Monday, January 27, 2014

Urban Decay Naked 3 - Make Up

Naked 3 is absolutely so pretty and all their eyeshadow shade is like so gorgerous and I just love all the urban decay product by reading it from blogs and watching all the vlogger talks about it on YouTube. It's like totally the hype and I was like thinking why not get it for yourself ? 

Here I'm with the Naked 3 , I'm like yay it's so gorgerous even the front cover also look so damn elegant. I think I'll go crazy when Naked 4 come up or something, I think it's absolutely the best line of eyeshadow ever. 

The inside look like this, I'm actually thinking whether Naked 1 or Naked 3 look better cause I actually pretty like the Naked 1 shade it's like so subtle too! But I got Naked 3 instead cause it's like the new thing. I'm still thinking on how to add it in my make up cause usually my make up look like this : 

My make up doesn't consist much, it's just eyeliner - BB cream and the rest of the normal steps that you actually take to do the make up! I'm not a big eyeshadow person kind of person as you can see! 

So have you try the urban decay naked 3 yet? (: how's it like and what's your favorite color? 


  1. i really love my naked 3 palette ! awesome review doll :) xx

  2. Beautiful colors!

  3. Love it you did an amazing job you look very pretty doll.

  4. Love the colors of the palett and the make up you did with it!

  5. Beautiful! I need to get my hands on this palette. I'm a huge fan of NAKED 1 & 2 <3

  6. I haven't tried them yet, but I love this product. The colours are brilliant!

  7. these pink-y shades are amazing on your eyes!!! :D love this palette!!

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  8. I love their palets. The colours are stunning. I'm using number 2 but I'd love to have many more:-)

    lots of Love

  9. Looks beautiful on you, love this palette!

  10. Hey doll! Amazing shadow palette!
    kisses from Miami,

  11. I love the colors in the palette! I own the first Naked and I've never looked back since then! I love the colors in Naked 3, the green shades!

    Love Nilu Yuleena,
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  12. I love the Naked3 Palette.. I own one and I guess I have finished most of it as well

    xx Chaicy - Style..A Pastiche!

  13. Love this palette!

  14. This evening I will ask to my husband if he can give my a naked palette as Valentine's gift!!
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  15. These Naked colors are so pretty! And you wear them like a pro! You look gorgeous!

  16. I really appreciate your feedback on my last post...Happy Friday!