Thursday, May 14, 2015

Korean Food Date? 멍

Korean Food Date ❤️ , today's absolutely a whole day of delicious korean food. After starting school, I had a really stressful and hard time so we decided to have a foodie day together. What's on the menu today? KOREAN FOOD ❤️ : Spicy Octupus 

Had this at a newly open restaurant around Bukit Timah, this special dish cost around $40++ recommended by my boyfriend since he said it's very delicious and nice! This dish is kind of interesting cause it becomes more and more spicy as you eat more of it! 

But on a sidenote, the restaurant took almost an hour to cook it! So the waiting time was horrible since we are quite hungry. 

After dinner! It's dessert time~ can you guys guess what it's ? 민걸미 BingSul , Injulmi. It's very delicious, at first I am not expecting much from it since it looks quite plain and normal. 

In fact, it tasted so good!! Much better than the Oreo BingSul or other BingSul I had before. It's like peanuts, Mochi and some more powder nuts that taste so yummy! It's about $11.50 which is worth the price ❤️ 

Overall, it's a wonderful foodie day! For those who is having a stressful week or day, do head out for some yummy food, it'll help lift your mood for sure! 

Delicious Food A Day Keep The Stress At Bay. ❤️❤️❤️ 


  1. This dinner looks delicious! :)

  2. I'd love to go on a food date with you :)

    xoxo, ♥