Saturday, August 29, 2015

Riding a horse in Thailand ?

Usually when people travelled Thailand, riding a horse won't be in their to-do list but we managed to ride horses in Thailand! It's totally impromptu since we don't really plan for the trip so when we saw a photo of horse riding on the beach , it totally seems attractive and fun!! 

So we decided to try horse riding in Patong! The cab ride there took about 40 minutes so it's 800 baht. Then the whole horse riding is about 1000 baht for one hour inclusive of all the required equipment to ride the horse. 

Along the way we stopped at the viewpoint, the view is really stunning. 

The person got me all strap up, ready to ride the horse! When I first got on the horse, the feeling was super nerve-wrecking since it has been so long since I last rode a horse! This horse is quite tame and lovely so the whole ride was so pleasant ❤️ 

After our one hour horse riding together, we went off for lunch! 

We went back to our hotel area, to eat at the Tiger Club! The interior design of the restaurant looks kind of scary from the outside but the ambience inside is really nice. The food here is cheap but it tasted just normal, I won't say it's very good but it's just fine. 

Price: 1025 baht 

After our lovely lunch, we walked around the jungceylon and even went to Patong beach! Then we head back to the hotel for some evening swim, the hotel swimming pool is really lovely and cute. 

We ordered some tea to go along with our swim. 

Time really passes by so fast when we are on vacation, everything just happen so fast and it's all over! So moving on to dinner time ❤️ 

This is like a crab restaurant so we tried out their blue crab, which cost around 450 baht for 2 person portion. It's really small and I forget taking a photo of it, and we have the fried king prawn and pineapple rice ❤️❤️❤️ 

We even get to try the very famous fried ice cream over at Thailand, it taste just like any other ice cream but I think what make it special is the way they make it. I thought it'll taste a bit crispy or a bit like pancake ? Sadly it doesn't~

We went to watch " PIXELS" at night over at Jungceylon but we bought the Antman combo which is so funny. That's all for day 2❤️ thank you for reading. 


  1. Riding horses on the beach would be so fun!

    xoxo, ♥