Saturday, June 13, 2015

Staycation : Highest Point In SG

Staycation: staying at hotels at the country you're residing in. It's like something that I do monthly usually at Marina Bay Sands , Resort World Sentosa or HardRock Hotel. It's a good way to have a short break during the weekend, I love the MBS hotel for their lovely hightea and good views. 

The hightea is like the highlight of the stay, with varieties selection of cakes, fruits, chips and drinks to choose from and there will be one person specially attending to my every needs. It's like a super good place to chill and relax, usually I'll stay quite some time there with my brother to chit-chat and have some snacks. 

The next thing I love about the MBS hotel will be their amazingly furnish bathroom design. I stayed at the Orchid Suite so there's like the bathtub, I can stay in the tub for like 20 minutes reading magazine and using phone. Forgetting about all the stressful assignment duedates and all! 

Breakfast! Breakfast! No one should ever skip breakfast, it's like something that I look forward to everyday! Love their wide selections of cereals, my love for cereals= uncountable. Had smoked salmon, sausages, bread , potatoes, cereal + milk and some eggs for breakfast. ❤️

Super delicious, gave me ample amount do energy to carry on throughout the day! 

In total, I had a wonderful short staycation over at MBS! ❤️ definetely recommend people to try out the same thing too if you guys feel like traveling but don't exactly have the time. Staycation will be next best option~ ❤️ 

Thank you for reading (: 

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  1. Love staycations, they're a great way to destress! Have a wonderful week ahead, dear! xoxo