Saturday, July 18, 2015

Bangkok 4 days 3 night trip ❤️

Read on to find out about the amazing experience I enjoyed while meeting Liverpool members on this trip! 

Day 1: Flight at about 7:40am so I woke up at 4:30am to prepare & leave home at about 5am. 

I was quite tired during the morning but managed to rest in the Royal Silk Lounge since I am taking the Thailand Airway, they provided delicious breakfast and a whole selection of beverages ranging from tea to even vodka and wine. 

Flying with Thailand Airway in their business class, their services are better than I thought. The seat is spacious as usual so I was literally lying flat while listening to songs + sleeping. 

The first day was basically just looking around finding the good food to eat, tried out so much seafood over there: crab, prawn, fish and Tom yum soup! 

Then we went to rest early on the first day to recharge for our day 2! 

Day 2 

Had a really refreshing sleep, woke up naturally at about 930am without the help of alarm clock! We went to a cave today to see some rock, view some monkeys and try out their local café. 

Their gas station actually have this interesting café that sell delicious matcha drink known as " Amazon Café " . 

The one that I ordered: Matcha Milk Tea but I have lactose intolerance so I ordered Matcha Tea Without Milk & Sugar and surprisingly it tasted so good! Definitely worth the try, it's only about 150 Bath: $6 for the largest size. 

Wanted to go out shopping at about 9pm but everything was almost closed when I went out. But we gotten this cute little fruits looking like food that tastes like green bean in Siam Paragon! 

Day 3 

Day 3 was ultra amazing cause I get to meet the Liverpool Players! It's literally by chance, I was shopping around with my parent in one of their shopping mall then all of a sudden we stumbled upon an event showcasing New Balance x Liverpool collaboration event and there are so many international camera! 

Managed to take a photo with one of the younger football player, he's like really friendly! I also uploaded a video of the Liverpool player on my Facebook, do check them out if you haven't! 

Went to hardcore shopping during the afternoon, bought over 10 clothing and some accessories. Sipping on the famous coconut juice in Thailand to recharge and get ready for more shopping! 

Tried out the Amari Hotel High Tea Set, it's really worth the price since there are so many dessert selections for me to chose from and it's only about 500 Btah per person. 

Went to the cruise party at night that cost $70 per person. They serve French Food on the cruise along with some dessert, the whole cruise party take about 2 hours . On the cruise, there are people performing : playing songs, singing and dancing. Really a wonderful way to relax after a long day. 

Day 4 

Time to head back! The whole flight took about 1 hour 45 minutes, super relaxing and overall this 4 days 3 nights has been amazing, a great way to kick start my holiday! 

Thank you for reading (: sorry for the photos heavy post! 


  1. Business class looks amazing

    xoxo, ♥

  2. Business class looks amazing

    xoxo, ♥

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