Thursday, August 21, 2014

Accessories Craze

Last night, I spent nearly 2 hours trying to re-arrange my room cause it was in a completely messy condition. I got nagged by my parent so many times to get it done and I don't know what came over me but I decided to do it anyway, I threw away 5-6 big plastic bag of waste. It was such a relief, I was so drained and tired after clearing everything out. This was the result of the cleaning, I make use of one of the empty space to use it as my accessories storage. I just hope that the necklaces won't tangle up and most importantly, I hope it won't get messy again!
I am thinking of installing mini lights inside this space so it'll look super pretty in the dark. 

Recently just gotten this heart-shape sunglasses sponsored by: SpreelyShoppy , it's super adorable and not to mention it totally stands out from the usual sunglasses. I love the ombre effect of the sunglasses and I will be pairing it up with one of my outfit soon to get the full #ootd shot. Do look out for that~ 

That's the heart-shape sunglasses under normal lighting! Super vintage like and great add on accessories to spice up the outfit.
Personally, I feel that accessories plays a big role in the whole outfit feel even though it look tiny and insignificant but it's actually very important. The wrong accessories can jeopardize whichever look you are trying to create so choosing the right sunglasses, bracelets, necklaces etc can be an important aspect to look into.  
What do you guys feel that accessories are an important part of an outfit? Do let me know.
Thank you for reading. 

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