Sunday, May 24, 2015

Beautify Eyelashes: True Eyelash Beauty

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Get my eyelashes extension done up at this wonderful store known as " True Eyelash Beauty" . I am always in rush for school especially since some classes can start super early, putting on mascara without smudging seems to be a tough job especially when I am half awake. 

So getting an eyelashes extension saves all the trouble!! It's literally like waking up looking like a princess ❤️ read on to find out about my experience at True Eyelash Beauty. 

It's located at : 
Bugis Cube #05-15 
(470 North Bridge Road) 

INSTAGRAM: teyelash
Facebook :
It's directly opposite bugis junction so it's very easy to find and accessible! 

The service there are really good! It's the FIRST eyelashes extension store that I went to that actually show me a list of eyelashes for me to choose from, my beautician Peggy & Angeline helped me to plan out what kind of lashes to use to create the natural effect that I want. 

I think having my own personalized lashes feels good and it really helped me in achieving the lashes that I want. 

Usually when I am doing eyelashes extension, I am really concern about the products they used. True Eyelash Beauty used items that are approved and all their beautician are well-trained from Taiwan!

This is really important for me to know since eyelashes extension involved my eyes which is part of my body + it's just best to know the store is using something that's certified. 

True Eyelash Beauty have different room cater for each customer to do their lashes! 

This is the final result of my eyelashes extension without putting on any eye makeup yet! I am really happy with the outcome cause it's so long and really looks good in real life + photo! This whole procedure took about 60 minutes, definetely worth the time and money! 

Say goodbye to short eyelashes! 

Quote " BIRDIELIAU " on your visit to True Eyelashes Extension to receive a 5% off on top of the existing discount. 

Head over to TRUE EYELASH BEAUTY now @ Bugis Cube #05-15. Follow their Instagram and Facebook for more update. Thank you for reading (: 

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  1. Great eyelashes. I should try some falsies

    xoxo, ♥