maybe in a few years time, I'll end up with a real tattoos if I finally decide upon a design but till then temporary tattoos will be something I'll have fun trying out. 

Thank you for reading (: 

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Shaved Ice Adventure

Strawberry Shaved Ice ? 

Decided to bring my friend to one of the shaved ice restaurant I saw while eating in Chinatown. The funny thing is my friend though I'm bringing her to a Korean BingSul restaurant but we ended up with the BingLang which is the Chinese/ Taiwanese Style ones but it's still as good. 

This restaurant is located at: 

Chinatown MRT, beside the food street. 

The restaurant is known as " 冰廊 ” BingLang. It sell different types of dessert: Beancurd, Waffles, (HOT) dessert, fresh fruit platters, ice cream and shaved ice mountain. A lot of varieties and the price range is quite affordable, around like $3-$12. 

We ordered the Fresh Strawberry Snow Ice since the photos I saw outside was really tempting and strawberry will always be yummy!! It's only $7.90 so if you share among two person, it'll just be $4.00 each. Quite worth the price(: 

But I expected more strawberry on the strawberry snow ice but it's still yummy, one good thing about the snow ice will be that even the ice is flavored so it doesn't taste too bland! 

Overall it's a fun and adventurous day with my lovely bestfriend ❤️~ we ate so much food everytime we meet up. 

Will love to try out more different shaved ice(: have you try to eat shaved ice before ? 

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Lunar New Year Day 2

Black isn't really an auspicious color and usually people go for the bright colors like red, orange and yellow for new year celebration but black will be the classic color for me! Bought this lovely dress few weeks back in preparation for the new year ❤️ so glad to be able to wear it. 

Lunar New Year this year consist of more relatives visiting and playing with my cousins. Everyday just consist of eating lots of good food, it's like waking up to eating rice-prawn-meat-vegetables which is rare since I very much prefer eating oatmeal, cereals with milk or toast for breakfast. 

A little off the usual diet is fine as long as I don't stray from my original diet for too long~ just being very busy lately but it's a nice kind of busy that help me keep my mind off lots of stuff. 

It's like when I am busy, I just don't think about things so much and it makes me really tired which allowed me to fall asleep easily. 

During this new year I also abstinence from exercising which is actually my favorite routine, making my muscle so relax over the 5 days and now I cannot wait to exercise and get back in action! ❤️ but I didn't gain any weight which was a surprised. 

So yay! 2015 new year is a success and I had so much fun ❤️ can't wait for more festive celebration to buy more clothes and eat lovely food! 

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Lunar New Year #1

Chinese Lunar New Year! Celebrating it with all the amazing fireworks and fun with my families and friends. It's like the time to reconnect with all the relatives and chit-chat, also took this special time to spent time with my grandmother. ❤️ 

Ate so much lovely food over here that I gonna gain a pound or two, let me share with you all the food photos! 

Day #1 

It's all homecooked meal which is super yummy and I totally appreciate it cause it's such a rare occasion since I always eat out too often. I especially love the prawns and the vegetables(: 

Saw so many fireworks around my house areas and I played fireworks too with my cousins and it's so much fun, absolutely the best time to relax. It's hard to fall asleep with all the noise but it absolutely make the new year festival so welcoming~ 

Hope you guys have a lovely new year celebration too (: ! Did you guys have lots of fun? 

Monday, February 16, 2015

Little Cat Café

Neko No Niwa- Cat Café- 

Officially my first time visiting a pet café, super excited and nervous cause I'm actually a bit afraid of little fluffy pets. But decided to try out cat café for my first time cause I think it's less scary than a puppy ? 

It's located at : 52 Boat Clarke, near Raffles Mrt or Clarke Quay Mrt. (400m walk from the train station) 

Meow~ the café is well furnished with lots of cute portraits of the cats. All the cats are actually save from the wild and the cats used to be stray cats. 

The charges at the café: 1 hour- $12 , subsequent hours- $5 each. We only stayed for like an hour cause almost all the cats are sleeping, came by at the wrong timing! 

That's where all the cats sleep and live in, very clean environment. There are a few rules in the café which is like: cannot wake up a sleeping cat, sigh pieeee. So I can only watch them from the side while they sleep. 

That's the rule and regulations card! The café sell dessert and tea too, the price ranging around $3.50-$10: but I didn't get any cause just had lunch and it's almost dinner time already. 

Trying to lure the cat to come out and play with me. 

The sleepy cat~ the cats in the café can leap and jump quite a distance so must be careful in case it suddenly hop on you! Don't get too startled.

This is the cat I find her so adorable, this little cat hug a mouse soft toy to sleep which is so adorable~

All the cute pillows at the cat café! Just can't pick which one to take photo with, if the cat are sleeping and you're bored- there are cat monopoly board game for you and some books to kill time. 

Trying to get as near as possible without scaring the little cat. MEOWWW~

I got an awkward facial expression cause I'm still a little afraid of what might happen if I get too near. 

Overall, it's really a fun and interesting day at the cat café cause it kind of help me overcome my fear of fluffy pets and I can even touch and pat the cat to sleep now! Definetely feel like getting a cat for pet, to care and shower love to it! ❤️❤️❤️ , it's a good time spent to chit chat about cats too~! 

Our unintentional couple outfit, just so happen that when we met we are wearing the same design but just different colors and we even wore the same shoes brand! 

Thank you for reading (: so have you been to a cat café before ? 

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day~ it's a lovely day! A day to celebrate and give thanks to those I love. I'll be sharing with you about how I celebrated my Valentine's Day(: 

Shaw Premium Movie>VivoCity> Japanese Restaurant> Resort World Starbuck> Sentosa Beach

Have to take a photo at the Starbuck at resort world sentosa cause the place looks so classy and pretty, it's like the only place that isn't really that noisy on the day. Since everywhere else were flooded with couples and people~ 

Our first stop: Shaw Premium Movie located at Nex. We watched " The Kingsman" , the premium movie experience is like the gold class experience at GV. Allowing us the comfort of eating food and watching movie at the same time, the total ticket price for 2 : $51.50 . 

The service at Shaw Premium was really good(: 

The seats look like this~ it's made out of leather and they provided you with blanket so you won't feel cold inside the cinema~ we ordered the popcorn and green tea to accompany us throughout the 2 hours movie! 

I was regretting my choice of eating lunch before movie if not I can order and try out more desserts from their menu! 

After our lovely movie date, we went to Vivocity Wakaka Restaurant to have Japanese food. Love their raw salmon and the beef taste so good~

Ordered 3 Main Dishes: 

Felt super full after dinner, thanks to my lovely date to prepare such a pleasant surprise for me on Valentine's Day! ❤️ no matter how big or small the gesture, it's still an effort put and I really appreciated it! 

To end off the day, we went to Sentosa Beach to walk under the night sky to see the lovely stars and enjoy the sea breeze. We ended up in Sentosa Beach Resort to have some drinks and dessert (: 

It's really a wonderful day spent with him, our first Valentine's Day together and it's a success. ❤️ so grateful that he gave up his korean version of Valentine's Day to go with mine~ it'll be in my memory for many more years to come. 

Thank you for reading (: so how did you celebrate your Valentine's Day? 

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone ❤️