Saturday, April 26, 2014

Street Style

Top: Berksha 
Bottom: Forever 21 
Outerwear: Topshop 

Hi, so recently I'm really into a style known as the street style fashion. It's like a style where you randomly pair up everything but it creates this look that's really cool but casual enough for any occasions. It's such a time saver and absosolutely perfect for university students like me~ 

Firstly, I put together this look with the SnapBack. I don't usually wear any hat or accessories cause I feel that it made me look super a bit odd but I gave it a try anyway! And I must say, an accessories certainly does change the overall feel of the outfit. 

Then I went for some temporary tattoos, it's the airbrush kind of tattoos that last around 7-10 days if you don't scrub it and it's really pretty and there are just lots of designs to chose from. I gotten mine for about $16, it's the Dreamcatcher kind of pattern! 

Lastly, which is the outfit part where I just take any clothing and put it together. I chose the checkered jacket for it as it gives off this boyish feel and looks edgy enough. It's really simple to try out this style and I'm sure anyone can do it! 

What do you think about the outfit? 


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  2. Sorry above my phone and is mispelled I try to said your outfit mighty cool doll.

  3. Great boyish feel, like you said. I love the checkered flannel.

    xoxo, ♥

  4. Love plaid shirts makes every look casual. Check out fashion blog

  5. Love your blog- so stylish!
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  6. You are always so edgy, this isn't a change. How do you make everything look so cool and effortless? I think the hair may play a part. Even dull colours look fab on you because your hair is so colourful. I love it. Those tattoo things look cool! I think this would be a good idea if you were unsure about getting an actual tattoo - have it on for a few days, see if you like it, then get a real one done if you do. Rosemary x

  7. Looking fabulous - great post!

  8. Great pics and style! I got a henna tattoo myself a few years ago. I need to do it again! :) T.

  9. Love your look here:) cute street style alert! ;P btw, that tatoo looks cool, and it's only on for 7-10 days you say?? Does it hurt?? I kind of want to try that~ xx

    Chic Nikkie 

  10. Great style!