Sunday, April 26, 2015

Anniversary: 365 days

Oopsie! Can't believe it, we celebrated our anniversary yesterday. Read on to find out how how I gotten my 3 ultimate Surprise at the end day. A year passes by so fast, we have known each other for almost the same length too but a little bit longer. Spent this day with my precious, so grateful for every moments together. On this special day, we spent it at various location. 

Those with girlfriend or boyfriend I hope you can get some inspiration or ideas on what to do on anniversary, those without don't worry! Can plan for it when the right one arrive ~

Started off our first meal at The Orange Thimble, since café hopping and café related stuff is kind of our thing so we decided to go for café food for brunch. Café is like the best place to chill, exchange gifts and talking about all the lovely memories of the past. 

On a sidenote: we got asked by different people to change our seats since they wanted to sit at our table which is kind of a little annoying. 

Then we head to another café known as " The Table Café " to exchange gifts since this café is much quieter and have more atmosphere. I made him a DIY memory box with some many layers and a tiny present box on top, it took me about a week or so to make the whole thing but it's definitely worth the time. 

Might make a blogpost on how to make this cute little memory box. 

He kept telling me he didn't get me any flowers or rose so I was a bit sad that time then he told me to open my gift, OMM rose in a box!! How pretty?! It's so unique as compared to the usual banquet of Rose. ❤️ 


The bear! If you guys know me long enough, you'll know that I am a big baby when it comes to soft toy and teddy bear. I love them, love can't even describe how much I adore soft toy. So when he took the soft toy out I am just like " aww , what should I name the teddy bear ? " ❤️ and the gift card with all the wonderful message with his heart content inside, so lovely! 

Dinner at MBS , Rise restaurant! After all the café trips, we decided to dine at Rise Restaurant for the celebration. It's the perfect way to celebrate with buffet because there are so many choice of food and couple can chit chat with lovely food selection or even have food challenge. It's about like $80 per person so do save up a bit before going to the restaurant (: 

I had so much fun eating and talking that I ended up over-eating, can feel my belly growing. 

We gotten to the Garden By The Bay in time for the OCBC Skywalk, at night it has the perfect scenario and it's quite windy up there. It's about $5 per adult, super cheap and affordable along with romantic feel, best date ever ? 

Photo together ❤️ W bae. 

Snapping some random photos on the skywalk! 

Drumroll please! The ultimate surprise~ 

The couple ring. It's such a cute moment which I can never forget, he asked me to close my eyes and I am like " why! I am scare of the dark" then I close my eyes thinking that he's gonna give me some weird stuff like bikini or something since I have been wanting a new bikini for awhile but yay! I gotten something better than bikini, a couple ring! It fits so well(: 

Overall, I just feel so blessed to have someone like him in my life that took his time out to plan for such romantic stuff for me even though this kind of stuff isn't his strongest point. Forever grateful, it is been a year- just a small part of milestone in my chapter. 

Love is when you're willingly to make sacrifices and see the good in everything ❤️ Thank you for your romantic gestures during our one year bae, it's wonderful and fairytale like. 

Thank you guys for reading (:(: 


  1. Hi darling,
    Wow! Congratulations! You're so sweetie!!
    Coco et La vie en rose - Valeria Arizzi

  2. Aww congratulations! Looks like you both had a lovely time. I really like the idea of a memory box, I'll have to give that a go sometime!

  3. You guys are adorable and happy one year anniversary!

    xoxo, ♥