Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Indo Café

IndoCafé - Modern Peranakan Cuisine. Going for the usual cafés all the time gets a little boring since the food might be all similar so I decided to visit the IndoCafé with a different theme that's more local style, it's located near Newton/ Orchard Mrt. 

The design of the café is really pretty and good to take photos. 

We ordered their Banana Cake and Bom Bom Cha Cha along with a pot of hot tea. It's like the local delights, their menu can be a little pricey but rest assure that their food quality taste really good. ❤️ 

If you're more of the " wanna eat more during high tea" kind of person, you can opt for their high tea set which is about $35 per person. This set includes like all the cakes and stuff on a tray, looks pretty cute but way too much for me to take!

Love their amazing interior design, the whole place just look so spacious and it's a very clean and simple kind of concept. Lovely place to dine at if you are looking for something different in a café~ 

Thank you for reading (: 

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Anniversary: 365 days

Oopsie! Can't believe it, we celebrated our anniversary yesterday. Read on to find out how how I gotten my 3 ultimate Surprise at the end day. A year passes by so fast, we have known each other for almost the same length too but a little bit longer. Spent this day with my precious, so grateful for every moments together. On this special day, we spent it at various location. 

Those with girlfriend or boyfriend I hope you can get some inspiration or ideas on what to do on anniversary, those without don't worry! Can plan for it when the right one arrive ~

Started off our first meal at The Orange Thimble, since café hopping and café related stuff is kind of our thing so we decided to go for café food for brunch. Café is like the best place to chill, exchange gifts and talking about all the lovely memories of the past. 

On a sidenote: we got asked by different people to change our seats since they wanted to sit at our table which is kind of a little annoying. 

Then we head to another café known as " The Table Café " to exchange gifts since this café is much quieter and have more atmosphere. I made him a DIY memory box with some many layers and a tiny present box on top, it took me about a week or so to make the whole thing but it's definitely worth the time. 

Might make a blogpost on how to make this cute little memory box. 

He kept telling me he didn't get me any flowers or rose so I was a bit sad that time then he told me to open my gift, OMM rose in a box!! How pretty?! It's so unique as compared to the usual banquet of Rose. ❤️ 


The bear! If you guys know me long enough, you'll know that I am a big baby when it comes to soft toy and teddy bear. I love them, love can't even describe how much I adore soft toy. So when he took the soft toy out I am just like " aww , what should I name the teddy bear ? " ❤️ and the gift card with all the wonderful message with his heart content inside, so lovely! 

Dinner at MBS , Rise restaurant! After all the café trips, we decided to dine at Rise Restaurant for the celebration. It's the perfect way to celebrate with buffet because there are so many choice of food and couple can chit chat with lovely food selection or even have food challenge. It's about like $80 per person so do save up a bit before going to the restaurant (: 

I had so much fun eating and talking that I ended up over-eating, can feel my belly growing. 

We gotten to the Garden By The Bay in time for the OCBC Skywalk, at night it has the perfect scenario and it's quite windy up there. It's about $5 per adult, super cheap and affordable along with romantic feel, best date ever ? 

Photo together ❤️ W bae. 

Snapping some random photos on the skywalk! 

Drumroll please! The ultimate surprise~ 

The couple ring. It's such a cute moment which I can never forget, he asked me to close my eyes and I am like " why! I am scare of the dark" then I close my eyes thinking that he's gonna give me some weird stuff like bikini or something since I have been wanting a new bikini for awhile but yay! I gotten something better than bikini, a couple ring! It fits so well(: 

Overall, I just feel so blessed to have someone like him in my life that took his time out to plan for such romantic stuff for me even though this kind of stuff isn't his strongest point. Forever grateful, it is been a year- just a small part of milestone in my chapter. 

Love is when you're willingly to make sacrifices and see the good in everything ❤️ Thank you for your romantic gestures during our one year bae, it's wonderful and fairytale like. 

Thank you guys for reading (:(: 

Friday, April 24, 2015

The day to say farewell

Our last day in Sydney! ❤️ can't bear to say goodbye to this amazing place, everything seems so magical and pretty there. We went to the Zoo on our last day, had my first ever Water Taxi Ride! It's something that I never try before, it literally gives me adrenaline rush as the water taxi is so fast and everything is so windy and cold. 

Took about 20 minutes to get from Darling Harbour to Torongo Zoo. The water taxi driver even take time to explain about all the location we pass through , making the rides pretty interesting! It cost about $65 for the package : Water Taxi (Return Trip) + Zoo Ticket + Cable Car Ticket! 

Taking some selfie @ water taxi! 

Check out their giraffe! It's so cute, their zoo is quite big and pretty but I am just sad that almost all animals are hibernating since the weather is cold. And I didn't get to snap a close up photo with koala which is so sad~ I was really looking forward to it. 

Penguin! My absolute favorite in the zoo! ❤️ 

Meal in the zoo! Tried their beef burritos, yummy! My first time trying this out and it tasted so good, I especially love the churros with the chocolate sauce. 

Took some photos in the zoo before heading off! We took about 2-3 hours in the zoo to explore around, then we head off to Darling Harbour to have dinner. ❤️ 

Fine dining at a restaurant beside the Darling Harbour, definitely have the best view ever. Their food taste so fingerlicious good, we had a 3 course meal along with wine for the day. 

Starter! Garlic Bread with Italian Meatball, their starter portion is literally like a main course. 

Main Course: Spaghetti W King Prawn and Sirlion Steak ❤️ 

Tiramisu & Ice Cream Sorbet! It's the best meal ever to end off such an amazing 6 days 5 Nights trip in Sydney, definitely looking forward to more amazing trips in the future. ❤️ 

Thank you for reading! Time to get back to normal life in Singapore and I am gonna start class soon, hope that everything will be great. Kekekeke 

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Day 4: Falling down from Blue Mountain

Finally get to try out their train services on my second last day there. It looks like the Harry Potter style ones which is so different from the one I saw in Singapore, the train took about 2 hours to reach Blue Mountain. 

Once you got out of Blue Mountain station, everything becomes colder! I am freezing under my jeans and scolding myself for not bringing an additional jacket along, we didn't get the tour tickets of $75 which is one of the tour bus stationed just outside the train station to lure innocent tourist to get a more expensive tickets. 

Instead, we took bus 686 up to the mountain and bought the tickets at the attraction for only $35 which is the unlimited rides for all 4 attraction. * feeling so proud of stealing the deal* 

This is one of the attraction known as scenic railway, it allows you to take on one of the steepest railway down the mountain. It's literally like falling down of blue mountain~ Pretty scary as there are no seat belt and I am sliding my butt in the seats during the ride!!! 

The other 3 rides : Scenic Skyway, Scenic Cable Car and Walking Trail. All covered for under the $35! 

We spent half of our day there until about 4pm then we took the train back to the city which took about another 2 hour! It's advisable to wake up early to set off for this trip so that you can catch the last train back or you can just lodge at their guesthouse which is easy to find there. 

Blue Mountain, is absolutely the place to go if you're looking for an adventure and a short gateaway from the bustling city. 

Ending off our day with some wine and beer! Their alcohol are really affordable there, we even bought shots glasses just for this. Still remember the taste of the yummy bread we bought, it tasted so amazingly good. ❤️ 

Thank you for reading the post!! (: 

Monday, April 20, 2015

Day 3: We Ate Kangaroo

We actually ate kangaroo! Warning: I have a Kangaroo inside of me now~ do read till the end to find out about my experience eating the kangaroo steak. ❤️

Bondi Beach? Nah. It's way out of reach and we can't seems to figure a way to reach there so we go for the second best option: Congee Beach. The bus ride took about nearly an hour from our guesthouse, explain the long tired journey around Australia. 

This beach is not just like any other beach because there's another side of the beach with rocks and scenery in which you studied about in Geography lesson and those that you see on the BBC Wildlife. 

Check out the view! Kekeke, nearly become frozen there cause of the strong wind. Not a good outfit choice to wear a mini skirt, kind of regretting it now after getting froze bites. 

Chish & Fips, you must be wondering what it's. This is one of the store located just right beside the beach, it sells the usual fish&chips but in a varieties range. We ordered the salmon and the local famous fish&chips , it's quite pricey about $14-$15 for a plate of it . Personally prefer the salmon more cause it's so yummyyyy~ do head over and try if you haven't. 

Next Stop! Darling Habour, where you bring your darling to the habour to propose. Hahaah, just kidding. I have no idea why it's called darling habour but it's really pretty and the location have the best place for food if you're still hungry after 5pm. (sidenote: almost everything close at 5pm in Australia) 

Went to " The Chinese Garden " in Darling Habour. The entrance fee is about $6 per person, wanted to go in and take photo with the transitional Chinese costume but it was raining so hard that day that the costume rental was close!! This explained the sad face in the photo T.T , looking so out of place with my sporty attire in a Chinese garden. 

This is what you guys have been waiting for!! I can't believe it either, I actually ate Kangaroo Steak. It's literally Kangaroo meat, it's quite famous in Darling Harbour. We tried it at " The Meat & Wine Co". 

At first I felt really scare cause it's a food that I never try before but after gathering up all my courage I tried it and it's kind of like the best food ever. It's so tender and chewy probably cause kangaroo jump and hop around a lot, it's about AUS 35 per serving. 

It's like one of those unique food that you can't usually try it on a day to day basics so it's good for experience if you're up for interesting food. 

Ending off the post with a night view! ❤️ thank you for reading~