Monday, March 30, 2015

Save the fluffy animals with me

I remembered I took this photo while I am at one of the cat cafe in Singapore, this cat cafe is special cause all the cats there are homeless street cats that are saved by the owner. I was really touched by what they had done.

So I was super hyped when I am granted this chance to help the little fluffy animals too with SPCA - Society for the Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals (1800) - SPCA

To run such a selfless organisation is never an easy task, doing all this requires over $2000000 every year for all the rescue mission and to care for all the pets that come in every month. To get such a huge fund will certainly be a hard task that's why we will be raising funds to help out SPCA with the Cineleisure Next Online Sensation Team will have set up booth to sell Sticky, Items from SPCA and offering other services. All the cash funds raise during that day will be donated to SPCA to help out to fight against animal cruelty.

Individual effort might seems small when it come to such things but when individual works together with one another, the effort will be larger. It's never a one man show, so do head down to support my store and other stores too in fighting against animals cruelty and personally I think that's the least we can do by contributing to such amazing organisation with a good mission and goals.

Even if you cannot make it down to Cineleisure to support the cause, do be kind and nice to animals that you happen to pass by on the street or anywhere. Animals are just like human, they do have feelings and a valuable life.

Help an animal, save a life. 

Location : Cineleisure, Basement 1 (Nearest Mrt- Somerset)
Date: April 4th 2015
Time- 3-5 p.m.

See you guys there! (: 

Friday, March 27, 2015

Rings & Tings : Pretty Accessories

Rings & Tings send me something else today! I received: one ring, one bracelet and one pair of earring. Adore their stuff cause it's so classy and always so on the point. 


Wanted to blog about it last week when I received the item but didn't have chance to cause I was too caught up with other stuff. 

I am a big fans of accessories cause a girl can never have enough accessories! 

Their black elegant ring that look like bubble from the bubble tea which personally I find it so adorable cause whenever I wear the ring I am always craving for bubble tea! 

Their turquoise green bracelet with gold stripes in between. It's like a super simple design but it's quite elegant and pretty, easy to match with any outfit and pastel color never go out of style! 

Lastly, their " love " earrings. I adore this the most cause it remind me of those tumblr accessories I re-tumblr but sadly I don't have any piercing so I cannot wear them! But most likely getting a piercing soon just to put this cute pair of earring on, I am just afraid that the piercing will hurt too much! 

How does getting a piercing feel? Is it super painful or mild kind of pain like an ant bite?

Thank you for reading, have a lovely April.

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Going back to school

Hello there! It's the first CNOS4 challenge, it's like my first time ever in this kind of competition. It's nerve-wrecking cause I don't know what to do and it's been awhile since I last meet any new person other than my current friends. Will be talking about this lovely café on the later part of my blogpost, so stay till the end! (: it's the café I have always wanted to go for awhile and now I finally found a chance to head down to take photo since it goes well with my photo theme~ 

So our first challenge, dressing up like the famous SISTER MAMBO! I gotten the role of #oldschoollikekaya . Kind of challenging cause I am usually more of the casual cute style, so here come the transformation of my own style to nerd style! 

Lost in a state of daze, what have I become ? School seems to be so important right now after I put on some geek specs and carry my vintage backpack. Getting ready for school~ this is a combination of old school style- the usual denim skirt and white top with a touch of korean school style - stripes socks along with the western feel vintage backpack to get on the #oldschoolstyle 

Getting my smile ready! Really love Kombi Rocks Cafe for their unique 50s&60s feel. 

Kombi Rock Café located in a quiet corner of Singapore: 

66 Yio Chu Kang Road 

I took a cab there with my friend cause it's much faster via this way than taking a bus and trying to find my way there. This café is based on a vintage theme of the 50s and 60s Singapore. 

Greeted by the green hulk when we entered! ❤️

The little sport cars on display~ 

Their wall decoration looks so lovely! 

Stamps inside their table, absolutely unique design! Can't help but to snap some more photos. 

All the vintage cars outside their store, set the perfect atmosphere and setting for the photos!

Thank you for reading (: and having this kind of competition with a theme definitely make everything more interesting and challenging. Stepping out of my comfort zone to dress as an old school kind of nerd is a welcoming change and absolutely looking forward for more challenges ahead. 

Monday, March 23, 2015

Prince Charming ? ❤️

Wearing my favorite strawberry flats for movie outing today with my friend! Since we are watching Cinderella so I thought strawberry flats can pass off as the glass slipper Cinderella wore. Too much into fairytale~ 

Cream pullover with my checkered jacket! The checkered jacket helps to define figure better if not I'll look as if I am wearing a trash bag out since the pullover is way too oversized. 

Today's an exceptionally fun and enjoyable day cause we got to watch one of the classic, Cinderella. It's so adorable and lovely kind of make every girls to want their own little fairytale to come true ❤️ . 

I guess I was looking for my Prince Charming in the right place and I stumbled upon Candylicious Bakery Chef. Always drawn to sweets and chocolate so whenever I see Candylicious store I'll explore around and that's how I found this little guy. 

Speaking of Prince Charming, everyone will ended up with different people in their life and I am sure everyone have their own little fairytale ❤️ . Prince Charming doesn't always have to be the best looking, smartest or richest, what I pick up from the movie are that the inside matters more than the outside. 

No matter how much beauty a person have if the person doesn't possessed a good kind heart then it doesn't really matters. 

"Have courage & Be kind" ❤️ 

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Want a little taste of heaven?

Unagi Mushroom Cheese Pizza? ❤️ love having Japanese food but want a little western mix to spice it out, perfect location to try out such food will definitely be : Shokudo Concept Cafê. 

Located : Cineleisure Level 2 #02-06A 

Their pizza with Unagi absolutely blown me away cause I really love both Japanese and Western Cuisine. So when I tried this I am like this taste so good cause the crust is so thin and the filling in the crust is so delicious, the cheese is just right plus the Unagi blend in so well with the whole pizza taste. 

Half boil egg with creamy spaghetti, when you mix in the egg with the spaghetti it gives the normal cream spaghetti a new different taste. That's very refreshing and leave a good after taste, the bacon is like an additional yay cause who doesn't look bacon! I can have bacon for breakfast , lunch and dinner! 

Mount Fuji Curry Omelette Rice! The name have such a good catch to it and never say no to Japanese curry, it's the best choice for people who love a little sweetness in curry. (: the dish also have the signature omelette rice but with a beef patty~ hehe it's like double the goodness! 

It reminds me of the famous SpongeBob SquarePants Crabby Patty(: 

Cute Little Roasted Honey Chicken Wings for my little taste buds! ❤️ yum yum, chicken = protein = healthy! A little chicken give me a little extra energy boost for the day and well roasted chicken always taste good so thumbs up. 

It's a long day but I had great food at Shokudo Concept Café (: it's absolutely a wonderful lunch. Wore my blue loose stripes top with some high waisted shorts for the #CNOS4 event today, it's absolutely fun~ lucky that I choose something comfortable so I don't have to fumble around throughout the thing. 

Sketcher Kicks to walk around the museum with my friend, it's really wonderful to go to museum to uncover and discover all the interesting there! (: There's this 700 YEARS exhibition hosting in the museum right now, it's worth the visit! 

Ending the post with my cute little iPhone6 cover for the day(: thank you for reading and do head over to Shoduko Concept Café to try out their yummy food, happy weekend! ❤️

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Travel Australia: Sydney

I am on a trip to Sydney, Australia! Let me share with you guys how to plan for a 6 days 5 nights trip in using less than $2000! perfect for student like me that want to travel alone. 

Been planning for this Australia trip for awhile and it's finally happening. Gonna go on a trip alone with my boyfriend for the first time ever for 6 days and 5 nights , we look through different website to find the cheapest air tickets cause it isn't really worth to spend too much on air tickets if it isn't traveling with family plus I am funding for the whole trip.  

I'll be going through different parts of the traveling : air tickets, staying, places we visit and the restaurant. ❤️

There are few sites to consider to get the cheapest air tickets:

Tried all the website and actually wanna book from skyscanner but realized the price is actually a bit more pricey compared to just booking off Flyscoot. .

Total price of air tickets for 2 : $1294
- Consisting of 20kg Luggage Check-In & Some insurance.
Price for 1 : $647

Next! Location, Location. Place to stay ~

We have decided to have breakfast&beds home-stay at one of the locals house. As you can see, I definitely gotten the best deal of $70 per night, so it's about $399 in total for 5 nights which is a great deal as compared to staying in hotel or motel. 

You can look through for the best price and location that suits your needs, gotta say the people hosting the b&b are really friendly especially in helping out with all my inquiries.

If you are travelling with friends, it's better to get this kind of service since it's cheaper than hotel room and can be split among the friends. It's like renting a whole house for the staycation. 

Spending lesser amount of money on rooms means more money for sightseeing, eating and shopping in Australia!

My parent gotten me a new pink luggage for the trip! So grateful for their little gesture, at first they are really against the idea of me traveling alone with my boyfriend but in the end they decided to trust me and give in, which I am really grateful about. They even gave me some funds to play around in Australia❤️ 

Packing all my stuff in the bag, it's actually very hard to stuff everything in my luggage as it's almost winter in Australia so it'll be quite cold there. That explained the thick clothing in my bag~ 

Total amount spent: $1049 
- air ticket, staying.

Along with some funds to bring for the trip it'll cost roughly about $1600-$1800 depending on how much you bring. 

Will update more about my trips in the next few days, do stay tuned!

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Luxola - Sunscreen

Thank you Luxola for being so generous to send me 3 set of sunscreen for me to try out! So excited about it cause I am really serious when it comes to skincare, especially when I live in such a sunny place. Getting a good sunscreen will be essential(: 

Discount codes especially for more readers QUOTE " BLX-BIRDIE " for 15% discount off items from Luxola

You can get your own sunscreen from Luxola at a good price and fast delivery, my sunscreen took only a day to arrive and you can even choose the timing you prefer for the home delivery which is so convenient.
The 3 sunscreens that I tried out: 

#1 Soleil Toujours
#2 Supergoop
#3 Lunamer 

Soleil SPF 45 - Is a facial sunscreen that's packed with anti-oxidants which is good for anti-aging and with such a high SPF it helps to protect against the sun! It's best for people who are expose to sun / have to sit infront of laptop regularly as it offers high SPF protection, absolutely the best choice for ladies who want to keep their skin pale and flawless. 

Price: $100 , 50ml. Get it now: Soleil Toujours Sunscreen / Luxola

Sometimes people totally forget about SPF for face cause it doesn't seems that important but it's actually the most important part to care for because too much sun exposure lead to wrinkles and aging of face. 

How did I used it & my experience:
So I actually used this after I applied my toner, moisturizer, facial oil and then I add on with a layer of Soliel sunscreen for further protection. 

This is how the sunscreen looks like on my hand, the sunscreen spread out very well after being applied on face. 

#1 It's unlike other sunscreen I tried before, it's very thin and light which is good so it doesn't cake on even when I put my BB cream/ foundation later. 

#2 Soleil sunscreen smell really good. 

#3 High SPF which offers more protection and last longer in the sun. Perfect for summer and sunny day. 

#4 It's a non-chemical sunscreen

This is how I look like after I applied my full makeup on top of the sunscreen, you can see that the sunscreen helps to brighten up my whole makeup making me look much healthier cause of extra layer of moist from the sunscreen, perfect to create the Korean Glowing Skin Makeup that's widely popular now. 

To find out more : Soleil Toujours SPF45  / Luxola

2) Supergoop! SPF 30 - Both Face & Body 

This is for the cost-saving ladies and family who wanna save on the cost on cosmetics products by getting a 2-in-1 service using this Supergoop Sunscreen which allows user to use it on both face and body. Saving the cost of getting it separately, this helps to prevent getting sunburn. 

I tried to use Supergoop on my arm since it's the part that get to expose to sun easily if I am not wearing long sleeves clothing. 

#1 It's lightweight and thus easy to apply which made me think of how "Supergoop" brand name is form, it's like literally saying it's Super Good cause it does feel good on my body. 

#2 Moisturizing, I tend to have dry skin so I feel like my body is better hydrated after I applied which makes me glow more. 

#3 Affordable pricing of $28 for 2-in-1 service, saving the cost of getting 2 different ones. 

#4 One thing to note, it smells a bit like lemon so it's nice to me but it depends on personal preference. 

Get it now: Supergoop

3) Lunamer - Facial 

Protect your face W Lunamer~

When I saw the Japanese wording on the box I know I can trust this brand cause as far as I know Japanese are really very conscious when it comes to taking care of their skin and keeping their skin dewy and pale. So I am really excited to try out Lunamer. 

It has a SPF 40++ which allows the skin to receive enough protection, I put this on a test. I just wore the sunscreen without any BB cream to go out the whole day to see without I will get sunburn from this cause I am those type that get sunburn easily but after the whole day I didn't get any sunburn since I re-apply it 2 times while I was out.

 Nevertheless I am impressed by the product ~ cause I had a really bad experience with sunburn. When I was younger I tried using another brand and went out for some activities and I ended up with a bad sunburn that lasted for 2 days. Its's good to find a product that work with my skin condition (: 

There's just the downside that it smells a bit funny to me especially after I applied it. Probably , it takes awhile to get use to the new smell. 

Lunamer - Head over to find out more! SGD 42.00 

In total, it's best to start taking care of your skin as soon as possible to prevent over sun-exposure to keep your skin youthful and dewy. (: It's never too late to start and prevention is better than cure so if you're interested in getting any of this 3 sunscreen do head over to Luxola to find out more! 

Purchase with " BLX-BIRDIE " to receive 15% off all items applicable only for non-discount items! 

Thank you for reading till the end. (: .