Monday, February 16, 2015

Little Cat Café

Neko No Niwa- Cat Café- 

Officially my first time visiting a pet café, super excited and nervous cause I'm actually a bit afraid of little fluffy pets. But decided to try out cat café for my first time cause I think it's less scary than a puppy ? 

It's located at : 52 Boat Clarke, near Raffles Mrt or Clarke Quay Mrt. (400m walk from the train station) 

Meow~ the café is well furnished with lots of cute portraits of the cats. All the cats are actually save from the wild and the cats used to be stray cats. 

The charges at the café: 1 hour- $12 , subsequent hours- $5 each. We only stayed for like an hour cause almost all the cats are sleeping, came by at the wrong timing! 

That's where all the cats sleep and live in, very clean environment. There are a few rules in the café which is like: cannot wake up a sleeping cat, sigh pieeee. So I can only watch them from the side while they sleep. 

That's the rule and regulations card! The café sell dessert and tea too, the price ranging around $3.50-$10: but I didn't get any cause just had lunch and it's almost dinner time already. 

Trying to lure the cat to come out and play with me. 

The sleepy cat~ the cats in the café can leap and jump quite a distance so must be careful in case it suddenly hop on you! Don't get too startled.

This is the cat I find her so adorable, this little cat hug a mouse soft toy to sleep which is so adorable~

All the cute pillows at the cat café! Just can't pick which one to take photo with, if the cat are sleeping and you're bored- there are cat monopoly board game for you and some books to kill time. 

Trying to get as near as possible without scaring the little cat. MEOWWW~

I got an awkward facial expression cause I'm still a little afraid of what might happen if I get too near. 

Overall, it's really a fun and interesting day at the cat café cause it kind of help me overcome my fear of fluffy pets and I can even touch and pat the cat to sleep now! Definetely feel like getting a cat for pet, to care and shower love to it! ❤️❤️❤️ , it's a good time spent to chit chat about cats too~! 

Our unintentional couple outfit, just so happen that when we met we are wearing the same design but just different colors and we even wore the same shoes brand! 

Thank you for reading (: so have you been to a cat café before ? 

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