Saturday, August 31, 2013

Hauls of the week

I bought lots of stuff this week, more towards the shoe and gym stuff. It's kind of a treat for myself, for the part time work that I actually went and did. 
I got this really cute flats, at $29.90. It's a bit expensive for flats but I just love the design and the colors, it's something like brown leather type and the bow just make it look so adorable I just have to get it! But it's a bit too tight due to the cutting so when I walked too long in these, I'll end up getting blisters. 
It's my first time getting BATA sports shoe, I usually go for Nike and such but I decided to try out a new brand so here it's! It's quite affordable for sport shoe, it costed me $39.90 and it's ultra comfortable I totally love the cutting and not to mention the color and the design. 
My hair band tend to gets missing as it's so tiny and I'm dumb around tiny stuff. I ended up getting this pack at Watson that cost $3.60 for 6 rubber band, it's totally worth the price. It's super stretchy and whenever I do running in these rubber band, my hair will never get out of shape plus it comes in all sort of colors. 
I gotten another gym outfit, I bought these top as it's such a cute gym tank top and the material is very soft. Usually all the gym related clothing are quite expensive and overprice due to the nice brand but luckily this Russell tank top only cost $29.90 and I think it's an affordable price for sports relatable material! 
Yesterday I went for a church charity events where people can get things with coupons, I did this Henna cause I find Henna so cute. It's like a temporary tattoo, it has got so many different design to choose from and I ended up getting this cause once again I fell in love with the Flowerly pattern! 

That's basically how I ended my August and now it's time to welcome September and mark the start of Fall, what do you guys think about the hauls ? 

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Simplistic Outfit

It's nothing much today, just a simple pink tank top with a white top over at the front along with my favorite shorts buckle up with the belt! The idea of just wearing another top changes the whole outfit looks, never failed to amazed me every single time. 
Guess I'll have to wear more bright color clothes so that my dyed red hair won't seem so dull, I love that the white top aren't make of thick material so that it won't be too hot when I'm layering my clothes. 
I'm trying to take care of my new dyed hair, it's getting quite frizzy and dry and I heard that red is the fastest color to fade. So do give me tips on how to take care of dyed hair ? (: 

What do you think about the outfit ? 

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Speaking of Geek

A plain T-Shirt with shorts sounds like a plan to me during lazy day, whenever I go out I have different mood like : " Dress up mood, Lazy Mood, Colorful Mood, Flowerly Mood" and so on. 
I love this Geek Top as it's in plain white which made it easier to be pair with any other stuff, it also clearly define the word " Geek " which is the main point of the whole outfit! 
I can't bear to leave summer behind just yet so I thrown on my orange shorts for my last few days of summer, I love the fray part at the bottom but it can be way too short as a shorts. 

So what do you think about the outfit ? (: 

P.S on a side note, I just dyed my hair into red color and I'm thinking whether to do a review about it, what do you think? 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Camp like a camo style

Whenever I thought about camping, it always got me so fuzzy and excited about all the road trips, campfire and marshmallows! Another things that can't be neglected will be the outfit, it's like fashion is everywhere everyday people are wearing them. So for this particular post, I'm going to talk about Camo Style! 
Camo kind of outfit always radiate out the cool and chic look along with the fighter spirit! I love how all the brown and green colors actually blend well together, it's always soft and gentle for the eyes to look at! Plus it's oversized which means it can be pair up with almost everything. 
Boots, Boots and Boots! It's definitely so cool and great for camping, it won't get dirty easily and it's lace all the way up which is great for protection plus it's so stylish like I'm going camping looking all stylish! 
This bag is so cute, it's big with lots of space which means clothes, food and everything can be pack in it! Totally a plus point, this shades of the green isn't too dark which means it'll contrast with the outfit to make it stand out! 
Hair bows, it's so cute! A little accessories on the head won't kill, it will soften the overall tough look to give it a girly yet chic kind of finish which made the whole outfit look very adorable. 

So what do you think about camo ? (: 

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Dressing like a gypsy

I always have an interest for mystical related stuff, I find them amazing especially their unique outfit that look so out of time. So I decided to dress myself up something like a modern gypsy. 
Some of you might have seen the shorts I wore before, yes I'm re-wearing them but with a different style. There are just so many possibilities when it come to dressing up with clothes, I tied up my black shirt to give it a different look then the normal type of shirt. 
The shirt will move up an inch whenever I move my arm up, which I find is totally unique and that's something I'm going for! 
Gypsy always have those long puffy skirt and very cute tight blouse, it gives off a very mysterious and magical kind of feel. To modified the whole gypsy look, I go for a short shorts but it look like a skirt with prints as the gypsy skirt. It gave off the same feel but it's just a little different, like a combination of modern with gypsy.  

So what do you think about the gypsy look ? (: 

"let me read you" - said the gypsy  

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Floral Floral Top

A little floral top before summer comes to an end, I always have a soft spots for floral related clothing. Maybe it's their design or the bright colors that attracted me, this top look extra small from here as I purchased it in XS in H&M , I should have went for S instead! 
This top is actually quite hard to be pair with other clothing due to the wavy design at the bottom that goes around the top, so it can't really go well with dress and it doesn't go well with jeans either and certainly not all shorts! 
So I picked a light denim shorts to go with it, it doesn't seems like the best and brightest idea but it can do! 
So what do you think about the outfit ? (: 


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Autumn -Outfits

Autumn is coming real soon, during September. It marked the change of seasons from hot summer to winter like weather, so all the nice hoodies, skinny jeans and boots plus fancy bags along with cute scarfs can be use.  
Boots is kind of a essential during fall, I think it looked so adorable especially the way it's lace up and the thick woolen socks! The color of the boots gave it a very vintage texture. 
Thick texture hoodies, it comes with all sorts of design! It looked so adorable and I especially love those tribals design, it really give this quirky cute feelings! 
Since the weather is going to turn really cute, long pants and jeans is kind of a must have! Well, there are so many different types of jeans which type can you choose from? Well, personally I love skinny jeans I find that it fits perfectly and leggings is nice too! I will go for bright colors like pink, light blue etc!
Time to pair nice accessories and doll myself up for the seasons with scarf, it comes with all kind of colors and style! I'll go for those that will really keep me warm and cozy! 
When fall comes along, sling bag is really adorable along with jeans and hoodies! Especially fringe bag, it really give these relaxing feelings. Brown color is also a smoothing feelings, other bags like backpack is also a great idea! 

Are you excited for fall? (: x 

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Black with Black

Black with black is something that I have not try before, I always try to avoid black colors as I don't know how to pair them up but this time I decided to try out something new! You guys most likely has seen this top and the skater skirt if you have been reading my blog but if you haven't, welcome to my blog! 
The top is like a tight crop top, it fits in nicely and I love the dedicate design on top like I mentioned before and also the waviness of the skirt! 
After pairing everything up together, I think I am actually falling in love with darker colors like black and I might wanna stock up on my clothing with colors like black, blue etc. Color that I never really try before! 

So what's your favorite color and what do you think about the outfit ? (: 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Fairly Simple Outfit

Just a simple top from uniqlo with my shorts from cotton on, the whole outfit is very soft and comfortable maybe cause of the nice materials. I'm a sucker for clothing that are super comfortable, it made me feel as if I'm sleeping on my bed! 
I'm wearing this simple outfit as it's kind of like my word attire, something black as the top and I'm supposed to wear jeans but I always wear shorts first and change to jeans when my work starts as it can be quite stuffy and hot! 
The belt is a little not in line as I'm going for a messy and carefree kind of look, it's kind of represent my personality too! Well, who can say not to clothing that make my personality shine through! 
Close up of the t shirt, it's just a plain black shirt but it can easily pair with any type of clothing which is a bonus point! 

So what do you think about the outfit ? (: 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Color Run 2013

Yesterday I went for the happiest 5k run on earth, known as the color run! I was the volunteer there cause I didn't manage to sign up on time but it was great to be able to be so close to the best run ever. 
That's the madness of color spraying event there after all the running, we had the afternoon color throw, evening color throw and night time color throw! Just grabbing the powder and throwing it around in random colors to create that kind of effect, the atmosphere there is absolutely crazy and enjoyable! 

The color throwing consist of different sorts of color like blue, yellow, green, pink. Thus with all that color it can create lots of color possibilities even purple color and as such.  
My attire, I was wearing high knee socks and tutu! One of the staff asked me to go on stage and performed some dance and stuff, it was oddly amazing and I had the best time up there. 
Photos with Singapore DJ 
Laying on the floor with my volunteer welfare crew members. 
Have you guys heard of the USA band "before you exit" ? He's one of the band member inside, I saw them going into the toilet and I scream " I love you" and afterward he came out and took a photo with me, it's totally amazing and I never thought this kind of things will ever happen to me. 
- The Color Run- T shirt up close, there's a few color choices like green, red, blue, yellow and pink! I was the lucky few that gotten the color pink and I love it, though their shirt might be kind of too big and it's not dry fit kind of shirt which are basically the cons! 
The Backview of the t shirt , I was powder all over and I looked kind of orange which explains the dirty t shirt and shorts! 

So what do you think about the color run? (: