Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Cloud Forest

Dating below the cloud seems to be so normal so we decided to take it up a notch and date above the cloud over at Cloud Forest! This place is located at the Garden By The Bay, there's an admission fees to go in : 
$12 per person if you're a local ❤️ 

This place is inside this giant globe with forest inside and waterfall. Super cooling and reminds me of the snow globe during Christmas. 

There are so around 6 different floors in this cloud forest with so many types of flowers and plants to look at that I don't know where to put my eyes. 

There are even " Fake " floral and fauna made out of Legos for displays purposes so there are just so many different photo point for us to choose. 

we are basically doing this : enjoying the scene- pausing to take photos- review the photos- move on and comment on prettiness of Cloud Forest. 

At the 2nd/ 3rd floor , the forest walk in which we can view the waterfall up close and see the cloud forest from above. There are other levels available too from first level to the 6th, over at some level there will be showing about global warming impacts and causes (personally the video clip reaches out to me and really deliver the message) so it's good to take a look there! 

Some of the nice scenery over there, it's a bit chill inside so do bring along a jacket or wear something warmer. I really love the weather inside it's literally like the best, if everyday is as cold as that I will love to go out and never compare about the hot temperature anymore. 

Other than the cloud forest, there are more amazing floral and fauna outside over at the Garden By The Bay! The whole place is just very beautiful that give a very relaxing feel and make our whole date very refreshing. 

We had dinner over at a Pizza Bar, their spaghetti tasted not bad. We ordered the mushroom aglio olio and the breaded prawn spaghetti ~ it's a joyful dinner ❤️ 

Thank you for reading ❤️~ it's a very photo heavy blogpost. ㅋㅋㅋ