Saturday, January 31, 2015

Time To Let Go

There are so many types of friends and people in our life, sometimes we just don't know when to let someone go. Today post will be about the type of people that should be let go and not keep in our life anymore. 

#1 One-Sided Friendship 

One-Sided Friendship are those that you felt that only you put in certain effort in keeping the friendship going and always are the one asking them out and reaching out. Sometimes it's okay to be the one reaching out but if you're always the one reaching out then something is wrong, people should't keep a one-sided friendship cause it's tiring and energy consuming. 

It'll probably be much better to let them go and see if they take any notice about it. If they started doing some actions and be intiative again then it can be taken into consideration to put the person back into your life. 

#2 the one that are using you 

Friends or people that used you for benefits whether it's for money/fame/good stuff. Sometimes, it's really hard to believe the truth and we choose to ignore what's right infront of our eyes but if your life really have this type of people, you really have to come to terms with yourself to let them go cause at the end of the day the person is only with you for the benefits they are getting. 

One day, when they are done and used up with the benefits they'll eventually leave you for someone else better. You'll feel much better to let someone like that go and find yourself some true friends that will stick around in your life forever. 

#3 People that make you feel like you're not good enough. 

There are those people that make you feel like you're not good enough in certain aspect, sometimes it might be a normal feeling to feel that but if the person purposely do that to make you feel like you're worth nothing then there's no point keeping such person around. 

It's much better to hang around with people that make you feel good enough rather than those that doesn't. 

#4 Bad Influence In Life 

People get peer pressure all the time, to a certain extent it's okay to feel that. But if the pressure results in bad influence in life that you don't actually wanna do then it's bad and you should know when to let them go before you're pressurize into doing something that you actually don't want to do. 

The whole blogpost was based on my personal views and experience so if there's anything wrong, don't mind me! In total, just know when to let go people that doesn't fit in your life anymore so that your life can be filled only with people that make you feel good, happy and blessed. 

For me, I'm blessed with my families-boyfriend and friends that plays a big positive influence in my life. ❤️ who are  the ones that you're happy that you kept in your life ? 


  1. Love the photos!


  2. so true! also, you forgot the ones who's there to tell you their problems but never cares about yours
    great post


  3. Very true - relationships should never be one-sided when it comes to anything. If it's a true friendship/relationship/etc, both sides should be unconditional!

    becky ♡ star violet