Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Foodie Journey With Me

It's absolutely my first time reviewing about food related product so I'm quite excited when a BBQ store decided to approach me and asked me review about the Korean BBQ sauce. Since I'm a big eater, anything food related just make me hyped! 

Basically, it's a Singapore-Based BBQ Store , they specialized in selling all BBQ related stuff! Ranging from BBQ equipment to sauce, quite a huge range of product to choose from and their products pricing are very reasonable! So do check them out at : http://bbqsingapore.sg/about-us/ for their lovely items! 

The best thing I like about the sauce is that, they provide instructions and information about how the sauce can be cook~ like whether you want it marinated, BBQ, stir-fried (everything is also possible) I even see that it can be fried as fried rice! Due to exam period, I can't really cook so I'll show you guys a few picture that I gotten online about how the food will turn out with the sauce! 

Beef Bulgogi 

Fried Chicken! Photo credit to different sources (: 

Do head over to: 
http://bbqsingapore.sg/about-us/ to find out more about them! 

Thank you for reading (: