Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Ripped Jeans

Bottom: DIY Ripped Jeans 

So I was really inspired by certain instagrammer when I saw how they styled their ripped jeans, it's really attractive and sexy. At first, I source around online for a pair of ripped jeans but I can't seem to find the pair of jeans that I really want. 

So I kind of sat down and decided to DIY my own pair of ripped jeans, it's really very simple all you need will be a pair of old jeans, scissors and you're ready to go. Just cut open holes, any patterns and designs according to your liking. I personally enjoys doing DIY cause I find it really unique and it's one of a kind. 

So overall, it looks like this. I cut a bigger holes at the knee part so that whenever I bend down or sit down, it'll create this effect. Ripped jeans can easily be pair with everything, it's absolutely something I'll wear often as it's really comfortable and to my liking. 

So what do you think about the ripped jeans? 

Saturday, April 26, 2014

Street Style

Top: Berksha 
Bottom: Forever 21 
Outerwear: Topshop 

Hi, so recently I'm really into a style known as the street style fashion. It's like a style where you randomly pair up everything but it creates this look that's really cool but casual enough for any occasions. It's such a time saver and absosolutely perfect for university students like me~ 

Firstly, I put together this look with the SnapBack. I don't usually wear any hat or accessories cause I feel that it made me look super a bit odd but I gave it a try anyway! And I must say, an accessories certainly does change the overall feel of the outfit. 

Then I went for some temporary tattoos, it's the airbrush kind of tattoos that last around 7-10 days if you don't scrub it and it's really pretty and there are just lots of designs to chose from. I gotten mine for about $16, it's the Dreamcatcher kind of pattern! 

Lastly, which is the outfit part where I just take any clothing and put it together. I chose the checkered jacket for it as it gives off this boyish feel and looks edgy enough. It's really simple to try out this style and I'm sure anyone can do it! 

What do you think about the outfit? 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Dive into the ocean

Top: Dragonfly Crop Top 
Cardigan : Cotton On 
Bottoms: Shorts 

The scenery is so mesmerizing, it's kind of like my second day outfit just a simple crop top and shorts. Crop top is an essential for spring and summer, especially when the weather is getting pretty heaty and you can just put on a crop top & you're ready to go out! 

Another thing I like about the outfit will be the cardigan design, it's loose fittings which makes the whole outfit look floaty and just right. The pattern of the design also looks super bohemian, it just created this whole new look when I put on the cardigan. It's like this layering effect, I think outfit always look better when you layer it up with different clothing. 

So overall, it'll be great to invest in a good cardigan that you can just easily pair it up with any outfit. Cotton on always has a huge range of cardigan in different designs for different purposes, their cardigans are also very affordable so even when you get bored of a design you can always get a new one without spending a lot. 

So what do you think about the outfit? 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Bali Trip Day 1

Top: Forever 21 
Cardigan: Cotton On 
Bottom: High Waisted Jeans 
Shoes: Boots 
Accessories: Beach Hat 

I absolutely miss Bali so much right now, it's an amazing trip to relax and just forget about the rest of the world. The people in Bali are absolutely friendly and amazing, they're like so nice complimenting my hair on street and some even say "hi" even though I don't know them. Some took pictures of me and I'm guessing it's due to my uncommon hair color there. 

The first day was hilarious, so I thought the flight was around 5am so I woke up at 1am to prepare and ended up the flight was actually 7am so I thought my whole family missed the flight and I started to panic like crazy but ended up we didn't so it was really embarrassing. 

Anyway, my outfit choice for the first day was horrible cause the weather was unexpectedly hot and I was in jeans. Furthermore, we are supposed to go sightseeing around Bali island and it was just so hot and humid that I didn't even know how I pulled through the day. 

But Bali sculpture and scenery are just breathtaking, it's very different from Singapore. The surrounding are just full of greenery, ancient buildings, temples and lots of handicraft shops. 

For the first day we went around Bali island traveling to see the sculpture before checking in the hotel, the hotel was pretty and there are this pool side beside the room! So that basically sums up the 1st day in Bali before going around the nightmarket street to find food for dinner~ 

Let's end the update Bali Day 1 with the wonderful dinner, the food there was so damn delicious that will be the one thing I missed most there. It's also one of the reasons that my appetitie got way bigger after I came back. 

#FitnessTips - If you're going overseas and there are no means of access to gym or any fitness related stuff, just walk around more often for shopping/ sightseeing/ take photos. It'll burn calories still and keep your heart rates up,  so it'll be better than just sitting around and doing nothing! (: 

Thank you for reading the blogpost, have a wonderful day! x 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


Top: Diamon Crop Top 
Shorts: Floral High Waisted Shorts
Sneaker: New Balance CandyFloss 
Bag: Backpack 

It's been a long and hectic week for me, I just got back from Bali and it's amazing there. I'll update about my trip in the next post, so stay tune! Recently, I'm really into crop top again like it's just an on going trend for me especially when the weather is hot and it's just the easiest to pair when it comes to going out and I realized crop top makes everything look chic and cute!

That's another reason why I go to the gym regularly! In order to look nice with crop top with a flat tummy, gym is totally an essential. My gyming routine is very simple, it's basically just cardio (30 minutes) , abs exercises inclusive of all the mat works, squats and some weights training! It's bearable and you'll still feel energize afterward, I usually go around 5-6 times a week. 

When you just started gyming, it'll feel really hard to commit. It's like the next day you won't even want to roll out of bed to go gym but slowly as you began to go more often, it'll develop into a habit.

Anyway what do you think about my outfit ? (: and I might share my daily tips about fitness and gym, what do you guys think? 

Thank you for reading my blogpost. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

BeautyBiotics Collagen Cleanse

Sponsored: SampleStore & BeautyBiotics 

Price: $43/ 65g 

Hi guys, so I'm back with a beauty post! I'm so excited when SampleStore requested me to do a review for them about this product cause it's a really cool cleanse that comes in crystal form and then you add water and it becomes foam! Like it's so cool and exciting, which is unique compared to all the other cleanser. 

The collagen cleanse is a facial cleanser that helps to deeply cleanse and unclogs pores so it's perfect after a long day to ensure that make up and other stuff on your face really gets remove off. (: 

That's how it looks like when I pour it out of the bottle, it's like tiny foaming custal that contains nano-collagen that aids in moisturizing skins, regenerate collagen and prevents aging leaving the skin clean, balanced and feeling revitalized! 

The density is super light and the foam smells great, it doesn't give you the suffocating feeling when you cleanse your face and it feels gentle and good overall! But I'm super lousy when it comes to making foam so I ended up with mild little tiny foams instead! 

It leaves my skin feeling smooth and silky, it definetely moisturize my face and unlike other products I tried it don't give the overly dried feeling and it feels just right! 

Do check out BeautyBiotics Facebook Page at Skin Biotics for more information and updates! If you're interested in getting the product, it can be found exclusively at Watsons! Do head over now and try it out yourself (:

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Little Adventure Around Town

Top: Ferris Wheel Tank Top 
Outerwear: Forever 21 
Bottom: High Waisted Shorts (H&M) 
Shoes: my favorite boots 
Bag: Celine Paris 

Firstly, I wanna announce that I dyed my hair pink like finally. It took me such a long time to finally go pink, it happened when I went home and decided that I don't like my hair color anymore which then I took out all the hair dye equipment and start dyeing my hair. It's totally a impulsive decision but I love the result! 

I went cafe hopping with my friend a few days back, it's something like going around different cafe to try out different food and take nice photos there. 

The first cafe we went is known as " effiel effiel " , the store is super tiny but the design of the store is very vintage like and the atmosphere feels good though it doesn't have lots of food selection but I'm satisfied enough with my "CAKE IN A JAR"  it's basically cake inside a jar but it taste so good and it just look so pretty! 

(Haji Lane) 

This is where we went, I'm dying in my boots cause we walked quite a long distance and my feet is practically swelling. Totally not the best kind of shoe for long design walking, this place is just basically a lane full of cafe/ bars/ pubs/ stores that sell clothing that look super vintage like. 

The most interesting thing is that each and every store has their own style, featuring and showcasing different items and when you walked in, it just gave a very different feel. 

Lastly, we went to the national meseum. It's a nice place to chit chat and look at interesting stuff, definetely a place I'll visit again and there's this cafe there that serve the best fries ever. - " I only go to places with good food" 

Have you been to cafe hopping? What do you think about the outfit? 

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Your Grey Girl

Dress: Grey Tank Dress 
Boots: High Heels Boots 
Sunnies: Floral Sunglasses

What to do during a lazy day? Pairing it up with a long tank dress and put on some heels you're ready to go! To celebrate the spring, I put on some sunnies to complete the look. It'll be my number 1 favorite lazy day out kind of look. I also discovered this really cute bohemian hat in my closet and I decided to put it on. 

Anyway, I'm currently on my one month holiday after the first term and it feels so good. Meeting my friends during my free time, exercising and getting to know myself better during alone time, basically I'm just so grateful for this holiday! Hopefully my next university term will not be stressful and everything will go smoothly. 

Anyway, it's been ages since I last skate! I totally miss skating with my penny board and I might actually pick up skating again during my holiday. Do any of you guys skate? 

What do you think about the outfit? (: 

Friday, April 4, 2014

3CE MakeUp Hauls

So my make up is running low and I decided to try out a new brand of korean make up, 3CE! I just went googling one day and found this brand, I gotta admit cause the name and the design are really cute that's why I got it. Since I don't do heavy makeup, I only use stuff like BB cream/ CC cream for the SPF and a little cover up so I chose the Korea brand! 

3CE BB cream, I chose the light beige or purple ones. It's to suit people with pale skins complexion, since I'm pretty much pale so I guess it suits me quite well. The texture is a bit thick though not really watey so it doesn't glind on the face well and it has this really weird sunscreen smell! So it's about 8/10 for me but the tubs are really big so it'll last for awhile!

The CC cream is something like the BB cream but with more functions and it kind of works the same way but I bought a darker shade so it'll even out my complexion! The only thing, I find it lacking wil be the SPF cause it only offered a low of SPF 18! 

Lastly, 3CE lipsticks! I bought the purple shade and bright red shade, haven't get to try it out yet but hopefully it'll look great like I totally get that red lipstick isn't make for everyone and purple well it's a bold choice. Will update more about it once I decided to try it out!

So have you try using 3CE products before ? 

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spring Beach + Beach Essential

Bikini Top : Cotton On 
Bottom : H&M 

The good weather always calls for a outing at the beach with my friend, so I went suntanning last weekend! I don't usually wear bikini honestly this is my first or second time wearing them. But I love the design of bikini from cotton on, it's so summerly like and there are a whole range of design to chose from! 

BeachBag Essential 

1) Bikini Top+ Bottom 
2) Crotchet Top 
3) Cardigan 
4) Frayed Shorts 
5) Sephora SunScreen + Banana Boat
6) Shades 
7) Bandana 
8) Adidas Dedorant 
9) White Cloth (cover my face during sun tanning) 

And I'm such a genuis that I forget the most important stuff, towels. Luckily, my friend is nice enough to get it for me if not I'll be all sandy and can't even bathe after rolling in the sands. 

Overall, suntanning and going to the beach is a wonderful experience. I'll definetely be hitting on the beach more now as the weather is turning much better which means more bikini shopping, personally I think bikini is an important part of an outfit too if you're going to the beach like there are so many varieties and fittings that I just can't chose! 

It's like going shoes shopping, I literally want to get everything off the shelf. 

Suntanning - Yay or Nah? Thanks for reading the blogpost! (: