Monday, December 9, 2013

A-Z Fashion Trend

A- Aztec

The Aztec trend is so cool and spread like wild fire, it's both good for interior and fashion design really unique and look generally pleasing to the eyes and the combination is just too attractive to miss it out.
B- Baroque


 It's super artistic and it just bring out clear and motion like design pieces that stand out from those normal clothing, it's like a living pieces of art piece when wore on people with all the color combination and it definitely evolved overtime to look better than before.

C- Color Block


Color block is in the house, those color blocks remind me of architecture design when I was learning design and technology a few years back my teacher taught me one very interesting facts that when designing building or product it always come in one color unlike fashion design but now I see the color block and I am super impressed and nevertheless it still look very funky and nice.

D- Denim

Nothing scream cool as much as denim, it seriously just goes well with everything and anything. The color is so smoothing that it's such a unisex item that are super trendy and popular though personally I have never try something like that before but when I see people wear denim clothing I am always so awed by the overall effect.
E- Equestrian
This remind me so much of horse riding and it's kind of fall look too, very cozy and comfortable the best part about this trend is the boots it's so chic yet adorable at the same time. The oversize coat really create a very boy-ish yet womanly kind of look, something that doesn't really go wrong either way.
F- Floral
Floral , natural and greenery. It's seriously the best kind of prints ever, it's so cute and adorable pieces of clothing super unique and one of a kind cause it's floral prints and it comes in so many different varieties and each of them is so attractive.
G- Gold
Such elegant and rich color that has been use for on so much fashion design. It create pieces that are elegant yet not overly oldies kind of feel. It can be so sparkly and the center of attention for party, red carpet events and the best type of evening gown ever.
H- High Waisted Shorts
One of my favorite kind of trend, it's so hipster and kind of like those older days swimwear that are really cute and attractive. The shorts are not overly revealing and can be just nice, it also tend to make the person leg look thinner and longer overall. It also comes in so many designs and colors that the choice are just endless.
I- Indian

I am always fascinated by Indian clothing, the half belly kind of look and the bling bling. The colors are always so rich and deep that bring out the shine in the person, it's a really nice traditional clothing that's recreated into something attractive and alluring. It also kind of bring out the inner diva of the person wearing it!
J- Jumpsuit

One piece clothing just scream cute, totally remind me of baby clothing that's in a piece and it can be quite amusing if it's pair correctly with the correct accessories and hair-dos.

K- K-Style

Growing trend of K-Style with the increasing popularity of Korean pop artist, most of the style inclined towards the ageyo or also known as kawaii and cute kind of look. Mostly they wear color mixing and pop out kind of colors for their clothing very flattering clothing.

L- Lace

Lace is so gentle and very girly , it's often used in pieces with nice and attractive colors. Lace remind me of crotchet, to me the design of the pieces are quite similar other than dresses it also comes with lace shorts, lace tops which can be quite pretty.
M - Metallic Burst
Metallic burst of colors, silver, gold and bronze as mentioned above are really cool and eye-catching colors that make head turn.
N- Neon

Burst of colors, traffic light. It can be a totally love-hate kind of colors, it's either you love it or you just can't stand neon colors. Personally, I adore this color it's like so attractive and scream " all eyes on me please " I am so bright and shining just like the diamond and it comes in so many funky colors that's so adorable.

O- Ombre

Sunset, rainbow and cupcakes anything you can think of; Ombre made it happened. It's such a pretty shade of colors mix together to create this soft yet alluring effect, I am just so drawn to it every single time I saw anything Ombre related.
P- Pastel
Soft and smoothing crayons kind of colors, it's like every kids dream come true. This seems like painting wore by human by the pastel coloring, I am just a sucker for nice coloring mix and one of my favorite will be pastel pink or purple, I can't decide between the two which one is better.
Q- Quilted
It's usually more for the formal kind of occasion and it's just funky but it's not something that I would wear I am not daring enough for quilted fashion trend yet !
R- Retro
Retro chic seems like the coolest, putting everything together and it bring us back in time with puffy afro hair. Put on the disco music and we will roll, really amusing look it's really nice to see how far fashion has come overtime.
S- Summer
Don't we all miss the summer clothing, the warmth of the sunlight?! Bring back summer, love all the tank tops beach wear and floating dress~
T- Tribal
Tribal prints are widely used today, -it's really nice and kind of connect back to the wild with their lovely prints and coloring. I can't expressed how much I love the pieces as it's really very unique and it's like story telling about all the tribe and this show how much we respect each and different culture spreading a positive message around.
U- Ugg Boots

 Ugg boots are such a cutie especially for season like this, perfect for winter to look cute yet stay comfortable and cozy during the snowy season. Too bad it doesn't snow around my area so I can't do much with my Ugg Boots except keeping them in my shoe racks.
V- V-Neck

 Deep V-Neck is super sexy and flattering if it's wore correctly!

W- White
White color is like the purest type of colors, it's my favorite among all those colors probably because it's like the creation of rainbow and it can be pair with almost everything and people look super innocent in it but the downside to it will be that it's so easily stained.
X- Xmas

Ding! Santa Claus is coming to town with Xmas fashion trend, red and green is like the perfect color for this season. But I will lean more towards the red color as it look much better with my skin tone, I just can't go well with green!
Y- Yellow
Bumblebee , really attractive and eye catching colors that can be wore during the summer!
Z - Zipper
"Zip it up" , it's very cool and can usually be seen in jackets and tops! It remind me of biker jacket that are really cool and I think zipper clothing goes well with black , super chic.
That's my A-Z fashion trend, hope you guys like it! 



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