Friday, March 27, 2015

Rings & Tings : Pretty Accessories

Rings & Tings send me something else today! I received: one ring, one bracelet and one pair of earring. Adore their stuff cause it's so classy and always so on the point. 


Wanted to blog about it last week when I received the item but didn't have chance to cause I was too caught up with other stuff. 

I am a big fans of accessories cause a girl can never have enough accessories! 

Their black elegant ring that look like bubble from the bubble tea which personally I find it so adorable cause whenever I wear the ring I am always craving for bubble tea! 

Their turquoise green bracelet with gold stripes in between. It's like a super simple design but it's quite elegant and pretty, easy to match with any outfit and pastel color never go out of style! 

Lastly, their " love " earrings. I adore this the most cause it remind me of those tumblr accessories I re-tumblr but sadly I don't have any piercing so I cannot wear them! But most likely getting a piercing soon just to put this cute pair of earring on, I am just afraid that the piercing will hurt too much! 

How does getting a piercing feel? Is it super painful or mild kind of pain like an ant bite?

Thank you for reading, have a lovely April.


  1. I really like your new jewelry, it looks stunning, especially I love that ring :)

  2. Your accessories are so cute like you :-)

  3. How cute! I love this ring!

  4. Lovely post... Your pink laptop is so cute!
    April xx

  5. Ah that ring is so cute

    xoxo, ♥