Sunday, December 28, 2014

LokLok Contrasting Outfits


Always will have a tough time deciding which colors suit me better so I decided to do a contrasting outfit post. So basically in two different days, I wore a whole black outfit and on another I wore a whole white outfit. The result was amazing~ 

The whole black outfit have a more cool and chic feel, kind of give off the badass aura and feel. Seems more modern time style, I'll probably wear this once in awhile for occasion in which I need to look cool. Best part about the whole outfit will be the shirt, I love the little see through design. 

Whereas the white one radiant off the more innocence and gentle kind of feel. Actually this look is much easier to wear as compared to the one above cause this one doesn't require much choosing of outfis whereas the all black outfit need hard time finding the right clothes and accessories. 

I'm getting a little hungry so I can't possibly end off the post without a foodie related journey. I went to try the Satay Culture in Singapore, near bugis. It's like the Malacca LokLok food, my first time trying it so everything just seems so interesting. 

The store offered like a whole range of selection for food, we picked like all the nice food that we think is worth the price. It's actually like 1 stick for $1 ? Something like steamboat but a little different~ 

Pouring it all in the Satay Soup, decided to try the Satay Based Soup since it's a Satay Culture Restaurant? The soup is super nice and the food take awhile to cook so it's good to chit chat and take selfie when waiting for the food. Best place to chill and relax with good food~ 

Are you the more black outfit or the white outfit type of person? (: and have you try something similar to LokLok? 

Thank you for reading (: 


  1. You look great as a bad ass

    xoxo, ♥

  2. Mmm..... I'm gonna head to Bugis to try it out! Happy 2015 to you & may you have a wonderful new year, dear! Well, I'm back in action & resuming my blog hopping now. So glad to be back blogging ^_^
    Luxury Haven