Monday, July 21, 2014

OOTD: Sweet Story

Top: Sweet Story 
Bottom: Forever 21 
Outerwear: Cotton On 
Hat: Hater 

Not a big fan of T-Shirt but this shirt suits me perfectly cause it's a T-Shirt but with sleeves cut off at the side. I think this design is adorable and it isn't very loose fitting. 

Recently, school has even extra chaotic and stressful cause I just realized there are 2 major exams coming up and it's important that I don't flunk it so I have been trying to study 10% harder but it's been so long since I last had exam (probably last year) my head literally felt like it's gonna burst! 

In order to relive stress, I went to trampoline park with my best friend! The one that we went to was at :

Jurong East Ave 1 , it cost $16 per hour and we had to buy socks there which cost $3! (: so if you want to save cost, do bring along your own socks! 

After bouncing inside for like half an hour, I was nearly out of breath cause I'm such a lousy jumper like I can literally jump and fall down but it doesn't hurt a bit which was good! 

Do check out the trampoline park video on my Instagram : @birdieliau 

Overall, I think it's the best exercise for me to sweat and relieve stress! Have you guys try the trampoline park yet? 

What do you think about the outfit? 


  1. Wow you look so rad! Love your tee. Good lucks with your exams!!


  2. oah girl, you looks so gorgeous in this outfit :-) you've got a great style. really fits to you

    greetings from holland :-) xx Tamina

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  3. You look adorable with braids

    xoxo, ♥