Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Day 4: Falling down from Blue Mountain

Finally get to try out their train services on my second last day there. It looks like the Harry Potter style ones which is so different from the one I saw in Singapore, the train took about 2 hours to reach Blue Mountain. 

Once you got out of Blue Mountain station, everything becomes colder! I am freezing under my jeans and scolding myself for not bringing an additional jacket along, we didn't get the tour tickets of $75 which is one of the tour bus stationed just outside the train station to lure innocent tourist to get a more expensive tickets. 

Instead, we took bus 686 up to the mountain and bought the tickets at the attraction for only $35 which is the unlimited rides for all 4 attraction. * feeling so proud of stealing the deal* 

This is one of the attraction known as scenic railway, it allows you to take on one of the steepest railway down the mountain. It's literally like falling down of blue mountain~ Pretty scary as there are no seat belt and I am sliding my butt in the seats during the ride!!! 

The other 3 rides : Scenic Skyway, Scenic Cable Car and Walking Trail. All covered for under the $35! 

We spent half of our day there until about 4pm then we took the train back to the city which took about another 2 hour! It's advisable to wake up early to set off for this trip so that you can catch the last train back or you can just lodge at their guesthouse which is easy to find there. 

Blue Mountain, is absolutely the place to go if you're looking for an adventure and a short gateaway from the bustling city. 

Ending off our day with some wine and beer! Their alcohol are really affordable there, we even bought shots glasses just for this. Still remember the taste of the yummy bread we bought, it tasted so amazingly good. ❤️ 

Thank you for reading the post!! (: 


  1. Great photos dear!

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  2. Lovely pictures Miss ! That place looks amazing!!

  3. Wow beautiful photographs! Seems like a wonderful day!
    You look so beautiful <3 Kisses from Budapest xo

    Csenge | Csenge's Point