Wednesday, September 24, 2014

All about contact lens

Hi! Today I'll be talking about my contact lens experience and a Halloween Contact Lens Special Voucher Code at the end of the post! Do read till the end to find out the surprise gift~ 

So I started wearing contact lens when I was 15 years old so it's about 2& almost 3 years already. I have learned so much about contact lens since I started, personally I very much prefer color contact lens and circle lens that makes the eyes look bigger and if I'm tired of one color I can always change to another color. 

I have been using the monthly contact lens from various brands, it's very easy to care for contact lens. I just have to clean the contact lens with solution every night and do the same for every other day. 

I remembered how I struggled with putting in the contact lens when I first started, no matter how many tutorials or instruction guide I followed I just can't put it in. So the best advice I can give will be that: 

It just gets better with practice, you might start with using 30 minutes to put it in but gradually it'll just be 1/2 minutes! 

PinkyParadise, an online website that specialize in selling contact lens from different brands. The perfect platform to get your perfect pair of contact lens at an affordable price, to celebrate Halloween this year. 

PinkyParadise is collaborating with me to give my readers a 50% off their purchase with this coupon code "Halloween2014birdieliau" . This coupon is valid from 26th September till 3rd October. This code can only be use on yearly lens (except for phantasee and toric lenses) 

So do head over to : to find out more and don't forget the coupon code is : Halloween2014birdieliau 

And do look out for my next few post, I'll be doing a reviews about PinkyParadise Contact lens that I have specially pick for the upcoming Halloween season. 

Thank you for reading! (: 

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