Sunday, February 28, 2016

Korean Food Adventure ? Singkoba

Hello~ Don't all the Korean Food always look so good in photos because of all the side dishes? Visited this really delicious Korean Restaurant known as Singkoba few days back with my boyfriend, he recommended this restaurant for their amazing food quality (he's Korean so he is super picky about his food quality) there are times when we visit other Korea restaurant and he would be complaining that it doesn't taste as good as when he had them in Korea. 

But apparently he recommended me this restaurant for their amazing meat quality and good services. So I was super excited to try out their food. 

Singkoba Restaurant
155 Telok Ayer Street

We ordered their beef set to try it out, the boss was kind enough to offer us a lot of free services and side dishes when we visited. I especially adore their kimchi, fish-cake and the beansprout among all their side dishes and their kimchi jiggae (Kimchi Soup) along with the steam-egg taste really good. 

Did I ever mentioned that I am a big fans of Kimchi Jiggae? The Kimchi Soup here tasted really good unlike the ones I had outside that tasted a little bland, this one has a strong rich taste, the soup also have yummy tofu (another of my favorite) along with pork slices.
If you ever visit a Korean Restaurant, you gotta try out their steam egg in the stonepot. It's literally the perfect dishes to complete your meal. 

The delicious roasted beef that's prep and cooked by their lovely boss that's so friendly to us! Their services there is really good. I absolutely adore both the food and the services offered there. x 

To find out more:
155 Telok Ayer Street


You can get there through the nearest mrt: Tanjong Pagar and walk about 5 minutes in or basically just cab there (it's super easy to spot and find) 

Thank you for reading. x  

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Dresslink Steals

Today's gonna be my hauls review from Dresslink which I blog about in my previous blog-post about my Dresslink Wishlist which you can read it here: Dresslink Wishlist , I received the 3 items from Dresslink and honestly speaking I am impressed by their quality and design. It's way better than I thought it'd be. I gotten all this 3 outfits for $20 inclusive of shipping fees from US to Singapore. 

Read on to find out about all my best steal from DRESSLINK

The first item is the Lace Hollow Off-Shoulder Top, it only cost $2.87. It's an amazingly low price for a top, usually tops that I bought costs much more than that. The design and sizing is really perfect, looks exactly like what I have seen on the website. I am taken back by surprise because for such a low price, I honestly didn't expect it to look the same as the website and unlike other online website it is really trust-able in their description.  

The Mini Night-Out Dress, I gotten this one in white because I think white color is easier to get recognize rather than dressing in an all black dress. This cost : $5.41 , like can you imagine getting a dress that fits so well in such a good price? It's probably like one of my best deal ever. Another good point to note is that the delivery system is really fast, I live in Singapore and this is an online store from the US and it only took about 2 weeks for me to get my hands on the products I ordered.

Lastly this outfit which I bought but haven't got the chance to wear or try it out yet as I haven't been clubbing or going out for bars at night lately so there isn't any occasion that I can wear it but it basically look like this and it's really beautiful! The whole sheer effect make it look so appealing, I just can't wait to try it out. x as you can see from my first photo that I took with all the outfit, it's exactly the same as the photos showed in the website.

Cost: $6.04 (Women Slim Fit Sleeveless White Lace Crochet Sexy Bandage Dress Backless Prom Party Dress

For more items that's as cheap as $0.01 , do check it out here: $0.01 Dresslink , as for Free Shipping items: Free Shipping Items .

Thank you for reading, have you guys try shopping over at Dresslink before? How's your experience with them? x

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

The previous era

First time getting my hands on a vintage camera, it looks really amazing and unique. I just play around with the vintage camera during one of my photoshoot since the photographer bought along the camera, so I was interested and tried it out. It's amazing that it can focus in and out & the way to look at the lens was through the peek hole that I was staring at. 

This time the photoshoot is at the "Garden By The Bay" but it's not at the hot place also known as the tourist attraction area. This part is pretty hidden , gotta walk a bit before finding this spot for their nice scenery and trees. 

Wore this checkered oversized boyfriend jacket for the shoot to hopefully create the semi-vintage effect. 

What's in the past shall remind in the past where it belongs, trying to bring back memories and persons from the past is just gotta create more problems than happiness. What's forgotten shall stay as nothing but a memory, at least it happened before be it good or bad. 

"Vintage" a previous era. 

Thank you for reading (: 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Never turning back now

Finally had my photoshoot photos after awaiting for it for such a long time, here is the one featuring the babyblue doll dress. The shoots happened over at Haji Lane, Bugis. I didn't know there are so many location around that area that are potential place to shoot. 

It's more of the vintage cool feel around that around, there are so many things to shop and look around the place too. It consists of pretty walls, amazing cafés, vintage boutiques and wonderful bars to even drink and dine in. 

For the next few shoots I choose something simple but vintage at the same time, with the bunny blouse that's so ultra comfortable and some high waisted denim shorts. 

I think the bunny blouse is literally the perfect top because it fits into the simple, clean concept I had in my mind but the bunny prints made the whole outfit look better than just a normal blouse. 

Thank you for reading (: x 

Saturday, February 13, 2016


Dolce Toyko- A Japanese x Italian Café that's located in 313 Somerset. Visited the café a few days before since it always look so beautiful, their menus is rather extensive so I took awhile before choosing a dessert to share with my friend! 

We ordered the Mixed Berries Kakigori! It comes with vanilla ice cream, mixed berries, Japanese Mochi and strawberry syrup sauce. - $10 , super ultra delicious though I didn't eat the vanilla ice cream at all, I tend to prefer to eat the shaved iced with fruits instead the ice cream. 

The interior of the store looks pretty decent, it feel like the half modern half classic type which looks really great. 

Had the Korean BBQ Buffet over at I'm KIM , the recently newly open one near the art school. The usual price cost about $22.90 per person but if we finish before the stated time then it's $20.90 per person instead. 

The buffet have a wide selection of meat and other cooked Korean food! Plus the store even have ginseng soup (it doesn't taste as great as the outside one but it still can do) . The staff is rather friendly there always assisting us whenever possible by getting the sauces and everything. 

Then we went over to see more stores, this one is located over at Dhoby Ghaut. It's something similar to a bookstore concept but the store sell more quirky and interesting stuff- interesting books, tools and pretty decoration. 

I really adore designs like this because it look so adorable (if only I can decorate my room and make it look so cute and perfect) . 

That's all for today! (: it's a great day to go around town to hunt for Valentine's Day gift, here's a photo of the evening sky which I took that probably look a bit like the marshmallows and ice cream combine. 

Thank you for reading (: x

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Awkward Situation You Faced a During Festive Gathering?

Hey guys! Recently I just had my festive celebration (Chinese new year) and after gathering much insight from all my cousins and friends about awkward situation that everyone faced. I'm sure everyone have festive gathering now and then (it can be the new year, Christmas, thanksgiving day and so on) so you guys can basically relate. 

#The Busy-Body

The aunt or uncle that always ask you "are you married yet" or "when are you gonna get marry or find a boyfriend ?" . Some of my cousins get that especially when they're around the age of 24++ , its like " say what???" 

Asking the same question during every festive season when everyone meet up is absolutely not gonna make them get marry any faster. Not sure whether to die in embarrassment or hide in a hole cause "all I have is myself" "I am so gonna marry myself" 

People need to take a chill pill. 

#2 The Fashion Critics 

That one person that judge your outfit choice during the festive celebration. "Your skirt is too short" "oh this top is too revealing" "are you seriously wearing that?" . NO NO NO, hold on for like 5 seconds. This is a festive celebration, not another brand new series of fashion critics series.
The awkward situation which you don't know to be polite or tear off the person face. 

#3 The  Showoffs 

The one that always show off about everything, it can be about their kids-things that owned- even their cats or basically just anything. This one is tricky, it make you stuck in the middle of trying to be nice and listen or be like I'm so done with all the half made up stories. 

#The Foodie 

The person that keep offering you food after food after food and well just more food. They obviously give with good intention but everyone's tiny tummy have a limit! It create the awkward situation of not knowing how to reject, it's like " yeahhh it looks so yummy but nooooo" "I can't take it anymore" without hurting their feelings or appear rude.
Well, you know how it ends. (Yeah, it all ends up in the tummy and the increased waistline). 

That's all for now, hope you guys enjoy this post! (: don't take it too seriously because it's meant to be read just for fun because we all just wanna have fun during the festive season. 

Stay true, stay happy! 


Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Birdie's Magazine January

Hey! This week I'm back with a new section for my blog, known as " Birdie's Monthly Magazine" which talks about my monthly favorite which consists of - Fashion- Lifestyle- Books- Foods 

This whole month of January passes by in a blink of an eye, it's so fun-filled! So let's get started ❤️

My first favourite of the month "creatures of creation" from typo, bought by my brother as a gift! I absolutely adore this because of the exotic designs and this allow my mind to wander when I do the colouring. 

Every girl need a good lip balm to make their lip look tasty (kidding) but seriously who won't love a good lip balm that look so adorable? This is my make-up favourite that I bought during my Macau trip, it smell like strawberry and taste like strawberry. Love the cute donut design ~ 

I'm obsessed with pastel purple nails lately after getting my hands on some pastel purple nail polish from sasa in Macau! It's only $3 per polish and the Color is in such a pretty shade. So I'm trying to find different nail art design to try out~ 

Leopard Prints Make-Up Brushes ❤️, this is the first set of make-up brushes that I have which I bought during my trip too! It's only $5-$8 per set and the prints on the brushes look stunning~

For fashion, I love this 3 sets of simple outfits which I put together during the month of January. I'm always a big fans of simple and clean design that doesn't take too much effort but still look on point .

This will be my favourite high tea set, which I had over at Macau! It simply tasted so amazing and it's 3 tiers so it win all the other high tea set that I had for this whole month. 

More about it which you can read in my Macau x Hong Kong travelling post! 

For location! I love this selfie coffee café which I visited recently for their peaceful ambience and greenery design that's pleasing to the eyes, it's a must visit place if you guys ever visit Singapore. ❤️

I talk about it during the last last post, so you guys can check it out for more detail! 

As for books and cards, I love " sense & sensibility " and " Emma" it's both an English Literature books. I love the plot twist in sense & sensibility which I absolutely didn't see the ending coming but the whole book can be a bit draggy and had too much conversation going on but it's good for passing time. 

As for "Emma" I love how the aunthor portray the female character into someone that's daring, that believe in match-making and doesn't think she will ever fall in love but in the end she did and it was with someone totally unexpected ? This kind of book is good for readers to think over, so book reader can absolutely try reading the book. 

That's all for the month of January, hope you guys like this edition of the magazine. (: you can also see the video version on my YouTube channel ❤️ 

Thank you for reading!