Saturday, July 29, 2017

Bakerzin's New Menu Food Tasting Review

Hey! I am back with another food tasting review post and this time round it's gonna be about Bakerzin which is one of the well-known Singapore patisseries and restaurant chain. I went to the food tasting event over at 18 Tai Seng, the restaurant looks super cozy and beautiful. In total, I tried out 13 dishes from Bakerzin which is perfect~ so let's get started!

Bakerzin took the time and effort to display all 13 dishes for us to review and let us get an idea of what to expect before presenting each individual dish to us, which I find super helpful and tempting at the same time so I was super excited to taste and try out all the individual dish. 

Over here, it's the starter which consists of the creamy chicken pie, chef's signature crab cakes and tomato basil bruschetta. My favorite among this 3 starters will definitely be the creamy chicken pie, it's my absolute choice for comfort food since the pie is super mouth-watering with the cream-filled chicken pie that taste just right. 

My brother who went down the food tasting with me, love the tomato basil bruschetta which he claim was super fresh and yummylicious and he totally cannot stop raving about how great it's. I also love the signature crab cakes, the flavoring of the crab cake is super rich and the chef used a special sauce to complement this crab cake which make it super unique. 

Tomato Basil Brushchetta - $4.50 | Creamy Chicken Pie $4.00 | Chef's Signature Crab Cakes $5.00 

Over here, we have one of the main menu known as "Chiczella" this is one of my favorite dish as well since this is the perfect dish for people like me that dream of having a chicken pizza. It taste like heaven, with the fried chicken thigh meat baked with cornflakes and filled with cheese, pineapple along with fries. Doesn't it sounds like dream come true? I am all in for this yummy dish. 

Chiczella $12.00 

Next, another favorite on my list will be this coffee pulled pork Arrabiata Spaghetti. At first, I was skeptical about the coffee pulled pork part since it's something entirely new which I haven't try out before but after tasting this pulled pork dish, it is mind-blowing even though I am not a coffee-kind of person but this is just right for me and the spiciness of this spaghetti is super mild so it taste really great. 

Coffee Pulled Pork Arrabita | $10.80

Over here, we have the Paneer Butter Masala which is my brother's favorite. He's a huge curry fans and he absolutely adore this dish, for the wonderful mixture of flavors from the chunks of rich paneer and spices. We get to try it out with their rice, naan and an Italy bread and his favorite is the naan and rice while I am absolutely fine eating this dish with any of the above complement food choice. 

Paneer Butter Masala | $8.00 

Ham Bacon Mushroom Aglio Olio Spaghetti and Seafood Laksa Cream Spaghetti, my brother and I was debating about which one taste better and we came to a conclusion: both of us just have different taste. He is voting for the laksa cream while I am all in for the ham bacon mushroom aglio olio despite it being a bit spicy and all, overall I find it wonderful. But I definitely find the laksa cream spaghetti super unique and I love the twist of local food fusion with western food, embracing the local culture and the food is a wonderful idea and it taste authentic as well. 

Ham Bacon Mushroom Aglio Olio | $10.80 | Seafood Laksa Cream

We also had their Matcha Mayo Wholemeal Walnut Sandwich which you can see at the back of the photo as one of their main course, I am loving this for their unique taste of matcha mayo and personally I find this dish super healthy with their fresh lettuce, tomatoes and my favorite will be the chicken breast which goes super well with the sauce! 

Matcha Mayo Wholemeal Walnut Sandwich | $10.00 

Pandan Kaya Cake 

French Waffles |

Chendol Moose Cake |

We ended off the food tasting with some delicious dessert provided by Bakerzin, we had the French waffle (super insta-worthy) and it taste as good as it looks and I am loving the strawberry which goes so well with their crispy waffle which live up to my expectation!

Some other dessert that we tried will be the Chendol Cake that is only available specially for this month which is in conjunction with celebrating Singapore's 52nd birthdayby Bakerzin, it taste super rich and it's literally like chendol (yummylicious)! It has a very flavourful layers of distinct tastes and it consists of chendol cream and gula Melaka cream, with yummy chendol jelly! 

Lastly, we also had their pandan kaya cake which is great for breakfast, high-tea or supper snacking which basically is comfort food!

French Waffle | $7.80 Chendol Cake $5.80 |

Pandan Kaya Cake $1.80 (Available at 18 Tai Seng, Maju Avenue and Nom La La by Bakerzin outlets only)

Here's some wonderful news for my readers! You get a chance to buy 2 whole chandol mousse cakes at $52 (U.P $70) from 25th July 2017 x get 2 slices of cake for $5.20 (U.P $7) | Whilst Stocks Last. Hope you guys enjoy the food review(: have a lovely day ahead of you x 

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Talay Kata Food Tasting Session

Back for another round of food tasting session over at Talay Kata, read till the end to find out this amazing deal which they are currently having right now to enjoy a wonderful Mookata experience within your budget! This time round I am back to try out their all new tom yum soup base, complimentary cheese dip with Mookata meal and this whole platter of food with Thailand Tom Yum Maggie to compliment the unlimited offerings of seafood and meats. It's literally the best, when I saw the platter I was super shocked because it's filled with all the delicious seafood and veggies which I absolutely love! 

What surprise me even more is the new addition of fried tom yum seafood mee that comes with the whole Mookata Buffet experience, it literally taste like authentic food from Thailand and the chef is super generous with the seafood (mussels, prawns, fish-ball, octopus and yummy tom yum mee) if you're a tom yum lover this is the place you should totally visit! 

The cheese dip taste super great with the whole Mookata, I love to dip the fried octopus and some mussels and even crayfish into the cheese dip and it'll melt inside my mouth. I am definitely loving it~ The seafood there is super fresh and comes in huge portion which is awesome. 

We ended off our dinner with this red ruby, a new addition to Talay Kata which taste perfect with a little ice and it's super sweet and refreshing. Other than this red ruby, there's also lots of other dessert for you to choose from like the Thailand Sticky Rice and even fresh fruits. 

Other than some of the new changes made with food, Talay Kata is one of the few restaurant that make great changes regarding their placing of the food to ensure that the food will be clean and fresh, it's also more tidy and consumer's friendly so that it's easy for customers to take their food and it'll stay clean and fresh which is super important. 

Here's the awesome deal that you guys have been waiting for! Talay Kata is currently having this on-going promotion during the weekdays (Mon-Thurs) @50% off for the second pax. 

Weekday Lunch ($28.20++ for 2 pax) (U.P$37.60) 

Weekday Dinner ($43.20++ for 2 pax) (U.P57.60)

Find out more: Talay Kata Pricing 

Thank you for reading! (: x 

Summer Wishlist: Hawaiian Shirt

I can definitely feel the summer heat over here, so I decided to come up with a Hawaiian Shirt's wishlist that is perfect for the summer and there's even some plus size tankini online available over at dresslily that covers a whole range of outfit that covers people in all size and style. 

The first item on my list is the Short Sleeve Coconut Palm Print Hawaii Shirt , even though it's a guy shirt it's super stylish and I can totally imagine myself wearing it to festival or on the beach with bikini or a simple white tees on the inside. It's only $9.89 which is super affordable for a simple summer Hawaii tees. 

Next, another tees that caught my eyes will be this Short Sleeve 3D Flamingo Floral even though it's under the men's section I find the design super flattering and the flamingo design is super adorable and I can totally wear it like an oversize fashion in the beach or as a casual tees. This tees is only $16.50, definitely the must have for summer collection. 

Lastly, what I love about Dresslily is the fact that they offer plus size clothing as well and I find it wonderful that they embraces body of all sizes and does not limit their clothing line to only a few sizes so it's definitely a great place for fashion lover to shop! 

Find out more at : Dresslily

Thank you for reading! What do you guys think of the Hawaiian shirt wishlist? (: 

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Summer Chill Vibe : Zaful Review

Hello! I am so excited to share with some of my new hauls from Zaful but before I begin do check out their summer chiffon long sleeve dress promotion now with tons of amazing dresses that's perfect for the summer. So the first item that I have gotten will be this Wide Strap Bodycon Sweater Dress in grey, if you have read my previous blogpost you'll realize that I have gotten one in black as well since I absolutely love the design and how it fits well with my body shape. 

The second item that I have gotten from Zaful will be this Cami Scalloped Lace Tank Top in light green, the reason why I have gotten this would be that I didn't have any outfit in this color so I wanted to try it out and see how it will look on me and it turns out surprisingly well! I absolutely love the cutting of this tank top and the lacey design is a bonus point. 

So what do you guys think of this two clothing items that I have gotten from Zaful? Do check out their site since It's romper season, you can click for best ideas of floral rompers and get yourself a new romper for this summer from Zaful! Here's a special 10% off code: ZFEN01 for you to purchase your item from Zaful!

Thank you for reading! Have a lovely day ahead of you (: x

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Zaful July Review

July has been a busy month for me but I am so happy to receive my clothing from Zaful , their clothing is really super stylish and in good quality. For this time round, I order clothing that are more summer-like and suit the day-to-day wear. For the first outfit, I gotten the black bodycon mini dress from Zaful. I love the simple design and the point of the dress will be the button at the front of the dress which is super adorable. It's only $14.49 , super affordable and absolutely casual and beautiful. 

I have always wanted to try out this kind of off-shoulder lace tie sleeves crop top but I was afraid that I won't look great in it but to my surprise I find this top super adorable and it's very flattering and I didn't need to worry about how it'll slip off and stuff because it fits wonderfully and it's definitely my summer beach go-to outfit. It's only price at $12.49 which is insanely affordable. 

Next, it'll be this amazing stripes slip knitted tank top. This short tank top is super comfy and I don't usually wear tank top due to my own fear of having big shoulders since I workout quite a lot but luckily this tank top fits well and it's actually quite flattering, I especially love the grey color and simplicity design which can be wore with skirts, shorts or even jeans and pair with a simple jacket definitely my summer favorite. It's currently price at $10.54! 

Lastly, it'll be my favorite long sleeve blouse in this special blue color which I recently wore to my intern which is super ultra comfy and not to mention it definitely gives off the chill vibe and I adore the front lace-up design which makes it even more unique, the material is super comfortable and I just love this blouse so much and it's only $17.49. 

Thank you for reading, to find out more visit Zaful for more and look out for my Instagram to find out how I am styling all this outfits!