Sunday, January 18, 2015

Picnic Outfit

Went to picnic at Herderson Wave over the weekend. Since the weather was great and picnic will be the best thing to do, so wore a blue stripe shirt and folded black skirt for the day. Super casual and on the go kind of outfit (: 

It's actually a matching outfit: 

Guy&Girl wearing the same design is so rare to find in Singapore. So we came up with this cute idea and tadaaaa- it matches so well. Actually when I first saw him, I was like panicking " omg we are wearing the almost identical outfit" but after awhile it feels normal and I think it's super cute and adorable!! ❤️ 

We actually get the picnic food from sentosa, one of the Korea StreetFood area. Their food taste so good and it's affordable to get, we get the Korean RiceCake, Kimchi Fried Rice and some Fried Korean StreetFood. All of which is less than $20 (: 

If you're planning to go Henderson Wave to picnic, do head over around 5:45/6pm so that it's not that sunny or hot anymore. That's like the perfect time to chill and it's pretty windy up there. Perfect spot to take photos~ 

In total, it's a fun and enjoyable day having picnic at lovely Herderson Wave. (: matching outfit is an interesting and cute thing to try out! 

Thank you for reading (: 


  1. Did you dye your hair a new color? I love it

    xoxo, ♥

  2. You look so chic and stylish. I adore this combo and you did a fantastic job styling. I especially love your skirt!