Friday, April 4, 2014

3CE MakeUp Hauls

So my make up is running low and I decided to try out a new brand of korean make up, 3CE! I just went googling one day and found this brand, I gotta admit cause the name and the design are really cute that's why I got it. Since I don't do heavy makeup, I only use stuff like BB cream/ CC cream for the SPF and a little cover up so I chose the Korea brand! 

3CE BB cream, I chose the light beige or purple ones. It's to suit people with pale skins complexion, since I'm pretty much pale so I guess it suits me quite well. The texture is a bit thick though not really watey so it doesn't glind on the face well and it has this really weird sunscreen smell! So it's about 8/10 for me but the tubs are really big so it'll last for awhile!

The CC cream is something like the BB cream but with more functions and it kind of works the same way but I bought a darker shade so it'll even out my complexion! The only thing, I find it lacking wil be the SPF cause it only offered a low of SPF 18! 

Lastly, 3CE lipsticks! I bought the purple shade and bright red shade, haven't get to try it out yet but hopefully it'll look great like I totally get that red lipstick isn't make for everyone and purple well it's a bold choice. Will update more about it once I decided to try it out!

So have you try using 3CE products before ? 


  1. love!

  2. These products sound amazing will like to try them out.

  3. I love your hair!


  4. Love it all!


  5. i've never use them, but look awesome :)

    anecia & roses ♥ blog

  6. Loove this so much!! Have a lovely day :))


  7. Haven't tried, I've seen it around though. Looks quite colourful and affordable. I might have to have a venture in!

  8. Love your hair color os much!


  9. Haven't tried 3CE products before, but I'm into BB Creams. I use the Dior Hydralife on a daily basis. I like Stila too, but it does;t have much coverage.