Thursday, February 12, 2015

Stumbled upon new place

It's totally unintentional and was just strolling around the place and stumbled upon one of the prettiest café. It's located at upper bukit Timah area near beauty world centre, it's newly open! So happy to be the first few customer there~ 

What attracted me to the café will be the interior design of the café. The whole place have all the vintage furniture and in the middle there's this chair that remind of " Game Of Thrones" which is one of my favorite series. 

Suddenly got the feel of being queen! Wanna bring this chair back home~ when I first saw the chair I'm keep telling him that I wanna take photo with the chair cause it's so pretty! 

Look at the seats! It's so spacious and their menu seems pretty delicious, we have the peach tea together since we are something before we go to the café! And currently they're having some promotion: 

$10 for both cake and tea set! 

If you order just the tea alone it'll be like $5 per pot! Quite worth the price~ 

I just love moments when two person stumbled upon places without planning or some impromptu dates which is super adorable. 

Grateful that he always help me to take lots of photos and don't mind me when I keep asking him to take selfie over and over again till we get the right angle! Feeling happy as always when we are together ❤️ 

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