Monday, September 29, 2014


Went shopping for accessories! Been ages since I last shop for accessories or iphone stuff cause I have been too caught up with clothes, shoes! I saw this 2 items at H&M , the iPhone sticker is just so adorable and in this ombré rainbow colors and it only cost like SGD 2.90. 

The polka dots ribbon clips totally remind me of Minnie Mouse, I rarely have girly accessories cause it's just not my style. But I have decided to go for a change, polka dot is absolutely adorable! Can't wait to try it out. 

Went out with my girls to celebrate Hannah's birthday, so nice to meet up with them especially now that everyone are busy preparing for exams. Good to catch up, gossip with them and tell them stuff! We had soup spoon, Korean cuisine tasted not bad but I prefer the original style instead. 

That's my outfit of the day, skinny jeans with a simple never coast crop top. Super simple but with a slight edginess to it. Super comfortable for a long day! 

Thank you for reading (: have a lovely day ahead of you! 


  1. such a cute iphone casing !!

  2. I love your lens colour !

  3. This ribbon clips is so cute! Cool iphone casing!

  4. You're so fit! I love that crop top!!

    xoxo, ♥