Monday, October 27, 2014

Thoughts about love

So I attended my cousin's wedding ceremony last week, it's been awhile since I last attended. I think the last time was when I'm like 9 years old? I was pretty naive about stuff like relationship and love but now I guess I'm a little last naive since I'm turning 18 soon. Wore this floral concept for the ceremony cause love is just like flower that blossom as time goes. 

I used to start out thinking that love can last forever and everything will just be happy and sweet throughout relationship. There's no such thing as "ending" during my younger years of dating. 

But after a few fail relationships, I began to change my perspectives. For a period of time, I am so scare of trusting people and falling in love with another person cause in my mind I am like " love can't last" , " it's just a matters of time" . 

However, after attending the wedding ceremony and seeing their wedding photos and how far my cousin have come through the relationship. It actually make me have the sudden feel that love can actually last with effort put in and there are obviously ups and downs in relationship, the couple just have to work hard enough to keep it together. 

Trusting my other half is no longer so hard, in love there's no certainty that's why I should have just fall in love and not be afraid to get hurt cause life is too short for regrets. 

In total, I'm just so glad I decided to attend the wedding ceremony and it absolutely make me learn something important which will be beneficial to my relationship. Everyone might have different view about love/ relationship but mine is as such (: 

Thank you for reading (: 


  1. Cute shorts! :)
    Kisses Emina


  2. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog :-) I am really enjoying your blog as well. Don't forget to follow me on FB, Twitter, Instagram, and Bloglovin'. I'll be sure to follow you!

    Don't give up on LOVE. It's something you can't look for, it will find you! And, when it does you'll be the happiest person in the universe. You'll see!

    Just remember too, that being in a relationship is never east. It takes time and compromise. But, it's all worth it. :-)

    Best of luck sweetie!
    xo, Maria

    1. Yes (: thank you! I'll keep your advice in mind! x

  3. Lovely outfit, the shorts are too cute. Interesting post, and you are right life is just too short, so live it.

  4. Lovely!